New JDT project at BSC

What is Jadeite?
Jadeite is a deflationary token that generates community-driven returns on the Binance Smart Chain network for the community.

Jadeite is the epitome of deflation that generates environmental benefits in the Binance Smart Chain for the environment. Jadeite will be the basic identification of the Beryl blockchain and will probably be the basic fuel for paying trading fees and movement rewards. We have now started our journey in the BSC association. The Beryl blockchain will be EVM worthy, it will retain all the DApps restricted by Ethereum, with much higher trading speeds at much lower trading fees. Beryl also gives off a multi-chain semblance.

How does it work?

Tokemonics Jadeite works by taking a 10% fee on every transaction. This fee is divided into 4 parts: 3% of the fee is redistributed to each wallet that holds JDT on a percentage basis. The more JDT tokens you hold, the more you will receive. 3% of the fee divided 50/50 half of which is sold by contract to BNB, while the other half of the JDT token is automatically paired with the aforementioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. 3% of the fee is burned on every transaction. 1% of fees for marketing wallets (this tax is temporary).

Our mission
Our mission is to create the next generation complete all-in-one platform with decentralized blockchain to give everyone in the world an equal opportunity to manage and enhance their financial security.

Features you get when you join Jadeite
Safe & Secure
Price Chart
Gem Exchange
Gemsale launch site
Beryl Network Blockchain
Glorious Wallet
Benefits if you join Jadeite:
FRICTIONLESS RESULTS — Jadeite offers passive income to its holders. 3% of each transaction is redistributed to Jadeite holders.
TOKEN DEFLATIONARY — Supply is permanently reduced by continuous token burn. 3% of each JDT transaction will be forfeited forever.
JADEITE DIVIDENDS — Jadeite will offer a number of benefits from distributed applications to its holders.
Jadeite JDT is the base token on the Beryl Network , and has a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 JDT

Name : Jadeite
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Coin Distribution: 100,000,000,000
Symbol: JDT
Network Type: BEP-20
BscScan : 0xf68e57342e4e52102eb1c0dd5b1afabcca57aaee
Allocation Token
70% Pre -Sale & PCS
10.4% Personal Sales
10% Marketing Base
6% Seed Investment Pool
3.6% Airdrop
10,400,000,000 JDT – 10.4%
400 BNB
25.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB
24.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB
23.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB
22.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB
21.000.000 JDT PER 1 BNB
20,000,000 JDT PER 1 BNB

Professional Expert

We are proud of our great team. This is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and always ready and willing to help if needed.

Andrei Andone

Coin & Development Head

Yoda Guru

Head of Operations & Logistics

Wilson Ubong

Head of Business Development

Ike Charles

Head of Marketing & Social Media


Head of Research & Development

Thank you from me Jodan Sancho

For more information please follow the link below:
Website: https://jadeite.site/

Whitepaper : https://jadeite.site/#whitepaper

Twitter : https://twitter.com/JadeiteToken

Telegram : https://t.me/JadeiteToken

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jadeitetoken/

Facebook : https://facebook.com/JadeiteToken

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/JadeiteGem/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9Oj4vvVAeZ-VRfW1ZMwVQ

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Yarloo is a new take on the lottery gambling system

What is Yarloo?
Yarloo is a new take on the lottery gambling system that is known to everyone around the world.

What are Yarloo Tokens?
The Yarloo lottery ecosystem will issue its own currency called YARL. It is the main utility token used in their ecosystem, and it is based on the Binance smart chain blockchain, which is distributed on the public network with smart contract integration enabling automated, transparent and more efficient processes. effective. Their team is also developing this token as a revenue sharing token that allows users to generate passive income just by holding the token, with a portion of the Yarloo ecosystem profits distributed equally among its holders. Liquidity will also be maintained, some will be placed in the liquidity pool, and this will create a fully community based token with long term potential and low risk.

But with the current advancement of the crypto space, we at Yarloo feel that something can be done to revolutionize lottery systems around the world, and to make it much more fun, give people a much higher chance of winning, create a much more flexible jackpot pool, and introduce set the NFT card as the core function behind the ticket.

Features in Yarloo:

Single Lottery Jackpot
Team Lottery Jackpot
Fortune Spinner
NFT Trade Center
Yarloo Wallet
Game Arcade
DeFi Loan & Lending System
Benefits if you join Yarloo:

RST: Yarloo is the first project in the world to implement a technology known as “Revenue Sharing Token”, which allows the community to receive 30% of Yarloo’s profits to serve the ecosystem in which it is built.
NFT : We are also the first lottery project in crypto history to use NFT cards as your main entry ticket system in any pool! This means instead of buying a ticket, your ticket is represented by the card you used in your lottery pool.
DeFi : You will benefit financially from Yarloo thanks to its hybrid DeFi system, especially by allowing you to earn 2% of pool profits if you are the creator, and by leveraging our RST ecosystem if you hold enough $YARL!
Features of this project
The Yarloo team is working to develop a state-of-the-art online lottery platform, which will be the best in the future and will be the pioneer of blockchain-based online lottery. The Yarloo platform implements various interesting features and integration with the blockchain is certainly possible. In addition, their lottery platform also has a very simple lottery process, which will provide a new and unique experience where users cannot forget this experience, because naturally the decentralized blockchain technology used on their platform offers an opportunity to win. Yarloo is one of the outstanding innovations that has taken the industry to a new level due to the integration of various interesting features, such as NFT, staking, defi and profit sharing.

There is no denying that the gambling market is currently one of the largest, and will continue to grow every year, especially in light of the continuous use of the Internet, but it is unfortunate that the gambling market, especially lotteries, is still very popular. A fraud that certainly harms users, as well as the lack of innovation in the sector. Today, Blockchain technology is highly integrated with various industries and also offers easy and secure access to today’s lottery market.

This provides a great time to make Yarloo a pioneer in the lottery industry, which uses Blockchain technology with the integration of various functions, such as Defi & NFT, and I personally hope their platform will be launched as soon as possible. I hope you guys too, try to be a part of this innovative project.

