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Soku Swap is a decentralized exchange. Blockchain technology allows cryptocurrencies to be able to store multiple transactions in a database, making it transparent, secure, and not editable or intervened by any party. This is the reason why blockchain technology is used by many cryptocurrencies today. It uses an automated market maker smart contract to create a liquidity pool. The exchange is live on ERC-20 tokens and Network BEP-20 tokens.

 Soku Swap Features :

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This project offers users many ways to make money. Provide liquidity for trading or take advantage of arbitrage using flash loans. Soku Swap is designed for traders and performs amazingly. the project creates exchanges for discerning traders. You can easily use an exchange with lower gas costs. The exchange lives on the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain ERC-20 token and BEP-20 token. The project has been launched, the winning token is called SOKU.

Soku Swap feature

More ways to Earn:

Soku Swap offers users multiple ways to make money. From providing liquidity to trading or taking advantage of arbitrage using flash loans. Imagine doing arbitrage trading with Pancake Swap or Uniswap for Millions of Dollars using our coins in our easy-to-use Flash Loan System.


With SOKU, our governance token, you can help define the future of the exchange. And if you make a few trades each week, you will also get a fraction of the trading volume. The more the exchange grows, the bigger your payout will be. In addition, you can make decisions about what service should come first. If you store enough of the SOKU, we may need to provide a parking space in your name.

Two Networks, One Exchange

On Soku Swap, you can trade on the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain. Ethereum is the largest decentralized network in the blockchain world, it is impossible to run an exchange without using it. But along with size, other problems arise. Binance Smart Chain came out recently and is helping alleviate that problem. With faster trading and lower fees, Binance is definitely one to watch out for. We feel both are important and want to make sure our users have the option to trade wherever they want.

Crypto Class

Have you ever tried to explain crypto to someone? I bet you do, we all do. We know it’s a headache, but we try to educate the people we know because we care for them. Imagine if you could send them links to some free crypto classes, and the more classes they do, the more you will earn both. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it short and fun. We want to make learning easy and profitable for everyone.


Centralized exchanges require all customers to fill out a form that identifies themselves. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, Jamsostek, blood group, DNA sample, etc. etc. You see what I mean. Crypto was born as a decentralized currency that cannot be controlled and monitored. With DEX freedom, you only need to connect your wallet and make trades.

How does it work?

 This allows users to trade using an algorithm versus the order book used on conventional exchanges. Price is determined using the formula  x * y = k  (  x  coins tokens  x  and  y  coin token  Y  , and always maintain the invariant that  x  *  y  =  k  for some constant  k),  and this ensuring reserves remain in relative balance. Soku Swap reserves are pooled among the liquidity providers who supply the exchange with tokens in exchange for a portion of the transaction fees. Soku Swap uses registry contracts to facilitate exchange between different currencies. The system mechanics ensure trading between cryptocurrencies is based on their relative supply. 

Liquidity token

The Soku Swap Liquidity Token (SOKU LP) represents the provider’s contribution to the liquidity pool. These are ERC20 coins or BEP20 tokens depending on which chain they provide liquidity to. These tokens allow liquidity providers to sell or transfer their liquidity between accounts without affecting the liquidity in the pool.

Liquidity tokens are printed and sent to the address of the liquidity provider. They represent the provider’s contribution to a base. These tokens are highly divisible and can be burned at any time to return a proportional market share to the vendor. The provider pays reserves and forms a new liquidity brand.

  • The NBB sent to the function determines the number of liquidity tokens to be printed. The following formula calculates the number of embossed tokensMinted = totalAmount (bnbDeposited / bnbPool)
  • Storing BNB in ​​reserve also requires a deposit of a value equivalent to the BEP20 token. Stored tokens are calculated based on the formula tokensDeposited = tokenPool (bnbDeposited / bnbPool)

Token SOKU:

SOKU is a governance token that will allow holders to vote on upcoming Promotions.

Token Distribution:

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The blockchain technology we are using today has not yet reached its full potential. SOKU  aims to develop the next blockchain architecture that will increase the potential of blockchain technology, in terms of speed, resistance to attacks, a better ecosystem for developers, and rewards from contributors. Everyone Should Take part in the project.

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