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Hello everyone, nice to hear from you again today and stay safe at home as well as social distancing and cleaning your hands regularly.

Good news today! I’ve come up with another amazing new project that will be of great use and insight to all of you as a crypto lover, on top of that I did a lot of research today to make sure I’m providing a pretty good project for all of you that will show some interest in it. big crypto coin investment. I know many of you will be wondering how I carried out my research and get right back to all of you. Even though I had to get to work right away, this project was known as   “PayFrequent”

There are many stablecoins in the crypto market today but at the same time they are not available to most of the people today due to lack of information and accessibility. The basic explanation behind it is that almost all stablecoins are subject to outsider native tokens for their fees and clients may be able to spend them if their native tokens are accessible in their wallets.

In addition, blockchain is still under the early age for crypto and related businesses online and we have to introduce items that must be completely autonomous and not rely on outside party coins to spend or send to anyone. What is needed is a stablecoin that works without relying on outside coins for fees and is usable and open to everyone with their own token. We accept that with PayFrequent providing stablecoins to it very well may be open to everyone without dependence on outside coins with the innovative preference of TOMOZ TRC21, the token standard from the tomochain blockchain regulates clients’ sets to pay their expenses in related currencies,

What is 

It is a system configured for issuing cryptographic currency, it is completely engineered by their native currency and can always be converted to face value.

The Future of Finance

  • Hold it anywhere 
    Hold it in any wallet with your private key. spend anytime without lockout period and get reward based on your balance.
  • Hourly Rewards 
    Get hourly rewards for your balances over 1000 and get daily rewards for balances between 500 and 999. get monthly rewards for balances between 5 and 50.

  • Hold Fully Independent in an ethereum compatible wallet and send it to anyone without holding another token. no need to rely on other native tokens to send and receive.

  • PayFrequent’s stable value converts cash into a digital currency, to attribute value to the prices of national currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro and Offshore Indian Rupee.
  • Supported by Tomochain 
    All PayFrequent Coins issued on the Tomochain network are TRC21 Standard tokens, so you can store them in any Ethereum compatible wallet, such as Payfrequent / Tomo / Trust Wallet.

  • PayFrequent Coin global transactions are designed to allow currency to move globally from your crypto wallet to other exchanges, businesses and other users.

How do I download my wallet.

Don’t panic, our wallet can be downloaded from the following

Google Playstore   | PlayStore app   you can also register on   the website  .

Our wallet

  • Complete KYC & AML checks
  • Instant Email & Telegram Notifications
  • Bind your account with your IP address
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required to log into your account and make withdrawals.
  • All employees undergo criminal and credit background checks and are subject to ongoing background checks during their tenure.
  • Encryption is used to secure passwords, personal information and other sensitive information both in transit and when not in use.

Website: _params = trueTelegram Grub: http: // ; LordUdinlink:;u=2579436#payfrequent #digital_currency #btc #eth #euro 

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