Additional information
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/yarloo
Medium: https://medium.com/@yarloo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yarloo_rst
Telegram: https://t.me/yarloochat
Site web: https://yarloo.vercel.app/
Litepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dgz9_OiEQ_CFRCZfR5q-u0ShmZZ7TGeY/view?usp=sharing

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useful for all influencers

Gistcoin is a utility token for all influencers, streamers, musicians, artists, brands and content creators of all backgrounds who create content in social media communities and on other Audio Networks.

We believe that the decentralized token system allows all content creators – including content creators from underrepresented groups – to have direct access to their fans and monetization methods.

GISTCOIN is a blockchain-enabled Peer-To-Peer decentralized ledger system for the gamification and monetization of the fast growing Social Media industry. The Gistcoin project is designed to provide a cutting-edge solution to the problem of compensation for content creators and users of social media applications

Some of the immediate and immediate ways the GISTCOIN Project will address specific issues in this industry include:

• Create an advanced Audio Conversation Social Media Platform with the built-in Creator and User Compensation program.

• Gisthouse will have several features that will address most of the issues associated with existing Audio based social media platforms in the rapidly exploding Audio Conversation industry.

• Gistcoin will Provide Peer-to-Peer gamification and monetization Platform which will enable Fair Compensation for content creators and active users of social media platforms

• Provide a Universal means of exchange for GistHouse social media users and other partner social media partners.

How does it work?

GISTCOIN is a type of electronic money that can be secretly exchanged for digital content, products and services, and then converted into fiat currency.

It is a Third-Party-Independent exchange tool. Payments from Content Consumers to Content Creators can be made without intermediaries.
Removing national boundaries and local currency issues for the free flow of creative works. One exchange currency for content works globally.
User Anonymity Guaranteed
Latest encrypted daily transactions
Easy payments for micro purchases and payments for creative works
Price fluctuations are purely based on the principle of supply and demand
Transactions without restrictions on fees, times and places
Use on all international social media platforms.
GISTCOIN is a type of electronic money that can be secretly exchanged for digital content, products and services, and then converted into fiat currency.

It is a Third-Party-Independent exchange tool. Payments from Content Consumers to Content Creators can be made without intermediaries.

Removing national boundaries and local currency issues for the free flow of creative works. One exchange currency for content works globally.

User Anonymity Guaranteed

Latest encrypted daily transactions

Easy payments for micro purchases and payments for creative works

Price fluctuations are purely based on the principle of supply and demand

Transactions without restrictions on fees, times and places

Use on all international social media platforms.Video Player00:0001:22

Gistcoin’s goal is to enable content creators to unlock the economy around their community and take advantage of new monetization methods that work across multiple platforms. Not only does it create an engaged community that can tip with Gist Coin and spend GistCoin to get exclusive access to content, special access, events and merchandise, but it also allows content creators to monetize their content any way they like. Gistcoin allows Creators to build a loyal fan base and get rewarded for creating value for members of its user community.

How do content creators make money from GistCoin?

GistCoin’s goal is to enable content creators to unlock the economy around their community and take advantage of new monetization methods that work across multiple platforms. Not only does it create an engaged community who can tip with GistCoin and spend GistCoin to get exclusive access to content, special access, events and merchandise, but it also allows content creators to monetize without paying high platform fees.

Gistcoin’s goal is to enable content creators to unlock the economy around their community and take advantage of new monetization methods that work across multiple platforms. Not only does it create an engaged community that can tip with Gist Coin and spend GistCoin to get exclusive access to content, special access, events and merchandise, but it also allows content creators to monetize their content any way they like. Gistcoin allows Creators to build a loyal fan base and get rewarded for creating value for members of its user community.

APRIL 2021

Generation idea

The Origins of the GistCoin Idea Generation. Development of business concepts and plans.


Concept Development

GistCoin kickstart development. GistCoin pilot application development for the future ClubHouse platform.

SEP 1, 2021

White Paper Publications

Attract investors’ investment. GistCoin registration. Team building.

September 15th, 2021


Development of GISTCOIN Wallet mock-up. Technical audit.

October 1, 2021

MVP Mockup Release

Release the MVP Mockup to the technical team for development.

1 – 31 October 2021


Preparation for GISTCOIN and Development of smart contracts for GistCoin release. Continue platform development. Continuity of ecosystem formation (more than 10 partners).

October 15, 2021

Gisthouse Public Beta Testing

Gisthouse Public Beta Testing is done and feedback is collected from end users

December 1, 2021


1 YEAR 2022

List of GISTCOIN on General Trading Exchanges [At least 3]

January 1, 2022

Launch of the GISTCOIN Trading Platform [GISTtopia.Com):

Jan – From 2022

GISTCOIN Acceptance Partner Expansion Campaign

JUNE 1 2022

Official Launch of GITSHOUSE AUDIO DROP-IN Social Media Platform

Token Pre-Sale: 1 September to 30 September 2021

Token Crowdsale: October 1 to October 31, 2021


500.000.000 GIST


1 GIST = 0.0001562 ETH [Approx. $0.05 USD]

1 ETH = ~ 64,000 GIST


Total Softcap ~ 1,500 ETH

Soft cap: $1,000,000




Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer

Token Distribution Date: November 15, 2021




TOTAL DONE FOR FOUNDERS: 85,000,000 [17.00%]


Participants: 4,510.+

CROWSALES: 200.000.000

The GistCoin team consists of an eclectic group of individuals who have excelled in their fields and have demonstrated consistent performance and success. Our team is experienced in software development, film production, cryptocurrency, and business administration.



For more information please follow the link below:



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   Koinomo aims to revolutionize the way we earn passive income in Crypto


The cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, therefore it currently offers a great opportunity to invest before mainstream adoption occurs, increasing the chances of high returns at a later date. One of the main ways to increase the value of your Bitcoin holdings is through trading, which takes time, patience and a lot of experience. Trading is not an easy task, especially in crypto. One needs to collect a lot of small pieces of information and analyze it in order to be successful. Trading requires searching, roaming, reviews, cross-checking, and so on. The Koinomo Fund was developed to address this problem.

