What is the story industry? 

This means a narrative-based media industry such as films, dramas and webtoons. The role of distributors in the current story industry is positive because they are dedicated to end users in their efforts to provide optimal benefits for their secondary work. But how much do screenwriters benefit from 10 million films? How many generic readers benefit from reading and responding to the original novel? When an original article is sold under the second copyright, how often is “excess income” shared with the original author?

I think the problem is distributing excess profits yesterday and today, but tomorrow will not happen again. Now it is necessary to distribute and distribute fairly to the author who created the story of the origin of the media additive industry. Going forward, it will reach 130 trillion won. On the other hand, reliable quantitative data collection is very difficult and can be used as a basis for distribution. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) allows you to measure “creative contribution data” more accurately. The time has come to offer gifts. And if you can change the IP of your story (intellectual property) into an asset, collect money from IP stories, and track key contribution data from creation, then it will be a truly new lifestyle in two creative fields. .

Storichain  is a project that provides partially decentralized dApp applications and general protocols to solve story industry problems using blockchain characteristics. The “story industry” refers to industries that use “stories” as the source of their products and cover fields such as film, drama, web novels, web drama, drama, musicals and radio shows.

Storichain  can be seen as a digital historical asset management system that allows people to make online transactions even with people who cannot be relied on by entering into “agreements to prevent theft of ideas”. Another problem in the industry is profit sharing. For example, the webtoon industry, which is one of the largest plot-based industries in Korea, has exceeded $ 700 million in market size, but there are still many who doubt the profit sharing structure in the industry, as well as in many materials. Content creators still have difficulty getting enough compensation for their work.

Storichain feature


optimized for creators of 
Co-work / Co-write / Contracts between authors, weekly Compensation and APIs for third-party content provider companies

Easy to use

Anytime, anywhere you want to tell a story. 
Easy and fast writing platform.

Matching pair

Author Match / Collaboration / Job Statistics Agreement / Update Notification / Complete Commission Create

Participate in

Platform for readers to participate in work, become their own writers, make stories, and participate in them


Platform that rewards participants fairly and transparently based on their contributions.

Platform Global

Global platforms that can be translated, marketed, or even copyrighted for global expansion


  • 2017.

2017 Q3

– IDEA concept

2017 Q4

– Team Formation & Advisory Contacts

  • 2018.

2018 Q1

– Create a business model

– Storyboard edition 1

– First Business and Ecosystem Development Project

– MVP design

– Web publishing

2018 Q2

– making a prototype

– Conceptual Demo Video

– Architect Contributions

– 1-й Core Smart Contract Architect

– Sales of tokens

2018 Q3

– Invitation to Seed Makers

– MVP Closed Open

Fourth quarter of 2018

– POC – Eco Creator Experiment

– Web application (centralized)

  • 2019

2019 Q1

– Alpha Service Launch

(Using Luniverse)

– 2-й Core Smart Contract Architect

– Partnership with entertainment

2019 Q3

– Stori Contract, GI Contract

– Make a contract

2019 Q4

– Beta (Embossing / Distribution) Service

– Original content

  • 2020

2020 Q1

– Story Contract Launch Kit

– Template kit starter

2020 Q1

– Launches Crypto Actor Kit

2020 Q3

– Simple document set

Meet the team, great people

Junes Lee> Founder and CEO

Yunchun Cheung> CCO (Diriektor Filmov)

Jin Yang Choi> Technical Director

Sang Wook Kim> CSO (Developer)

Sang Hoon Khan> Lawyer (Copyright, Media and IP)

Mickey Choi> CBO (business organizer)

James Lee> Chief Engineer (Co-Founder)

Tae Seok Yang> Buhgalter

Effy Song> Director of Communication

Chan Gyo Kim> SF science fiction writer

Kcod Kyung> Developer

Hong Yeop Choi> Developer

Bohun Jeong> Business Strategy

Sung June Park> Content Strategy Producer


Yang Ho Lee> Director


Myung Son Lee> Consultant

Sung Jun Park> Doctor of Cryptology, Head of the Blockchain Research Center at Dunguk University

Jong Yoon Ro> Film Producer

Hee Won Jung> AnySign General Manager

Dong Sam Beiyun> Blokkein Expert

Shaquille Mohammed> Blockchain ExpertsProject contact information:Website: BTT: ; LordUdin
Ethereum address: 0xA46f84799AE03bfe807145631fA818507D2d5664

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