the first company to convert waste waste

WasteInfonetis the first company to use artificial intelligence, Android and iOS applications with scanning devices, data storage, built-in multi-wallets, and a central platform with protocols that enable complete, secure and automated interactions, with network-developed technologies enabling such use. technology available and managing the creation and transmission of information in ways we have never seen before. In each house located in a specific country, city or city, the owner will be able to scan the barcode of each product he discards every day, and through his cell phone, save this information and transfer it to our platform, receive payment in WIF Tokens (WASTEINFONET) for completed work. Later, our platform will carry out processing, classification,


1. The Power of Waste InformationInformation that trash carries tremendous power and with a wide variety of uses to make decisions involving millions of people. There are real situations where companies interact with their customers basically by offering and selling their products, but they don’t know the exact user of the end consumer. These companies are in different categories, but highlight everything that involves food, safety and hygiene in the home and this constitutes 90% of the total waste we throw away on a daily basis. There are also other residues, but their frequency is minimal, such as light bulbs, glue, worn cloth, cooked food scraps, cosmetic cream jars, etc. The power of the trash that our team brings to you is transforming the scattered data,2. Token Utility (WIF)Our token has a fundamental use, as a vehicle of interconnection between the circuits in which it is produced and the place where the information arrives. Internally, the team believes that tokens are never as useful as ours, and this is because many crypto projects are looking for a use for their tokens, without owning them and somehow making it up for investors to tell which ones are utility. symbolic. Our (WIF) tokens move in different ways, these are the means of payment to information producers, the means of payment we receive from companies that receive this information, the way investors trust us and store it, and the way we see our market capitalization increase strongly in the near future .3. The Methods Developed For Information GenerationSome old projects used a manual registration system for different waste classifications at home, then these forms were submitted using a special model designed by the informant, which implied very difficult, difficult, imprecise and late work. Then with the new technologies we’ve combined, we add accuracy, speed, precision, security and a variety of utilities, to a classification and processing platform. Ultimately we achieved quality, new information, and accuracy by replacing old surveys that were unreliable and not useful information. Our international barcode (barcode) scanning system, transfers the network from 4G 5G mobile phones to our platform with artificial intelligence and instant processing to be sent electronically to our clients,


although our project is not oriented towards waste recycling and the big problem that implies it worldwide, with all the costs it incurs for each country and the future problems implied due to the fact that waste has projections to occupy a large part of the planet, in addition to all the pollution problems in rivers, oceans and cities.


Our database of consumers who actively participate in working with us in chain and information management, will also receive a reward in cryptocurrency tokens (WIF) and / or if it fails, direct payments according to their geographic area, loyalty bonuses, this bonus will require a Very simple task, only every consumer in the house has to scan the barcode of the consumed products that are discarded every day, for this they will receive a monthly Bonus which will be credited to each wallet.


on the other hand, we want you to tell your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues about our working model, and join together to integrate a growing database, the Bonus program will be part of an incentive measure to increase consumers who are also actively working. .Utility Tokens (WIF)
Our tokens have fundamental uses as a means of connecting the circuits in which they are produced and where information goes. Internally, the team believes that the tokens are never as useful as ours, and this is due to the fact that many crypto projects are looking to use their tokens without owning them, and somehow get investors to tell which ones are useful. . symbolic. Our token (WIF) operates in different ways: it is the means of payment for information producers, the means of payment we receive from companies that receive this information, the way investors trust us and store it, and as such we shall see. that our market cap will grow strongly in the near future.A method designed to generate information
Some old projects used a manual registration system for different classifications of waste at home, then this form was sent using a special model developed by the information requester, which involved very complex, time-consuming, inaccurate and late work. . Then, with the new technologies we combine, we add precision, speed, precision, security and a lot of utility to a classification and processing platform. Finally, we strive for new quality, information and accuracy, replacing old surveys that are unreliable and not useful information. Our international barcode scanning system, transmission network from 4G 5G mobile phones to our AI platform, and instant processing to be sent electronically to our customers make us the leader


Token distribution is something that the team specifically evaluates very carefully to achieve the best possible equation for investors and the Project. Prioritizing that projects have sustainability, balance and solvency to generate income that will later benefit cryptographic investors in a much safer way, which we define as “partners” and as simple investors.


WIF – The WasteInfonet platform is an ERC-20 token,The price of the WIF Token will be set on Ethereum.The total issued WIF Tokens are 100,000,000.Total Hardcap will be determined.Total Softcap will be determined.


WIF – TOKEN ISSUED100,000,000.-


Along with lower fees and faster transaction times, Ethereum has become the chain of choice for centralized and decentralized stablecoins. The token used is ERC-20 from the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Total Uniswap Listing & Token sales (seed sales / personal sales or main sales) 60%

Team: 15%Marketing & Bounty: 15%Estimated cost of Protocol: 10%

The use of the funds raised after the token sale will have the following purposes:

60%: will be used to provide liquidity at Uniswap15%: will build WasteInfonet Platform and Connectivity, including salary, software programming, hardware.10%: will be used for marketing campaigns, including salaries, promotions and expenses.10%: will be used to pay for Legal Advisors, Taxes and Business Consultants.The remaining 5%: will be used to pay fees and registration in various cities.


Q1 2020:  Some Research in many countries and cities, developing our business model.K2 2020:  Countries were selected to launch phase one, regional and qualitative research.Q3 2020:  Contacts with different fonts to make up our ecosystem.Q4 2020:  Legal and Marketing Analysis for project launching.Q1 2021:  Token Sale, Stock Listing, Beta version for selected country groups using our app, android and platform.Q2 2021:  Launched Mainnet including more countries, new partnerships.OSH 2021:  More countries are added to our business, reinvesting our cash income streams).Q4 2021:  Special bonus program for investors and strives to increase income at any time, adding new branches in the business to optimize waste collection.K1 2022:  New businesses add IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors capable of detecting the fill ratio and weight of each tray; optimization of garbage collection, optimized truck routes based on the weight and level of container filling and traffic, including control in waste delivery.


The most valuable thing from our people, our team that we have formed many years ago, and one day everyone’s dreams come true and is the creation of WasteInfonet, the first information-generating network through the use of data from the garbage of every house in every city and every country in the world.Federico Fornicoia –  CEO & Co-FounderNeygrimar Corniel –  Co – Founder – Team ManagerSilvia Eric Sztryk –  Operations Director – COOYanibeth García – Chief Content Officer – CCOAdriana Bravo – Chief Operating Financial Officer – COFOAdeel Ahmed –  Director of Technology – CTOMarta Alaniz –  Translator

More information about Wasteinfonet:

● Website:  https://wasteinfonet.com/● Twitter:  https://twitter.com/WasteInfonet● Telegram:  https://t.me/wasteinfonet1● Whitepaper:  https://wasteinfonet.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/WHITEPAPER-WASTEINFONET-PDF-FILE..pdf● Media:   https://wasteinfonet.medium.com/● Telegram:  https://t.me/wasteinfonet1by ; LordUdinlink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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