What is the Koinomo Fund?

Koinomo is a platform for the future of fund management using smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Koinomo aims to have the most effective and efficient Funds so that users have the best experience in one place. Koinomo is a Decentralized Asset Management & Investment Fund Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Koinomo Fund Mission

Koinomo is focused on revolutionizing the way we earn passive income in Crypto with the creation of the world’s most technologically advanced blockchain Fund. Koinomo’s network and experience delivers unrivaled services to keep you and your finances ahead of the financial industry and thus the world.

Just invest your Bitcoin holdings into the Koinomo fund and they will professionally invest and trade your capital between different assets. The fund is continuously managed and new coins are constantly being researched to give investors the best return on investment.

Koinomo Fund Features

  1. Decentralized Bitcoin Wallet: To create an account with Koinomo, you just need to create your own bitcoin wallet using 12 random seed keys that link your account to your computer and are backed by 8 -21 key passwords.
  2. Full Protective Security: Koinomo has taken several steps to ensure a safe ecosystem for investors’ Funds by using Cold storage wallets to keep investors’ Digital Assets in custody.
  3. KOINOMO Monthly FUND Performance: At the end of every month, Koinomo is required to publish the fund index performance showing daily trading activity and profit/loss for each trading day.
  4. One-click withdrawals: Investors are not tied to any time frame for their investment which means they can withdraw any time of the day from Koinomo FUND to their Koinomo wallet.
  5. No Withdrawal Fees/ No hidden fees: Koinomo does not charge any withdrawal fees other than 8:2 profit share (BTC investors) and 9:1 profit share ($KMO investors).
  6. 24/7 Online Support: Koinomo will provide Live Chat around the clock on Telegram website & community for investors if any help is needed regarding their Investment with Koinomo.

How Does Koinomo Work?


To become an investor in KOINOMO Fund, you must first visit KOINOMO.com. Once there you navigate to the signup button which is also known as “Start Investing”.

After you deposit your funds into the Koinomo wallet. Koinomo manages investor funds through several positions, both long and short strategies.

54.5% of the portfolio is allocated for short-term strategies through the trading desk, where Koinomo will carry out regular trades in a number of BTC to fiat and BTC to crypto pairs.

Another 45.5% hold BTC reserves, a safe haven in a safe and secure cold wallet.

KOINOMO calculates all profits in USDT, which means that once your Bitcoins are invested, our goal is to increase the FIAT Value of your bitcoins even when the market is bearish.

If you deposit 1 BTC at the current price of $38,000, Koinomo’s mandate is to increase that amount of FIAT and Bitcoin even in bearish markets or cycles through trading and investing. If the bitcoin price drops to $32,000, our fund generates an average of 15% at the end of the month which gives you a profit of $5,700 plus $38,000 equals $43,700.

Profit Distribution Process – All profits will be divided in a ratio of 2:8 where KOINOMO takes 20% and investors take 80%. Your account balance will be recalculated and updated every 24 hours.

Investments made in Koinomo’s native token, namely KMO, will have more profit sharing, which is 9:1. Investors share 90% profit and 10% Shares by Koinomo.

When a loss occurs, the value of the loss will be distributed among investors in proportion to the level of their respective investment in the fund. The loss will then be updated in the account in the same way as the gain.

What is Koinomo Token (KMO)?

The KOINOMO token or “KMO” token is a free-floating asset based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with its own monetary policy. KMO acts as the native currency of the Koinomo ecosystem.

The biggest advantage of KMO tokens is that if investors choose to invest in Koinomo funds through KMO tokens, they have a larger profit share of 9:1, which means 90% of the profits will go to investors if they choose to invest through KMO tokens. This will help grow the Koinomo ecosystem.

Tokonomics  Token   Name   : Koinomo
Token Ticker : KMO
Association : Binance Smart Chain
Password size : 10,000,000 KMO

Benefit of ICO Tokens
After IDO bidding, tokens will be dropped and distributed to our holders which will be used as cash for our decentralized blockchain storage.

#Koinomo    #kmo    #BinanceSmartChain    #BSCGem    #BSC    #investwithkoinomo


Website:    https://koinomo.finance/
Facebook :    https://www.facebook.com/Koinomo/
Instagram :    https://www.instagram.com/koinomo
Telegram:    https://t.me/koinomo
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/koinomotoken
Linkedin :    https://www.linkedin.com/company/koinomo/
Reddit :    http://reddit.com/r/koinomo
Medium :    https://medium.com/@koinomo
YouTube :    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNEarsppiq4rj669RkaonNA
BTT Bounty Yarn :    https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5355516.0

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PolkaParty is the best DeFi service

In recent years global finance has made remarkable progress. One of the latest and significant advances in the world of technology is Cryptocurrency. Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is a rapidly growing sector of the cryptocurrency industry. Defi gives you the opportunity to grow your investments using Defi’s complex features like Staking & Farming However, these Decentralized finance operations are complex and require a very efficient brain to understand and perform. Many investors are frustrated in crypto when they can’t get the same profit as friends, colleagues, because of your inability to understand all these DeFi requirements.

PolkaParty is made for you, as this platform allows users to get access to all DeFi features (swapping, liquidity provisioning, yield farming, NFT, etc) just by joining one party.

What is Polka Party?
The solution was to create a platform that would allow anyone to create or join a party with friends, family and most importantly DeFi veterans, navigating a landscape of endless profits from smart decisions.

You will no longer be frustrated with DeFiety (DeFi-Anxiety), or FOMO being a bad move for not knowing what to do, because you will be able to research, chat and vote with your colleagues

PolkaParty aims to create a profitable DIY DAO (Party) service designed as a convenient path for all participating party members to raise their funds for various financial activities and features.

