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What is an AIO casino? AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency casino, whose purpose is to unite all the games that might exist in the game industry on one platform.

Coin AIO is an ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain based token that allows you to get multiple casino wins. We decided to make coins on the Ethereum blockchain, because this blockchain is a famous, safe and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and diversity in how to protect and store tokens for their owners. Instant withdrawal Charging and instant withdrawal. Each user can immediately withdraw and save coins from his account at the AIO casino without any conditions. Advantages of AIO holders With AIO tokens, you can participate in company profits and choose new games. Encouraged by the community

Our players who continue to grow in crypto casinos are our biggest asset and top priority. Feedback, ideas, and opinions always come from our players. Honestly proven. Maximum transparency and security is guaranteed by a fully decentralized solution and Smart Contract. Different games Different game versions bring more diverse players. The development of the AIO team will continue to improve the platform, and develop new games, and improve the current one. Detailed information about sales of XX billion AIO tokens. AIO Token. Each AIO token will initially be mapped to one ERC20 token, which matches the Ethereum ecosystem, because the AIO casino ecosystem is currently being developed.

The aim of the AIO casino  is to offer only one casino. Increase the opportunity to play games for users and make changes to the interests of players. AIO will be a revolution in the casino market. The AIO gives users full control of their funds, which is a very important difference compared to other casinos. With this blockchain model, it will become standard in casinos. Agreements based on the Tron blockchain will be concluded in the ecosystem that works with smart contracts. Thanks to new games, users will be able to enter online casinos. These games are:

Designed as a game like AIO Moon.

The casino will have a web browser that is connected to the Internet at the AIO casino. Users will be able to access the site from any device; they will be able to use the web version of the cellular version. This will be a multilingual platform that will support English in the beginning of transparency and equity regulation through smart agreements.

The AIO management team will consist of technology experts and professionals. Experts with more than five years of experience will be involved in game development, centralized planning and design.

AIO coins are based on the ERC20 standard developed on the Ethereum network. AIO coins will be used in platform operations. Users can get dividends by freezing tokens. AIO coin holders can participate in central decisions and vote.

AIO Casino Platform

An important part of AIO Casino is the game, as well as the development of new games, 
which were added afterwards. In our alpha version, AIO Dice, AIO Moon and AIO Spin games will be available. Meanwhile, there are also plans for the development of the AIO Lottery game. The AIO casino will operate under the Softswiss White Label license.

Game: AIO Dice

This game is called Dice, but it is not a luck and probability game that usually uses simple cubes with numbered sides. Instead, it’s a crypto-oriented dice game where you have greater reach and higher yield loyalty (0-99).

Game: AIO Spin AIO Spin

This game is quite simple. The game wheel will have a certain division, from which one can 
expect certain benefits. Maybe we will design the game wheels so there will be 4 betting options. This is distributed according to the prize level on the game bike and if the player bets on the right betting option, he wins.

Game: AIO Moon

At AIO Moon players must bet in numbers and after the match starts, the month’s value 
will go up and it will stop rising randomly. The player must stop missing before “Stop going up” or the user will lose.

The user will have the option to the month by clicking STOP. The month value will be independent and random between 1.00x and 9999x.

If you succeed for months, the payment will be in accordance with the MOON value. Losses will decrease accordingly.

Token AIO

AIO Coins are ERC-20 tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain. 
The main function of AIO tokens is to receive dividends from the casino if you want to “freeze” the coin.

Token Symbol => AIO
Token Supply => 2.900.000
Pasokan Penjualan AIO => 2.030.000 AIO
Tipe Blockchain => ETHEREUM
Jenis Token => ERC20

Screenshot_20190507-084448 ~ 2.png

60% Allocated to sales tokens 
15% Allocated to Corporate Funds 
10% Allocated to Pre-Sales 
10% Allocated to Team & Advisors 
5% Allocated to Marketing and Bounty Programs

Screenshot_20190507-084454 ~ 2.png

40% FUNDS Allocated to Marketing 
30% Allocated to Marketing 
15% Allocated to 
10% Operational Costs Allocated to 
5% Liquidity Allocated to Legal

Screenshot_20190507-084458 ~ 2.png


To learn more. You can connect to AIO Casino via the link below:Website:
Whitepaper:  / view? usp = share 
Twitter:  AioCasino 
Telegram: ; LordUdin
Ethereum address: 0xA46f84799AE03bfe807145631fA818507D2d5664

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