Rain.Credit Is The Best DeFi Loan Platform

 With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects consistently appear in the crypto industry with high return investments and a continuous trend, such as Albetrage is one project that will attract large market investments. Why? because this project aims to create a safe and decentralized working model. Rain.Credit is the project you’ve been waiting for 

Rain Credit is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain that acts as an aggregator for offline data analytics, providing a short credit rating for the user’s address. This credit rating is used to provide the best guarantee for lenders and borrowers of digital assets on the Rain platform. Rain Credit is based on current decentralized lending platforms and protocols, but with changes that provide even more innovative designs and capabilities.

Fitur Rain.Kredit:
-Oracle Analytics
-Offchain -Digital trust
-Non-custodial lending -Credit
network -Compatible dengan Binance smart chain / ethereum

Oracles solves transparency problems faced by many Defi projects. By removing information from the chain and providing data consistently, Rain.Credit Oracle enables smart contracts to extract data from blocks containing the information it needs. The information that Rain.Credit oracle sends will include things that the blockchain cannot track or control. This includes payment history of users across multiple chains, real economic events, government policy changes, and user account history.

Pinjaman Hujan is a digital asset loan and loan platform without custody. It is based on a composite protocol with a modified asset pool and the use of Rain + to increase access to additional funds beyond the current CDP offered by Compound Finance, AAVE & CREAM.

Rain + is the number of additional tokens we offer to borrowers through our platform without providing additional guarantees, based on their transaction history and rankings from Rain Off-Chain’s oracle analytics.

Rain.Credit Roadmap:
Q2-2021 (Testnet Season)
Our goal in Q2 2021 is to get the platform fully operational in a short period of time so that the Oracle and Lending platforms will run efficiently on the testnet. We also strive to further develop the Oracle platform by creating a “web of trust” that motivates data providers.

$ RAIN Token Pre-sale
Aggregated Offchain List in Oracle Analytics
Testnet Lending Platform Testnet. Testnet of
Trust Deflationary Staking
and Farming
Launch Q3-2021 (Mainnet Season)
Our goal in early Q3 2021 is to launch a full-fledged platform with Oracle and Lending migrating from Testnet to Mainnet in record time. We also want to further develop the Oracle platform with the launch of the Trust Network, which drives data providers.

Contracts, Loans, and Oracle
Offline Audits Oracle Analytics Mainnet
Lending Platform
Data Provider Aggregate
Trust Network
Hackathon RAIN Oracle
Q4–2021 (Middleware Season)
This quarter will be heavily focused on middleware integration and an exciting period for our community with the launch of RAIN Governance DAO drops. .

Oracle Network Release 2.0 (apart from aggregated analytics)
Oracle Marketplace off-chain release with multi-chain support
RAIN abstraction layer
GraphQL RAIN DAO management Offline asset management and
monitoring platform release Offline asset management and monitoring platform release (one-click integration with platform, not blockchain based)
Comprehensive API and documentation
release Q1-2022 (cross-chain season)
The first quarter will focus on cross-chain integration outside the Ethereum network with the aim of making our services available on various blockchain networks.

Secure cross -network lending
Launch of
the Oracle Smart cross-chain contract analytics platform Cross-chain
trust assessment (outside the Ethereum network)
Asset group trust assessment
Continuous development and improvement of
Trust Network Academic research and publication of results of trust assessment in the DeFi sector Rain Rainbuilder Credits Rainbuilder Credits


$ RAIN has a simple distribution model. The total supply consists of 800,000 $ RAIN. The distribution of tokens is as follows:

  • 40% will be sold through presale.
  • 20% will be used for project development.
  • 20% will be used to provide liquidity and agricultural products.
  • 10% tokens will be allocated to the team (For 2 years, these tokens will be locked to instill trust in the community).
  • 10% will be used for marketing.


  • Q2–2021 (Testnet Season)
    * $ RAIN token Presale (read more)
    * Exchange List
    * Testnet Off-Chain Aggregation Oracle Analytics
    * Testnet Lending Platform.
    * Testnet Trust Network * Deflationary Staking
    and Farming Launch
  • Q3–2021 (Mainnet Season)
    * Contract Audit and Oracle
    Lending * Oracle Analytics Mainnet Off-Chain
    * Mainnet Lending Platform
    * Aggregated Data Provider
    * Trust Network
    * RAIN Oracle Hackathon
  • Q4–2021 (Middleware Season)
    * Oracle Network Release 2.0 (Beyond Aggregation Analytics)
    * Off-Chain Oracle Marketplace Release that supports multiple chains
    * RAIN GraphQL Abstraction Layer Launch
    * RAIN Governance DAO
    * Off-Chain Asset Management and Monitoring Platform Release
    * Off – Asset Management and Chain Monitoring Platform Release (One Click Integration with non-blockchain based platforms)
    * Comprehensive API and Documentation Release
  • Q1–2022 (Cross-Chain Season)
    * Cross-Chain Collateral Lending
    * Cross-Chain Oracle Launch
    * Smart Contract Analytics Platform
    * Cross Chain Trust Score (Beyond Ethereum Network)
    * Asset Group Trust Score
    * Continuous development and improvement of the Trust Network
    * Academic research and publication of the impact of Trust Score in the DeFi sector

For more information Connect to the Rain Project. Credit:

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