PolkaParty provides a never-before-seen platform to join your friends and make real waves in the market. Not only will you compete for sweet profits, but we aim to create a competitive environment that rewards the most loyal and passionate parties.

Why Polka Party?
PolkaParty aims to expand the capital barriers that are set indiscriminately for active communities. The idea is that individual retail investors will no longer suffer the consequences of a drastic drop in the price of public token sales, but instead can participate in seed & private sales by having the right capital to devote to early stage projects.

The ultimate goal of the entire PolkaParty experience is to allow all users to be easily integrated into the entire DeFi ecosystem, without having to understand a lot of the technicalities of decentralized finance. Our belief is to create an easy-to-understand user journey, as individuals will have the opportunity to chat, research and immerse themselves in their respective groups with more experienced personalities, who understand the formalities of the more profitable methods in crypto.

Polkaparty Features
Yield Farming — A dedicated party for produce farming will be available on PolkaParty where a regulated wallet will supply liquidity. This allows users to share a greater reward when farming together than if they farmed alone.
Loans — PolkaParty will allow users to borrow funds from parties without withdrawing their investment. Users will have access to funds without affecting their credit scores, with more flexible payment options, as well as instant approval for secured loans.
Crowdfunding — Crowdfunding on PolkaParty will be available to allow users to connect with each other through tokens and projects with similar interests. This feature will be beneficial to engage with the community and share a greater return on investment.
ICO Launchpad — PolkaParty will showcase upcoming ICO projects and allow them to create parties to join and help increase liquidity to fund them, as it becomes a popular choice for new projects to raise capital through crypto launches.
Property Investment Pools — Investment pools are a great way to bring real investment into the crypto world reducing barriers to entry into the property market. It will also allow people around the world to invest in property in countries they may have never had access to before.
How Does PolkaParty Work?
Parties will consist of members, whose personal wallets are integrated into the party wallet.
Depending on the criteria set by the party, the parties will consist of voting and non-voting members.
Wallet addresses with voting power will eventually be able to provide party guidance with voting actions
HouseKeys are generated for all users creating parties (Public or Private), through which users can join parties seamlessly on the main dashboard within the PolkaParties Portal.
HouseKey is required to sign a smart contract, so your wallet will be integrated into the party wallet.
PolkaParty has built a time-interval based model that allows created parties to allow Partygoers to withdraw funds within a set timeframe.
From such party’s action, the user will be given a Daily, Monthly or Yearly + Withdrawal Time Sequence, to withdraw the profits back to the personal wallet.
Penalty for early withdrawal of funds before the distribution interval for party members.
Polkaparty Governance fund action in 4 models.
Democracy — Democratic parties are used to equalize and manage a group regardless of who, where, and how many. Democratic parties are straightforward, everyone gets the same vote. Democrats use multisign wallets as a form of governance where every registered, active address is entitled to a transaction confirmation sent to EVM. This is one of the most technically basic forms of party government.
Weighted Democracy — The Weighted Democracy Model aims to provide an alternative solution to funding governance. In this model, the user has a vested interest in a party and can track their Party Power percentage. Simply put, the higher the proportion of parties a partygoer has, the more power he has over the governing vote. Technically, party weights can be compared to LP pools. The more pools you have, the higher the percentage of your payouts, prizes and party benefits.
Monarchy — Monarchy is the simplest and most risky type of party. Here at PolkaParty, believe in decentralization and equality, with this in mind, allow a Party to be created which gives all Party governments to give to one wallet, the Monarchy.
Republic — The Republic changes the game not only because of its ability to manage funds in an untrustworthy manner, but because it is the most efficient way to validate transactions or decisions of individuals within a small group (such as a board of directors) representing a larger entity. This is the most efficient model because it only requires the full attention of some parties. This governance model is the pinnacle of PolkaParty’s innovation as it allows a representative body to create and manage their own funds. PolkaParty is very focused on creating a universal experience in allocating funds appropriately and adequately for large investments.
Kickback PolkaParty
Kickback is an IDO event held every three months for early-stage projects launched on the PolkaParty platform. This early-stage project will soon receive verified parties on PolkaParty, get priority promotions on the platform for short-term token launches, as well as for long-term product features.

Harvest farm party
Yield farming with joint funds can be more beneficial than farming alone. In short, yield farming protocols incentivize liquidity providers (LPs) to stake or lock their crypto assets in smart contract-based liquidity pools. Many liquidity-related pools take into account factors such as time and amount staked. Therefore, it might be a good idea to find a LP provider instead of lending it yourself. Polkaparty provides a mutually beneficial relationship for this farming platform as a larger amount of liquidity will be provided.

Social Council
This Social Council will outline the competitive ranking of each party, as well as the party’s categorical growth in funds, members, activities. The platform will begin to grow organically in volume, users and overall activity, as well as competitive associations with each party. It is important to take advantage of this competitive spirit of Partygoers, as members will take great pride in their personal relationships with popular and well-liked parties. This distinct quality is the reason for Social Council, the exclusive dashboard for Partygoers to have fully accessible data based on the ranking, funding and growth of the most important parties on the platform.

PolkaParty Gifts & Gifts

After the collection of the daily distribution fee, the total amount that has been collected will be paid back to the user, up to 50% of the total daily distribution fee collected on the platform, which stakes the POLP on the platform. If the volume & number of trades increases on each side, the bonus/payment of holding the POLP will also increase.

What are Polkaparty POLP tokens?
POLP is PolkaParty’s governance token and the main catalyst behind most of the platform’s products and features. All protocol management decisions are made by the POLP holder: from new products to asset rebalancing, strategy and integration. POLP allows its holders to take control of their financial future.

token POLP
This token will serve as a common token for the entire PolkaParty ecosystem. Tokens can be used for governance and will be the main catalyst for most of the platform’s products and functions.

In addition, you can make protocol management decisions, from new product decisions to integrations.



PolkaParty Street Map
project team

project team
In conclusion, I will say that this project should undoubtedly be one of the keys to connecting your friends and relatives to communicate, contact, compete and make money together. You will have the opportunity to create a shared family wallet, where you will be able to customize the management for each member.

