Goldmine Network

The Gold Mine Network is the DeFi ecosystem.


The Gold Mining Network is the original token of GMNE Coin Finance. It is an Etherum based token. The GMNE COIN is an asset-backed token that provides holders with pure gold holdings which can be traded around the world.

The Gold Mining Network will be traded on the Etherum and the Bitcoin blockchain, this authenticates its ownership and guarantees its traceability. This increases its liquidity and trading. The GMNE token has several features that make it unique from other cryptocurrencies which include;

Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment. Investors generally buy gold as a way of diversifying risk, especially through the use of futures contracts and derivatives. The gold market is subject to speculation and volatility just like any other market. Compared to other precious metals used for investment, gold has the most effective shelter and hedging property in a number of countries. 

Much of gold’s value stems from its rarity, that some gold bars, gold coins or gold jewelery (for example) can be small enough to fit in your pocket and, most importantly, from metallic to industrial uses. Cryptocurrencies are adapting some of the benefits of gold by generating rare bitcoins, by introducing digital coins that can be easily and easily transferred, and by creating a distributed and decentralized blockchain that helps businesses. Cryptocurrencies also add value by making your money transactions fast, safe, and transparent. 

The Best Community is here!

AMA with the Gold Mine

Join us for AMA on the Telegram group @Decentralized_Club, where our esteemed guest Rukky (Co-Founder) of the Goldmine Network will answer your questions and provide more insight into their project. Also have the opportunity to get rewarded.


Segment 1: Introduction (@ cryptoTALK01 will interact with the Gold Mining Network team).

Segment 2: Twitter Questions.

Segment 3: Website inquiries.

Segment 4: Live telegram inquiries.

A pool worth $ 100 GMNE to drop from the air.

1) Best 4 Telegram questions earn 10 $ GMNE each.

2) Top 3 Twitter questions, earning 10 $ GMNE each.

3) 3 questions Best Web sites earn $ 10 GMNE each.

Decentralized Club

An active global crypto community whose only interest is crypto. We provide a dynamic and popular platform for showcasing projects and increasing exposure.

What do we offer?

A platform to showcase your project, explaining in detail its use case and how it is better than competitors! In addition to the AMA sessions that take place in our global Telegram community, get extended exposure through our website and Twitter as well.

Upcoming AMA

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask your questions to this upcoming project team.

Why Join Our Community?

Our community is global and we really mean it! Interact with people from different backgrounds and find out how blockchain and crypto impact everyone’s life. Share trading ideas, identify potential investments, etc. You can do it all HERE!

10,000: Total Weekly Messages

4 500: Average AMA Attendance

250,000: Part of the Decentralized Club


Pre-Sales Details:

Soft-Cap: 20 BNB

Hard Cap: 50 BNB

Presale Price: 4,000,000 / BNB

List Price: 500,000 / BNB

Min / Max to Buy in Pre-Sales: 0.1- 10 BNB

Total Supply: 990,862,728.58 GMNE 

Holders: 28 addresses

Transfer: 32

Contract: 0xdd13bc4b81a4d4b9ac2dbdbcbb8150f7e351e018

Decimal: 8



Q1 2021

Goldmine Network Concept and Token Creation


Q2 2021

Register on pancakeswap

Register on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and Trustwallet

Launch of the Gold Mining Network web platform for staking and farming.

Q3 2021

Listed on 1-inch exchanges and Bakeryswap

Implementation of the beta version of Goldmine DEX

Launch Goldmine DEX with an airdrop list

on the MXC and Hotbit exchanges

Q4 2021

Further development of the platform to include additional DeFi options.

The inclusion of the NFT trading platform on Goldmine DEX

Q1 2022 Registered

on the other two major exchanges.

Launch Goldmine Bank (Asset Lending / Lending Platform)

Q2 2022

Started the development of the Gold Mining Network (GoldChain).

Introducing a new governance token for

Gold Chain Start Mining event for governance tokens

K3 2022

Launch of the Goldmine Network Chain (GoldChain) test network

Q4 2022

List on Binance and other major exchanges.

