Mozart Finance

Mozart Finance is the classiest DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain.

About the Mozart Finance Project?

Mozart Finance is an offshoot of Goose Finance & an excellent DeFi project running on the Binance Smart Chain with many other features that will allow you to earn and win tokens. What we’re trying to do is create a persistent deflationary token that works like a symphony. Our original PIANO token will provide a stable price pump with an adequate combustion mechanism. We are not trying to replace exchanges & exchanges but to add value to our system and create a sustainable environment for people to produce agriculture with high APR and even more.

Mozart Finance, a project that plans to go live on the Binance Smart Chain, is proud to present a presale token that will be coming soon after a successful smart contract audit. ImmuneBytes’ audit is the first smart contract for its native token, PIANO.

The audit is proof that the platform highly values ​​its customers and their funds. As such, Google sees this move as the first among many heralding community confidence in its protocol.

The DeFi Ecosystem is building a deflationary agricultural ecosystem through a combination of technology and deflationary mechanisms for the best benefit to its users.

This takes into account the constant deception surrounding the DeFi space and, more than that, the failure of many young projects to achieve their goals. As a result, it puts forward its best strides towards developing long-term, sustainable options for DeFi users.

PIANO in Symphony

Based on the DeFi protocol, the main goal is to make PIANO instantly a deflationary token that ‘functions like a symphony’.

Born as a branch of Goose Finance, Mozart Finance hopes to be the next big factor in BSC, providing customers with many options that can be exploited to get a completely different prize. Likewise, it works in the direction of utilizing PIANO as a medium for safe pumps with an efficient combustion mechanism.

In addition, it creates an environmentally friendly yield agricultural pathway with an excessive APR, with additional plans for improvement on the best roads.


1. Incredible burn mechanism

  • 1% of each transaction will be forfeited
  • The deposit fee will be used to buy back tokens (will be explained shortly)
  • Any unsold tokens from the pre-sale will be burned
  • The team will randomly burn tokens every week to keep the price high
  • The initial liquidity token will be removed in the first 3 weeks

2. Agriculture

  • Become symphonic by farming PIANO with the highest APR
  • Farm in different ponds
  • Voting system – community can decide about adding new batches

* Lottery (soon) NFT (soon)
* Decentralized Betting (Q2)
* Loans (no ETA)
* IFO (no ETA) Community Ideas

In particular, 1% of each transaction will be forfeited. In addition, the network performs random weekly burns based on current market conditions. Lastly, all unsold pre-sale and initial liquidity tokens must be burned. This burning strategy will allow Mozart’s developers to maintain maximum control over the value of the platform’s native token, PIANO.

Higher ROI
Another major attraction for Mozart Finance is its high APR. Developers have boasted that these rates would go far and beyond current industry standards. When combined with the deflation tactics that the platform is trying to implement, Mozart Finance hopes to provide a lucrative alternative for the DeFi community.

  • Security
    Mozart Finance recently announced its intention to perform multiple code audits. The developers have signed a contract with ImmuneBytes to carry out their first audit. The platform promises to do more audits before the start of next week’s pre-sales.
  • No Appealing Rugs
    In line with the developer’s desire to provide the DeFi community with more transparent yield farming options, the platform integrates several consumer protections. Primarily, the network has arranged for its liquidity to be locked for 8 months after the completion of the pre-sale.
  • Cost Saving
    Another reason investors may find Mozart Finance attractive is its lower transaction fees. Since the network relies on BSC and not Ethereum, it is not subject to the exorbitant gas fees found on other popular DeFi platforms. Recently, investors are looking for alternatives in the market to avoid this increase in gas costs.

History of Mozart Finance
Mozart Finance started as a hard fork of Goose Finance. The platform is given a unique name because it comes from the same city as the famous composer Mozart. The company’s pre-sale will launch next week. Users can participate using BNB, and early investors receive huge discounts.

 Mozart Finance  Brewing Presale made preparations mandatory ahead of the presale which will start in March. The Protocol proposes three additional contracts to be audited prior to the launch of its pool and farm. Crews are estimated to be 5–10 days ahead of ImmuneBytes to complete the final reasonable contract audit.

The only challenge is launching a specific time and date for the presale.

PIANO has a complete inventory of 9,600,000 tokens with a printed supply of 100,000. The protocol plans to distribute:

  • 61% of the tokens go to his farm
  • 30% to the music pool
  • 9% for builders.

The 100,000 tokens that have already been printed will act as they initially provide:

  • 55,000 tokens for token sale
  • 40,000 for key liquidity
  • 5,000 for advertising and marketing.

The presale comfortable close will likely be 800 BNB and the tough close at 2000 BNB, with 1 BNB meaning 27.5 PIANO. Customers want a minimum 0.2 BNB of their wallet to take part in the public presale. That said, you can increase it at any time by the amount set at 20 BNB.

50% of the BNB collected during the sale will be directed towards providing liquidity for the protocol. 45% will go to cash, while the remaining 5% will go to the developer’s pocket. The Treasury Fund will assist in the buyback, advertising and marketing as well as future upgrades, and the burning of PIANO.

To increase the nature of deflation, 1% of each transaction is likely to be forfeited. Additionally, 50% of all fees will likely be used to reward PIANO token holders.


  • Distributed to:%
  • Agriculture: 61%
  • Music Pool: 30%
  • Developer: 9%

General Presale


General Presale

  • Public pre-sale: 55,000 tokens
  • Liquidity key: 40,000 tokens
  • Marketing: 5,000 tokens

This really happened! Once our PIANO has been successfully reviewed, we will announce the exact time & date of its sale as soon as you think!

  • 1 BNB = 27.5 PIANO
  • SOFT SHIP: 800 BNB
  • HARD CAP: 2000 BNB
  • Maximum per wallet: 20 BNB
  • Minimum per wallet: 0.2 BNB
  • 80% liquidity will be locked at  ,
  • 15% for treasurers and
  • 5% for devs wallets.


  • 80% of tokens will be added to Farms
  • 20% of tokens will be added to Music Pools


We will use 5,000 PIANO to fund Mozart’s bounties and ambassadors. We’ve spent between $ 10k and $ 20k now on marketing promotions.



Urgent priority

  • Application of smart contracts
  • Unique combustion mechanism
  • AUDIT before launch (Immunebytes)
  • The key to liquidity
  • High APR% gain

Main priority

  • Second audit after launch (within the first 2-3 weeks)
  • Lottery like never seen before
  • Mozart NFT

Medium priority

  • Decentralized betting
  • IFO (in partnership with other projects)
  • Full operational exchange
  • Loan
  • Community ideas

Mozart Finance summarizes the current drive for finding an Ethereum alternative in the DeFi space. This platform aims to offer a complete ecosystem that is deflationary and inclusive. As Ethereum is at its highest in gas costs, Mozart Finance could prove a valuable asset in the future. For now, interested investors can find out more information about the project here:

by ; LordUdin link:;u=2579436

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