You will be part of a team, each of you will be able to give your own decision on common issues, for example, what coins to invest, or when to buy or sell, for example. In addition, a competitive environment will be created, in which the most active will win.

In general, only you can make the decision, but I advise everyone to familiarize themselves with the project and visit the links to their resources below.

Useful links:
Website – https://www.polkaparty.io/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Polka_Party
Medium – https://polkaparty.medium.com/
Telegram – https://t.me/PolkaParty

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KeyFund – Decentralized Finance Platform in Ecosystem

Time is of the essence for everyone in this era of globalization. Today, digital currencies are used to reduce transaction times. Cryptocurrency was originally identified as a payment method that allows users to make transactions in a fast, secure, and anonymous manner without the intervention of third parties. As the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem has grown and developed, several investment alternatives have emerged, proving to be more efficient and profitable investment vehicles than traditional financial returns. Bitcoin has the potential to be the most valuable digital asset for investment. because it is easy to use, secure and allows the elimination of high transaction fees This is the most significant thing in the financial sector,

The secret sauce on KeyFund is auto LP. Meet the best Autonomous Yield Token, which is ready to develop and wants to push the boundaries of the crypto market with its unique deflation mechanism. The most stocked token, perpetual liquidity lock and transaction-based burning.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)
The secret sauce on KeyFund is auto LP. We have a function here that gives the holder a two-way useful implementation. To start, the contract collects tokens from sellers and buyers and adds them to the LP, thereby setting a stable base price.

Second, penalties act as an arbitrage-resistance mechanism, ensuring KeyFund volume as an incentive for holders. In theory, additional LP provides stability to provided LP by adding tax to the overall liquidity of the token, increasing the total LP of the token and maintaining the base price. This is in contrast to other reflection token burn functions, which are only useful in the short term due to a decrease in supply.

Mission & Vision
Its mission is to develop a peer-to-peer pure digital currency and store of value that will be recognized as a cryptocurrency leader in terms of adoption, use and value of the KeyFund project. Create a new digital currency that is in the top 10 cryptocurrencies and is backed by real-world use not only as a store of value but also as a medium of exchange. The KeyFund project is an open-source Blockchain project built on the Binance Smart Chain, KEYFUND Token is dedicated to connecting talented professionals and members of their target community.

KeyFund Token Features
Hyper- Deflation : Hyper deflationary supply to increase price upward momentum.) The initial burn rate of 1% of the total coin pool of 110,000,000 coins reduces the coin supply, resulting in upward price momentum.
Reward Holders : Controlled burning does not penalize buyers/sellers through taxes and encourages trading and liquidity while still rewarding holders.
Encourage Trading : Drive liquidity by rewarding early adopters and returning a minimum of 50% to the liquidity pool. There are no taxes on trades to encourage liquidity, and coin rewards to holders give you the best of both worlds.
Low Entry Price : Supply of 110,000,000 KeyFun Coins is meant to provide low entry prices and reward holders with unlimited upside potential.
Low transaction fees : The current $1,000,000 KeyFund token transfer fee is $0.02 (at time of writing). In comparison, the cost of doing the same on a Binance smart chain could be 1000x higher, or more, depending on the congestion on the network.
High-speed block generation: In a recent test while distributing KeyFund tokens to our investors, we found that sending a large number of KeyFunds did not take more than 8 seconds to reach buyers.


Circulating supply: 110,000,000
Token Sale : 77,000,000
SoftCap: 22,000,000
Start Time : August 6
End Time : August 8
Investment minutes: $10

5% advisor
Marketing: 5%
Founder 20%
70% Sales
Token Distribution

KEYFUND is programmed to reward holders while increasing liquidity and value. This is done by applying a 5% tax on transactions.

1% : Goes to the holder (directly at no cost)
2% : Locked into liquidity forever (allows trading)
1% : Spending outreach to make us grow
1% : Directly burned to a dead address

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Website: https://key.fund/
Whitepaper: https://key.fund/whitepaper/
Telegram: https://t.me/Key_Fund
Medium: https://medium.com/@Key_Fund
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/KeyFund/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Key_Fund
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KeyFundFinance

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Xircus  is the world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO  p  latform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT market 


I think each of us who are at least a little familiar with cryptocurrencies already know what an NFT, or non-exchangeable token is, it is designed to protect your digital assets or art using blockchain technology and capabilities.

NFT tokens can be used in different ways, if NFT is rare and valuable then you can keep it, but at any time you can decide and place your NFT on the trading platform.

Thanks to this, both parties benefit, i.e. the content creator and the other party who may wish to purchase these NFT tokens in a secure way, all this gives us a blockchain structure.

But this article will focus on something else, which I will talk about later.

The entire process of this NFT structure was closely monitored by the Xircus project, which decided to create its own flavor for all of this.

Thanks to Xircus, the world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform appeared, a bit of information is difficult to understand, but now let’s find out in simple words.

This technology from Xircus allows anyone to create their own NFT marketplace in just a few clicks, hassle free and free!

All of this allows every artist, content creator and more to create their own marketplace where they can showcase your work and sell it!


About the project

Let’s take a look at this project again with a detailed example.

You are the one who is currently dealing with NFT tokens and using them for your own purposes, namely to protect them and use them for trading.

Selling on any site, you notice that your NFT is in demand and people are actively buying it, you start thinking of creating your own marketplace to put NFT there, but the problem is that you don’t have the right skills to create an NFT marketplace.

The Xircus project came to the rescue, who saw a solution to this problem and created new solutions and opportunities!

Now every user and you will have the opportunity to easily and efficiently organize their own NFT marketplace.

Anyone, whether it’s an artist, singer, artist, influencer or casual user, can now host their own NFT marketplace in a few steps.

Xircus provides the impetus to expand new opportunities for users who want to try to create an NFT market.