Launch it

Mainnet Started exchanging GMNE bep20 tokens on GoldChain Mainnet.

Our team

DK | Founding father


Hailing from Singapore, he started by running his own YouTube channel and slowly stepped into the crypto world, got interested and decided to run a crypto-focused community that helps people know about upcoming projects.



Hailing from India, he got into crypto at the start of the 2017 bull run.He saw a lot of projects that came up with Innovative ideas but about whom people don’t know. So, he decided to set up a platform where the project could promote itself as well as advertise to thousands of people why their product was interesting.

Peter Smith


Originally from India, he has been working for the community since 2019. He is a trader and started crypto in mid-2020 during the lockdown period. He has benefited a lot from the Decentralized Club community since he joined and continues to do so.

For information about the Gold Mine project below:





by ; LordUdin




by ; LordUdin



 Mocktail is a platform that allows users to access a variety of financial features

Mocktail comes as a Platform that embraces the ERC-1155 standard Semi-Fungible Token. By accepting ERC-1155, Mocktail tokens will be a boost that will support the Mocktail exchange. Mocktail Tokens are created on the Binance Smart Chain, which is known as the newest Ethereum-based blockchain protocol which has an amazing speed, security, low cost, and ecosystem compared to the ordinary Ethereum Platform.

Mocktail highlights the ERC-1155 token and acts as an AMM protocol enabling people to get multi-methodology results growing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) at low / slippage costs. This allows the client to get the greatest profit.

ERC 1155 Standard

Token Semi-Fungible (SFT)

Standard interface for contracts that manage different types of tokens. A single contract enforced can include a combination of interchangeable tokens, non-exchangeable tokens or other configurations.

Mocktail Token is MocktailSwap’s first  semi-fungible token  . Mocktail Finance is an AMM protocol that combines multi-strategy yield optimization on the low cost / slip Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that also provides aggregation via vault compounding, borrowing, and yield gain for maximum returns.

MocktailSwap is a decentralized exchange solution on the Binance Smart Chain. We provide a platform to create a fully secure and fast decentralized token exchange system.

– The stable placement of your assets with little or no loss is not permanent

– Automatic results and optimally optimized

– Complete decentralization

– Fully governance-based MOK token economy


How does it work?

This is a new Ethereum token standard on the Binance Smart Chain and a new type of dapp on Mocktail Finance!

The ERC-1155 token standard provides a way to create one smart contract managing an almost unlimited number of tokens – technically, 2²⁵⁶ token types with up to 2²⁵⁶ copies each.

In addition, each token is semi-equivalent. Unlike ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each of which can only be owned by one address.

Semi-fungible means:

– Each type of token can be owned by multiple addresses

– One address can have multiple copies of each token.


Swapping is the process of exchanging one token to another, on the same platform. Swapping is done at minimal cost for liquidity providers, who have provided liquidity to the pool. Read more


Liquidity is a measure of the ease with which an asset can be converted to another asset without affecting its price. In simple terms, liquidity describes how quickly and easily an asset can be bought or sold. Read more


Yield farming is a way to generate more crypto with your crypto. This involves you lending your funds to other people through a miracle computer program called a smart contract. Read more


A betting pool is a group of coin holders who pool their resources to increase their chances of validating blocks and receiving prizes. They combine their staking power and share the prize in proportion to their contribution to the pool. Read more

Here are the Mocktail highlights:

ERC-1155 symbolic norm: Token Mocktail depends on ERC-1155 Semi-Fungible Token standard based on Binance Smart Chain. Also, it is a major ERC-1155 token based on the Binance Smart Chain.

  • Trading: Mocktail allows clients to trade their tokens for a variety of tokens for a low fee.
  • Farming: Clients can do crypto farming by lending their tokens to others through smart agreements.
  • Liquidity: Clients can take part by turning into a vendor and get compensation according to their support.
  • Staking: Allows clients to stake their farm tokens and rewards as demonstrated by their support.

