GPM-Planet global.

This project is part of the GPM-Planet group, detailed information about the company can be found at This project brings together a professional team of like-minded people. During collaboration, from research to prototyping, the team showed determination, resources and professionalism. When we launch applications that make it possible for the technology industry, we form a friendly and effective team devoted to results.

As for economic indicators, this project is interesting in its ability to convert cryptocurrency into real money with good conversion rates. This marketing is determined by the market as a dual situation with investment strategies that arise among cryptocurrency holders.

In addition to creating unique production using high quality raw materials, we provide our customers with the highest level of service. A vertically integrated structure has been created on the basis of the company, which includes: production location, warehouse, transportation, and information logistics. Process management is carried out in all business units, and company tokens will become payment units for the entire corporate ecosystem.

What is GPMCoin

GPMCoin is not affected by inflation and volatility in digital currencies. Outstanding prospects for the acquisition of GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Full transparency of investment and implementation in all phases of the project. GPMCoin is a complete token.

Participant confidence

Each participant can receive a finished product (activated carbon) for the purchased GPMCoin. Open project information completely. Team members undergo the KYC procedure through reliable sources.

Benefits of Participating in the GPM Carbon Project

  • Technology

We have innovative patented technology for the production of products that can be used exclusively for successful project implementation.

  • Raw material

You can always use the amount needed. The quality of raw materials needed for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.

  • Price

Producing our products using our technology significantly reduces costs compared to the costs of major global manufacturers.

  • Ready to produce

Availability of prepared technology. Staff very staff. 100% ready to start production.

The purpose of the GPM CARBON

The aim of the Carbon project is to regulate the production of activated carbon according to the environmentally friendly technology developed (see Description and technical description above) and provide appropriate services to consumers through the introduction of vertically integrated structures.

Business structure

Launching activated carbon production using our technology is based on the following advantages:

Raw materials are always available in the required amount. The quality of raw materials needed for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.

Production of products using our technology significantly reduces costs compared to the costs of the largest producers in the world.

For the successful implementation of the project, we have a dozen innovative economies that are patented

. Production technology will be located in the complex area of ​​our production, competitive advantages including excellent geographical position, highly qualified personnel, full technology readiness from production sites for installation and commissioning of technological equipment.


USP Token:

GPM Coin is a real economic sector project that has a material embodiment. GPM Coin gives you the right to receive this highly liquid product (activated carbon for universal use), which has a good competitive position due to its high physical and chemical characteristics and is produced using unique environmentally friendly technology through the use of technical raw materials. The company ecosystem is designed so that customers can pay for GPM Coin tokens. Markers will become a universal payment tool in carbon ecosystems.

Blockchain technology applied

Economic token

  1. Tigi
  2. Pre-sale
  3. Owner
  4. Present
  5. Team
  6. Torture


2013-Development and technology patents begin

Modernization of the 2015 production complex

2017-Modernization of complex production engineering systems

2018-business plan and financial model development

TGE 2019 main token event

The main 2020 production facility is launched

Building a Carbon GPM Ecosystem with 2021-Blockchain Technology

Launched its own 2022-GPM Carbon product line


  • Igor Kashnov

Overall Strategic Planning and Project Management

  • Pavelya Senkov

Business planning, analysis and project financial management.

  • Rey Kat Couzin

Expertise in finance, administration, marketing and public procurement.

  • Alexey levinski

Internet marketing.


Project management of investment activities.

  • Rome Cord Boutique

Automate the development and release of IT systems business processes; Web development, blockchain, smart contract

  • DMITRENKO Victor

Marketing Expertise: Exclusive B2B Services and Exclusive Project Promotion in the US, Australia and Europe Markets

  • Konstantin nesterenko

Technology, R&D, HR and management

  • Eduardo Rumi Anse

Financial Planning Expertise


  • Balet indicates

Experts in the safe storage, processing and transmission of communication systems and sensitive personal data. Specialist in social engineering and countermeasures.

  • Alexander and Coral

Foreign economic relations. Location on the world market. EU business development advisor, marketing and sales strategy.

  • Naver Kapoor

Business analyst. Scrum Main Project Manager. Blockchain expert.


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