Benefits If you join xircus

  • ALIVE Good
    events ensure gatherings and bring people together. We can also do this at digital live events. The technical possibilities of the xircus ensure a lively connection between the audience and the actors.
    We focus on people and their exchange with each other, also in the digital world. All participants are also contributors. For example, speakers have the opportunity to bring interested parties from the audience onto the digital stage and speak to them.
    Xircus is intuitive to use and very easy. It works without instructions and without waiting.
    Every event requires financial and human resource costs. Xircus uses the right tools and formats required for each event and makes the event 100 percent reliable for the organizers.
    The bigger the digital event, the more confusing it gets. Xircus provides orientation and, with the help of intelligent matchmaking, leads each participant to the content and people they are interested in.
  • FREE
    At xircus, all visitors can move freely through the platform and decide for themselves which content they want to see.
About Project


Its peculiarities include the fact that previously you could use various NFT platforms with your own rules and commissions, in which you could also lose part of your earnings.

By creating your own NFT marketplace, you can avoid this problem and manage what is rightfully yours.

Xircus is a project that allows you to deploy your own marketplace without even having programming skills, you don’t even need to learn any special code.


Xirus Achievements

This is what it took to make Xircus what it is today:-

Smart contract ️

Wallet integration ️

DeFi Features ️

Integrated stablecoins ️

DAO governance ️

Decentralized marketplace ️

Functional prototype ️

Q2 2021

Xircus DeFi tokens ️

XMT token for market ️

Cross-chain integration ️

Market developer ️

Stats spreader ️

ERC721 & ERC1155 collection spreader ️

Subdomain terms via xircusnft.com ️

Core platform complete ️

Testnet launch ️


Transparency in particular is a trait that Xircus values ​​very much, which is why no one doesn’t know it, as the team at Xircus are constantly updating the community with what’s mostly going to happen next. In the third quarter of 2021, Xircus will largely upgrade its BSC. They will also actually roll out the Music feature for the music-related market and some related features for influencers.

That’s when Xircus specifically will start an Initial Dex Offering (IDO). They then plan to collect 500 ringmasters and dApps. Xircus also plans to create expandable Music UI and Sport UI Marketplace themes, so users can easily personalize them to their liking, which is quite significant. In their fourth quarter, referred to as Phase 2.0, Xircus plans to bring 2500 ringmasters onboarding. They also plan to mostly promote cross market and they will also mostly create more market themes

Layer-3 blockchain solutions power

NFT market dapp in no time


Xircus in particular kind of main goal is to generally build a secure and decentralized participation and earnings ecosystem for content creators, influencers, musicians and many more individuals, so don’t lose ownership of their content as well as monetize it. It has ambitions to truly create a benchmark platform for the purchase/sale and collection of non-equal tokens (NFT), truly to facilitate and reward the participation of both stakeholders through decentralization and highly intelligent contracts that allow them to claim ownership of a work , and finally, for the most part, making the platform fully community driven, so that it can basically be integrated into decision making.

This platform will empower everyone, whether a person, brand, expert, startup (blockchain), or celebrity/influencer, by democratizing access to tokenization and NFT trading.

Xircus also allows users (content creators, musicians, etc.) to buy and sell directly to their followers and fans with any distractions from third-party NFT marketplaces, as they may also lose a good percentage of the amount of third-party marketplaces.

Xircus has simplified the registration process. It has created an Authentication API, which allows users to login anonymously using a unique nonce that has been encrypted by the wallet.

Users can also choose from a variety of accessible user interfaces, then personalize and manage the look and feel of your community’s NFT marketplace.

This process and features make the software easy to use for those new to the crypto world. Overall, this treatment is safe, without the client’s risk of relapse. It offers innumerable advantages and mostly puts the consumer at ease about their investment. This initiative will, for the most part, be quite creative in the cryptocurrency field in general.

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Facebook :   https://facebook.com/xircusnft
Twitter :   https://twitter.com/xircusnft
Telegram :   https://t.me/xircusnft
Instagram :   https://www.instagram.com/xircusnft
Youtube :   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljy1Y7cl748M2fc2bUiFMg

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Decentralized Exchange platform that can exchange using automated market maker (AMM) methodology.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a relatively new blockchain with a complete environment for developing high-performance decentralized applications. It is built for cross-chain compatibility with Binance Chain to ensure that users get the best of both worlds.

To interact with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) dApps of the Samecoin ecosystem, you need the SamePay wallet as it is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain which supports the BEP-20 token standard. You are free to use the BEP-20 friendly wallet.

Since BSC is compatible with EVM, it supports a wider range of Ethereum tools and DApps   . This makes it easy for developers, including Samecoin to move their projects away from Ethereum. The fact that Samecoin and its stablecoin family are available on the BSC, makes it cheaper and faster to deploy, due to the properties of the BSC.

Binance Smart Chain has several dApps like Pancakeswap which further expand its utility. However, for Samecoin, the ecosystem offers unique features in the Binance Smart Chain that make it stand out

 The Samecoin protocol primarily uses the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) function to promote Samecoin and its cryptocurrencies. Usually, the high-value cryptocurrencies are the ones that are used the most. In short, here are the details of the Samecoin protocol.

  • Samecoin minting and its stablecoins
  • Reward users for Staking and Mining with Samecoin
  • Governance is done through vSamecoin
  • Perform deflation procedure by burning Samecoin.
  • Burn SameUSD (SUSD) and other Samecoin stablecoins within the ecosystem to maintain a stable reserve.

Samecoin Features:

1. StableThe Samecoin family of stablecoins is focused on providing everyday users with the perfect cryptocurrency for their everyday digital payment needs, just like Satoshi’s vision in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.2. DecentralizedSamecoin combines the benefits of decentralization with developing an economy that is self-governing and not controlled by a select few.3. Payment drivenThe Samecoin ecosystem focuses on providing the most intuitive and accessible payment infrastructure, thanks to stablecoins and reliable crypto payment products.4. VerifiableSamecoin’s stablecoin reserves can be verified by anyone, making it a completely untrustworthy and decentralized form of money.