Personal Sales Details

Starting Block: # 6194146

Starting Time: 1 APR, 2021 17:00 UTC

End Time: 2 APR, 2021 17:00 UTC

Soft Cap: 500,000 MOK

Hard Hat: 1,500,000 MUG

Circulating Supply: 1,500,000 MOK

Private Sales: 1,500,000 MOK

Min. Investment: 0.01 BNB

Max. Investment: 50 BNB

Exchange Rate: 1 MOK = 0.004 BNB

Addition: 65 BNB

BUSD raises: $ 2260

Total Holders: 40

We Accept: BNB, BUSD

Initial Token Distribution

Mining Token Distribution

RoadmapConcept development timeline.image.pngCOUNCLUSIONERC-1155 is another Ethereum token standard attached in 2018 which is proposed as a standard interface to get that deal with various symbolic types. ERC-1155 allows one smart agreement to oversee an unlimited number of tokens. What’s more, Mocktail comes as a Platform that takes the ERC-1155 and develops the Binance Smart Chain. This makes Mocktail the primary Platform for building the ERC-1155 at BSC. Mocktail is not only an ERC-1155 token but also a Dapp based on the Binance Smart Chain. Empower clients to have the option to access various decentralized monetary administrations more safely, quickly, and at low cost.

For More Information Click the Link Below:


Rain.Credit Is The Best DeFi Loan Platform

 With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects consistently appear in the crypto industry with high return investments and a continuous trend, such as Albetrage is one project that will attract large market investments. Why? because this project aims to create a safe and decentralized working model. Rain.Credit is the project you’ve been waiting for 

Rain Credit is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain that acts as an aggregator for offline data analytics, providing a short credit rating for the user’s address. This credit rating is used to provide the best guarantee for lenders and borrowers of digital assets on the Rain platform. Rain Credit is based on current decentralized lending platforms and protocols, but with changes that provide even more innovative designs and capabilities.

Fitur Rain.Kredit:
-Oracle Analytics
-Offchain -Digital trust
-Non-custodial lending -Credit
network -Compatible dengan Binance smart chain / ethereum

Oracles solves transparency problems faced by many Defi projects. By removing information from the chain and providing data consistently, Rain.Credit Oracle enables smart contracts to extract data from blocks containing the information it needs. The information that Rain.Credit oracle sends will include things that the blockchain cannot track or control. This includes payment history of users across multiple chains, real economic events, government policy changes, and user account history.

Pinjaman Hujan is a digital asset loan and loan platform without custody. It is based on a composite protocol with a modified asset pool and the use of Rain + to increase access to additional funds beyond the current CDP offered by Compound Finance, AAVE & CREAM.

Rain + is the number of additional tokens we offer to borrowers through our platform without providing additional guarantees, based on their transaction history and rankings from Rain Off-Chain’s oracle analytics.

Rain.Credit Roadmap:
Q2-2021 (Testnet Season)
Our goal in Q2 2021 is to get the platform fully operational in a short period of time so that the Oracle and Lending platforms will run efficiently on the testnet. We also strive to further develop the Oracle platform by creating a “web of trust” that motivates data providers.

$ RAIN Token Pre-sale
Aggregated Offchain List in Oracle Analytics
Testnet Lending Platform Testnet. Testnet of
Trust Deflationary Staking
and Farming
Launch Q3-2021 (Mainnet Season)
Our goal in early Q3 2021 is to launch a full-fledged platform with Oracle and Lending migrating from Testnet to Mainnet in record time. We also want to further develop the Oracle platform with the launch of the Trust Network, which drives data providers.

Contracts, Loans, and Oracle
Offline Audits Oracle Analytics Mainnet
Lending Platform
Data Provider Aggregate
Trust Network
Hackathon RAIN Oracle
Q4–2021 (Middleware Season)
This quarter will be heavily focused on middleware integration and an exciting period for our community with the launch of RAIN Governance DAO drops. .

Oracle Network Release 2.0 (apart from aggregated analytics)
Oracle Marketplace off-chain release with multi-chain support
RAIN abstraction layer
GraphQL RAIN DAO management Offline asset management and
monitoring platform release Offline asset management and monitoring platform release (one-click integration with platform, not blockchain based)
Comprehensive API and documentation
release Q1-2022 (cross-chain season)
The first quarter will focus on cross-chain integration outside the Ethereum network with the aim of making our services available on various blockchain networks.

