Greetings to all cryptocurrency lovers, in this new post I will discuss the allbebet project, the sports industry integrates decentralization with blockchain. With all the progress on the blockchain, it’s amazing to see a variety of industries using it. Blockchain is a keyword in various industries, take, for example, the financial industry. But, can industries like sports use blockchain technology? The answer is yes.and for more details, I will discuss the following.About allbebetallbebet is integrated into the business version of the blockchain technology and allbebet’s neural network. Betting makes this process fair and honest. Based on the achievements of modern digital technology, allbebet created a platform where millions of people can play with each other, place bets, get predictions and analytics, freely attract victories, and communicate on platforms to make teams to bet together. Allbebet is an infrastructure project in the field of sports and games created for the achievement of higher sports using neural intelligence and blockchain technology. The direction of the development of the allbebet company is the creation of a business version based on innovative technology that can bring together millions of people from the sports, games and betting industries. Allebebet.BETTING INDUSTRY PROBLEMS: Trigger Betting Returns:Players can guess correctly the outcome of a match, but bets will return the bet amount to him and not win. That is permitted in accordance with the rules of the city office, which rarely changes. Players often don’t read user agreements and remain confused. The standard reason for canceling is that the coefficient is set wrong. However, lost bets are not returned to the player. Bets often use this trick, trying to cancel big wins, crediting smaller amounts “to maintain activity”.   Fighting against Successful Players:Bets do everything to identify and screen successful players who often win. If a dealer suspects you as a “professional player,” he can set limits, both on all bets and on individual events, often reducing the number of bets allowed to a minimum. In general, bets always set limits that benefit them, which do not allow players to produce.   Centralized Architecture Hacking:Online services that used to no longer provide the required level of security. Hacks, accompanied by theft of personal information and user cash, occur everywhere.   Obstacles to Withdrawing Funds:Bets often use all means to keep their money as long as possible, crediting money to winners takes a long time, payments are delayed, and additional verification procedures are performed. In some cases, you must write an additional claim regarding honest withdrawal of funds.


  • Chain block

Blockchain and related technologies use solutions to major weather problems. Blockchain ensures complete transaction transparency and guarantees data accuracy. No one can change or cancel your bet because it is not possible to change entries for each host. The use of distributed ledgers that are protected by cryptographic algorithms must be the user’s level of security and trust.

  • Smart contract

Smart contracts eliminate third party involvement in betting. They enable automatic fulfillment of transaction conditions, transaction processing and asset exchange between parties without intermediaries, where the term “code is principle” is followed. The use of smart contracts in the Allbebet.BET application   has created an environment where nothing can affect the outcome or logic of  betting  . Players can be 100% sure that the bet is playing when the event is in it.

  • Own game currency

The ALB token is a gambling currency from Allbebet and is used for all transactions in the company’s products. The token deflation model and the tokenization function can reduce the cost of volatility that is not possible with ETH or BTC. The first level of your own gambling currency also allows you to be protected from locking and risk-related obstacles by the system that controls the sector.

  • Allbebet business model

Allbebet is a practical service that allows you to bet without betting and enjoy playing. Users have 100% confidence in wet performance. The ALLBEBET.BET platform  works on smart contracts and event results are transmitted by Oracle from informational sources that are officially confirmed at the end of the event.

ALLBEBET  can connect many players from all over the world. Users find here all common betting tools, which also implement additional platform functionality. To keep the platform running, a 7% fee will be charged for each win.

IEO Details



White paper:


Pre-sale Time: August 26 2019 – August 27 2019

IEO Time: May 18 2019 – May 19 2019

White List / KYC: KYC

Country: Estonia

IEO launchpad: Candle launchpad

Info token

Ticker: ALB

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC-20

Available for sale: 10,000,000 ALB

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ALB


Pre-sale price: 1 ALB = 0,00015 ETH

Price of IEO: 1 ALB = 0,0002 ETH

Received: ETH

Soft cover: 1,500 ETH

Hard cap: 7,500 ETH


2% bonus for the first 100 buyers.

5% bonus for users who buy more than 100 ETHNone of this can be achieved on other betting platforms.

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The ALB token is an ERC-20 standard token, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the original token of the ALLBEBET betting platform, which is used to make transactions on the system. This can be used to place bets on the system and to buy products outside the system. This is an important part of the ALLBEBET platform.


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The betting industry has seen a new light with the advent of the ALLBEBET platform. It outperforms other gambling platforms and ensures that there are no defects left in the gambling industry. With ALLBEBET, the gambling industry will continue to grow and instead improve the global financial system.



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