The Samecoin token is the medium through which the protocol enforces governance, rewards users, incentivizes activity, and provides a medium for raising capital.Governance –   Samecoin is a governance utility token that manages the Samecoin Protocol and ecosystem. Samecoin is a token created by the developer, enabling token holders to help shape the future of the Samecoin Protocol. Holders of the Samecoin staked can exercise their right to vote or propose new ideas that can be used to improve the Samecoin Protocol. Samecoin holders can also influence decisions regarding the project by proposing or making suggestions for new features and even changing the governance system itself. The number of Samecoins a node has is one of the factors that determine its reputation.Liquidity Rewards –   Samecoin is earned by performing critical platform functions (  Mint  ,  Save  ,  LP Stake  and  Governance  ), and promoting the liquidity of the Samecoin Protocol. Samecoin can also be purchased directly from liquidity providers who sell their Samecoin, along with decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or centralized exchanges such as Binance. Samepay like a wallet can also help users access Samecoin easily.    Gas Fees –   Samecoin derives its value from its ability to successfully execute the Samecoin protocol Smart Contracts. Most notably, Samecoin is built into the network itself and is the only currency that can be used for the main network operations. For example, Samecoin is used to pay for node operators that fetch data. In this way, it also plays an important role in moderating the interactions among users of the Samecoin protocol.

Token Details

Heart: 1. Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 2. Smart Chain Hoo (ORC20)Amount of Supply:

Samecoin Road Map

Q3 2021 –Samecoin IDOQ4 2021 – SamePay Release on AndroidQ1 2022 – SamePay Release on iOSQ3 2021 –Samecoin IDOQ4 2021 – SamePay Release on AndroidQ1 2022 – SamePay Release on iOSQ 3 2021 –Samecoin IDOQ4 2021 – SamePay Release on AndroidQ1 2022 – SamePay Release on iOS
our team

Robert Sils – Head of marketingVladimir Lisichnik – Chief Financial OfficerMr. KEY – AdvisorKurt Farrugia – Product LeaderRobert Sils – Head of marketing

For more information 

WEBSITE: https://samecoin.com/
MEDIUM : https://medium.com/samecoin
TELEGRAM GROUP: https://t.me/Samecoin
FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/SamecoinCom
INSTAGRAM: https : //www.instagram.com/samecoinofficial/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SamecoinCom

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Decentralized Trading Platform for exchange, betting, farming & ability to participate & make Initial Farm Offers (IFO)

Hello everyone, how are you?
meet me again Ratih999. This time I want to take the time to tell you about a unique and transparent Defi project called   BSCBOMB  . This project is built using a platform owned by BinanceSmartChain (BEP-20)But before going any further, I want to tell you first about Cryptoqurrency or Blockchain Technology  .  So, Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to be able to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. Satoshi who is the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is prone to manipulation and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects consistently emerge in the crypto industry with high returns on investment and a continuous trend, such as BSCBOMB is one of the projects that will attract a large market investment. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity. Great opportunity to earn money for everyone!If you have a lot of friends or have a personal video blog, Instagram, Telegram channel, or Twitter — any source of traffic from people interested in cryptocurrencies — then you are not wasted here!(   http://presale.bscbomb.com/   )Private sale contract :   0x8E635D58D2C5d3f7f0e0020dc64DAE44695B139dToken Contract   : 0x68c6f6cF61df967728016E2fC8d02c9a93216D6A


COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE PLATFORM WITH VOTING SYSTEMPower for the people! We, as a community, decide what we will invest, in which direction we will develop. All global decisions will be taken based on majority opinion. For transparency purposes, we store all our voting information on the blockchain, this means that every vote is protected from unauthorized access & 100% transparent. Every vote counts!ABOUT BSCBOMB
BSCBOMB is a hyper-deflation token that rewards investors for owning the token & also includes the BuyBack approach currently found on the stock market. BSCBOMB was one of the first cryptocurrencies to use automatic BuyBack.BSCBOMB – Token Hyper deflationary Proprietary, True Mechanism
Purchase  Return  Intellectual token holder BSCBOMB benefit through static prize and also through the mechanism of automatic Repurchase included in the contract.
When the Buy Back function is activated, the contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after each sale.PERFECT MECHANISM & WAY TO
EARN BSCBOMB token holders benefit not only from static rewards, but also from the buyback process under the contract. As part of the buyback process, the contract takes care of buying back some tokens & burning them on every sale. In short, 98% of the time you won’t see 2 sells at the same time, & you’ll never see 3 sells in a row.Why BuyBack?
If a stock is low in value & potential — to improve it in the future, companies often announce share buybacks on the open market. Once a company announces a buyback, investors are more confident in buying and holding. In addition — demand increases, which will eventually lead to price increases. At BSCBOMB, we decided to apply the buyback concept to cryptocurrencies and make our tokens more attractive to hold.How?
because BSCBOMB charges 6% repurchase tax on every transaction & accumulates it in the contract. Whenever a sale occurs, a portion of the ransom amount is used to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. These tokens are burned immediately after purchase.What’s good about it?There are 3 advantages:1. Increase value○   After buying a token from the pool of liquidity, BNB new number is added to the pool and the number of tokens to decline, leading to an increase in price.2. Free BNBWhen these tokens are burned, it is like adding free BNB to the pool because there are no tokens left to sell in the future.3. Trust and reliabilityInvestors can be merciless indecisive & often intimidated by bear markets.Through automatic repurchases, investors will never see more than two consecutive sales. (98% cases)Bonus benefits for holders4% reward is redistributed on every transactionJoin a network of trusted investors who believe in Buyback contracts and understand the growth potential of this vision.Once investors see the code is working and contracts are automatically purchased after every sale, they will feel more confident to invest and keep it.TOKENOMICSINITIAL OFFER — 1,000,000,000,000,000 BSCBOMBDEV WALLET — 1%COMMUNITY — 4.5%PERSONAL SALES — 9%GENERAL SALES — 45%PANCAKESWAP — 40,5%Based on an algorithmic money market system designed to provide a fully decentralized lending & lending system based on the Binance Smart ChainAffiliate Program
Contribute to the community!Great opportunity to earn money for everyone!If you have a lot of friends or have a personal video blog, Instagram, Telegram channel, or Twitter — any source of traffic from people interested in cryptocurrencies — then you are not wasted here!