Secure cross -network lending
Launch of
the Oracle Smart cross-chain contract analytics platform Cross-chain
trust assessment (outside the Ethereum network)
Asset group trust assessment
Continuous development and improvement of
Trust Network Academic research and publication of results of trust assessment in the DeFi sector Rain Rainbuilder Credits Rainbuilder Credits


$ RAIN has a simple distribution model. The total supply consists of 800,000 $ RAIN. The distribution of tokens is as follows:

  • 40% will be sold through presale.
  • 20% will be used for project development.
  • 20% will be used to provide liquidity and agricultural products.
  • 10% tokens will be allocated to the team (For 2 years, these tokens will be locked to instill trust in the community).
  • 10% will be used for marketing.


  • Q2–2021 (Testnet Season)
    * $ RAIN token Presale (read more)
    * Exchange List
    * Testnet Off-Chain Aggregation Oracle Analytics
    * Testnet Lending Platform.
    * Testnet Trust Network * Deflationary Staking
    and Farming Launch
  • Q3–2021 (Mainnet Season)
    * Contract Audit and Oracle
    Lending * Oracle Analytics Mainnet Off-Chain
    * Mainnet Lending Platform
    * Aggregated Data Provider
    * Trust Network
    * RAIN Oracle Hackathon
  • Q4–2021 (Middleware Season)
    * Oracle Network Release 2.0 (Beyond Aggregation Analytics)
    * Off-Chain Oracle Marketplace Release that supports multiple chains
    * RAIN GraphQL Abstraction Layer Launch
    * RAIN Governance DAO
    * Off-Chain Asset Management and Monitoring Platform Release
    * Off – Asset Management and Chain Monitoring Platform Release (One Click Integration with non-blockchain based platforms)
    * Comprehensive API and Documentation Release
  • Q1–2022 (Cross-Chain Season)
    * Cross-Chain Collateral Lending
    * Cross-Chain Oracle Launch
    * Smart Contract Analytics Platform
    * Cross Chain Trust Score (Beyond Ethereum Network)
    * Asset Group Trust Score
    * Continuous development and improvement of the Trust Network
    * Academic research and publication of the impact of Trust Score in the DeFi sector

For more information Connect to the Rain Project. Credit:

Mozart Finance

Mozart Finance is the classiest DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain.

About the Mozart Finance Project?

Mozart Finance is an offshoot of Goose Finance & an excellent DeFi project running on the Binance Smart Chain with many other features that will allow you to earn and win tokens. What we’re trying to do is create a persistent deflationary token that works like a symphony. Our original PIANO token will provide a stable price pump with an adequate combustion mechanism. We are not trying to replace exchanges & exchanges but to add value to our system and create a sustainable environment for people to produce agriculture with high APR and even more.

Mozart Finance, a project that plans to go live on the Binance Smart Chain, is proud to present a presale token that will be coming soon after a successful smart contract audit. ImmuneBytes’ audit is the first smart contract for its native token, PIANO.

The audit is proof that the platform highly values ​​its customers and their funds. As such, Google sees this move as the first among many heralding community confidence in its protocol.

The DeFi Ecosystem is building a deflationary agricultural ecosystem through a combination of technology and deflationary mechanisms for the best benefit to its users.

This takes into account the constant deception surrounding the DeFi space and, more than that, the failure of many young projects to achieve their goals. As a result, it puts forward its best strides towards developing long-term, sustainable options for DeFi users.

PIANO in Symphony

Based on the DeFi protocol, the main goal is to make PIANO instantly a deflationary token that ‘functions like a symphony’.

Born as a branch of Goose Finance, Mozart Finance hopes to be the next big factor in BSC, providing customers with many options that can be exploited to get a completely different prize. Likewise, it works in the direction of utilizing PIANO as a medium for safe pumps with an efficient combustion mechanism.