Tax details

4% reward for holders3% marketing taxBuyback Tax 6%Slip: 14%We present you the list of DAPPS that the BSCBOMB team is working on:Launch BOMBDecentralized Launchpad with ability to participate & make your own Public SaleBOMB-LOCKDecentralized Locker for custom tokens & Liquidity Providers (LP)BOMB-SWAPDecentralized Trading Platform for exchange, betting, farming & ability to participate & make Initial Farm Offers (IFO)BOM NFTDecentralized NFT marketplace for digital artists & digital art connoisseursBOMB WALLETApps on iOS & Android to store crypto assets and interact with Decentralized Applications (DAPP)CashBOMBBased on an algorithmic money market system designed to provide a fully decentralized lending & lending system based on the Binance Smart Chain

Private Sales

SoftCap:-HardCap: 480 BNB

General Sales

SoftCap: 1500 BNBHardCap: 3000 BNBContract Address:   https://bscscan.com/address/0x68c6f6cF61df967728016E2fC8d02c9a93216D6A

Bounty Campaign:

No alternative text is provided for this imageBounty Link:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5348119.0CAMPAIGN DURATION – 5 WEEKSWEEK 1: 06.07 – 12.072nd WEEK: 13.07 – 19.073rd WEEK: 20.07 – 26.074th WEEK: 27.07 – 02.085th WEEK: 03.08 – 10.08


Twitter 20%Telegram 15%Facebook 20%Reddit 15%YouTube 15%Article 15%

For More Information on the BSCMOMB Project:

https://twitter.com/bscbombhttps://t.me/bscbomb_bothttps://www.reddit.com/r/BSCBOMB_cryptohttps://t.me/bscbomb_grouphttps://t.me/bscbomb_channel\by ; LordUdinlink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

TFS token

 Review TFS token | Multifunctional Platform

But before going any further, I want to tell you first about Cryptoqurrency or Blockchain Technology. So, Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to be able to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. Satoshi who is the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is prone to manipulation and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects are consistently emerging in the crypto industry with high return investments and continuous trends,  such as TFStoken is one of the projects that will attract a large market investment. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity. 

What are TFS tokens?
 Before going any further, I will explain first about the TFS Token and also what its purpose is. So, what is meant by TFStoken is a type of digital currency that has unique characteristics and interesting features. The main function of the FTS token is as an alternative payment method on the Fairspin platform, replacing our current loyalty program and is safe to use. on the other hand every User has the right to transfer, withdraw or exchange TFS for fiat at any time.

Key Points of TFS tokens
 TFS is an ERC20 token.
TFS is a deflationary token with limited supply, meaning it offers a limited total token supply and regular monthly buybacks where a certain percentage of tokens are withdrawn from circulation.

Truemining tokens are allowed. TFS tokens will be credited to all players at the end of the playing day as a reward for playing.

TrueStaking tokens will be available via the TruePlay widget on the platform dashboard.

The token issuance is governed by a smart contract which will generate a number of TFS tokens based on the current exchange price and daily GGR. What is Fairspin?
 We have always seen blockchain as the next step in our evolution towards openness and security as a platform. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to partner with TruePlay to help us mark our loyalty program and introduce our own token that will circulate within the platform.

TruePlay is a secure business tokenization platform that will give us access to its ecosystem and open up new possibilities for us and players by releasing TFS tokens.

Business Features and

Playing Opportunities
Mine TFS tokens to
keep playing at Fairspin

Use the trueStake option
for TFS multiply

Securities tokens
withdraw, buy or sell

Benefits of TFS Token


Players can get TFS Tokens just by playing FAIRSPIN and holders can also add TFS Tokens by risking Games which is very stable for players and investors. Only by staking your TFS Tokens you are entitled to double all your tokens. and as a reward for players and investors who can bet more than 37.5%/year, for me this is a very fair and profitable bet,. and for prizes your TFS Tokens will be directly credited to your account after you place or bet. You can exchange the results on Uniswap.



Token Allocation

Token allocation is divided into 4 stages:


Stage 1

Distribution of TFS will begin with 3 rounds of Private Sale, Pre-Sale and Dutch Auction with a limited supply of 15 million tokens listed for sale.

Token price on each round will be set at:

0.1$ on Personal Spin

0.15$ on Pre-Sale Round

At Dutch Auction prices start from 1$ with 0.2$ as reserve price.

Stage 2

After the token sale is completed, the pool of 10–20% of tokens sold at auction will be transferred to Uniswap with the final auction price increasing by 50–100%.

Stage 3

The token staking program is opened via the FairSpin dashboard where you can store your tokens for profit

Betting options

1 day — 1% prize pool from FairSpin GGR

3 days — 3% prize pool from FairSpin GGR

7 days — 8% prize pool from FairSpin GGR

Stage 4:


The token distribution program will be announced with limited emissions up to 20% instantly and 2% weekly, which users can claim at any time.



TFS is a digital currency that will serve as an alternative payment method within the platform and will open up new opportunities to reward players for actively playing and using TFS tokens within and beyond the boundaries of the platform. Our partnership with TruePlay has helped us mark our loyalty program as well as introduce new features to the platform that will attract new users globally. We are excited to invite you all on this journey with us and lead the way towards the future of Fairspin crypto. I also believe that this project can achieve great success in the future.

Website:  http://tfstoken.com/

● Twitter:  https://twitter.com/tfsinfo?s=11

media:   https://tfstoken.medium.com/

Telegram channel:   https://t.me/tfstoken_channel

Telegram group:   https://t.me/tfstoken_group

by ; LordUdin

link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436