In addition, it creates an environmentally friendly yield agricultural pathway with an excessive APR, with additional plans for improvement on the best roads.


1. Incredible burn mechanism

  • 1% of each transaction will be forfeited
  • The deposit fee will be used to buy back tokens (will be explained shortly)
  • Any unsold tokens from the pre-sale will be burned
  • The team will randomly burn tokens every week to keep the price high
  • The initial liquidity token will be removed in the first 3 weeks

2. Agriculture

  • Become symphonic by farming PIANO with the highest APR
  • Farm in different ponds
  • Voting system – community can decide about adding new batches

* Lottery (soon) NFT (soon)
* Decentralized Betting (Q2)
* Loans (no ETA)
* IFO (no ETA) Community Ideas

In particular, 1% of each transaction will be forfeited. In addition, the network performs random weekly burns based on current market conditions. Lastly, all unsold pre-sale and initial liquidity tokens must be burned. This burning strategy will allow Mozart’s developers to maintain maximum control over the value of the platform’s native token, PIANO.

Higher ROI
Another major attraction for Mozart Finance is its high APR. Developers have boasted that these rates would go far and beyond current industry standards. When combined with the deflation tactics that the platform is trying to implement, Mozart Finance hopes to provide a lucrative alternative for the DeFi community.

  • Security
    Mozart Finance recently announced its intention to perform multiple code audits. The developers have signed a contract with ImmuneBytes to carry out their first audit. The platform promises to do more audits before the start of next week’s pre-sales.
  • No Appealing Rugs
    In line with the developer’s desire to provide the DeFi community with more transparent yield farming options, the platform integrates several consumer protections. Primarily, the network has arranged for its liquidity to be locked for 8 months after the completion of the pre-sale.
  • Cost Saving
    Another reason investors may find Mozart Finance attractive is its lower transaction fees. Since the network relies on BSC and not Ethereum, it is not subject to the exorbitant gas fees found on other popular DeFi platforms. Recently, investors are looking for alternatives in the market to avoid this increase in gas costs.

History of Mozart Finance
Mozart Finance started as a hard fork of Goose Finance. The platform is given a unique name because it comes from the same city as the famous composer Mozart. The company’s pre-sale will launch next week. Users can participate using BNB, and early investors receive huge discounts.

 Mozart Finance  Brewing Presale made preparations mandatory ahead of the presale which will start in March. The Protocol proposes three additional contracts to be audited prior to the launch of its pool and farm. Crews are estimated to be 5–10 days ahead of ImmuneBytes to complete the final reasonable contract audit.

The only challenge is launching a specific time and date for the presale.

PIANO has a complete inventory of 9,600,000 tokens with a printed supply of 100,000. The protocol plans to distribute:

  • 61% of the tokens go to his farm
  • 30% to the music pool
  • 9% for builders.

The 100,000 tokens that have already been printed will act as they initially provide:

  • 55,000 tokens for token sale
  • 40,000 for key liquidity
  • 5,000 for advertising and marketing.

The presale comfortable close will likely be 800 BNB and the tough close at 2000 BNB, with 1 BNB meaning 27.5 PIANO. Customers want a minimum 0.2 BNB of their wallet to take part in the public presale. That said, you can increase it at any time by the amount set at 20 BNB.

50% of the BNB collected during the sale will be directed towards providing liquidity for the protocol. 45% will go to cash, while the remaining 5% will go to the developer’s pocket. The Treasury Fund will assist in the buyback, advertising and marketing as well as future upgrades, and the burning of PIANO.

To increase the nature of deflation, 1% of each transaction is likely to be forfeited. Additionally, 50% of all fees will likely be used to reward PIANO token holders.


  • Distributed to:%
  • Agriculture: 61%
  • Music Pool: 30%
  • Developer: 9%

General Presale


General Presale

  • Public pre-sale: 55,000 tokens
  • Liquidity key: 40,000 tokens
  • Marketing: 5,000 tokens

This really happened! Once our PIANO has been successfully reviewed, we will announce the exact time & date of its sale as soon as you think!

  • 1 BNB = 27.5 PIANO
  • SOFT SHIP: 800 BNB
  • HARD CAP: 2000 BNB
  • Maximum per wallet: 20 BNB
  • Minimum per wallet: 0.2 BNB
  • 80% liquidity will be locked at  ,
  • 15% for treasurers and
  • 5% for devs wallets.


  • 80% of tokens will be added to Farms
  • 20% of tokens will be added to Music Pools


We will use 5,000 PIANO to fund Mozart’s bounties and ambassadors. We’ve spent between $ 10k and $ 20k now on marketing promotions.



Urgent priority

  • Application of smart contracts
  • Unique combustion mechanism
  • AUDIT before launch (Immunebytes)
  • The key to liquidity
  • High APR% gain

Main priority

  • Second audit after launch (within the first 2-3 weeks)
  • Lottery like never seen before
  • Mozart NFT

Medium priority

  • Decentralized betting
  • IFO (in partnership with other projects)
  • Full operational exchange
  • Loan
  • Community ideas

Mozart Finance summarizes the current drive for finding an Ethereum alternative in the DeFi space. This platform aims to offer a complete ecosystem that is deflationary and inclusive. As Ethereum is at its highest in gas costs, Mozart Finance could prove a valuable asset in the future. For now, interested investors can find out more information about the project here:

by ; LordUdin link:;u=2579436



the first company to convert waste waste

WasteInfonetis the first company to use artificial intelligence, Android and iOS applications with scanning devices, data storage, built-in multi-wallets, and a central platform with protocols that enable complete, secure and automated interactions, with network-developed technologies enabling such use. technology available and managing the creation and transmission of information in ways we have never seen before. In each house located in a specific country, city or city, the owner will be able to scan the barcode of each product he discards every day, and through his cell phone, save this information and transfer it to our platform, receive payment in WIF Tokens (WASTEINFONET) for completed work. Later, our platform will carry out processing, classification,


1. The Power of Waste InformationInformation that trash carries tremendous power and with a wide variety of uses to make decisions involving millions of people. There are real situations where companies interact with their customers basically by offering and selling their products, but they don’t know the exact user of the end consumer. These companies are in different categories, but highlight everything that involves food, safety and hygiene in the home and this constitutes 90% of the total waste we throw away on a daily basis. There are also other residues, but their frequency is minimal, such as light bulbs, glue, worn cloth, cooked food scraps, cosmetic cream jars, etc. The power of the trash that our team brings to you is transforming the scattered data,2. Token Utility (WIF)Our token has a fundamental use, as a vehicle of interconnection between the circuits in which it is produced and the place where the information arrives. Internally, the team believes that tokens are never as useful as ours, and this is because many crypto projects are looking for a use for their tokens, without owning them and somehow making it up for investors to tell which ones are utility. symbolic. Our (WIF) tokens move in different ways, these are the means of payment to information producers, the means of payment we receive from companies that receive this information, the way investors trust us and store it, and the way we see our market capitalization increase strongly in the near future .3. The Methods Developed For Information GenerationSome old projects used a manual registration system for different waste classifications at home, then these forms were submitted using a special model designed by the informant, which implied very difficult, difficult, imprecise and late work. Then with the new technologies we’ve combined, we add accuracy, speed, precision, security and a variety of utilities, to a classification and processing platform. Ultimately we achieved quality, new information, and accuracy by replacing old surveys that were unreliable and not useful information. Our international barcode (barcode) scanning system, transfers the network from 4G 5G mobile phones to our platform with artificial intelligence and instant processing to be sent electronically to our clients,


although our project is not oriented towards waste recycling and the big problem that implies it worldwide, with all the costs it incurs for each country and the future problems implied due to the fact that waste has projections to occupy a large part of the planet, in addition to all the pollution problems in rivers, oceans and cities.


Our database of consumers who actively participate in working with us in chain and information management, will also receive a reward in cryptocurrency tokens (WIF) and / or if it fails, direct payments according to their geographic area, loyalty bonuses, this bonus will require a Very simple task, only every consumer in the house has to scan the barcode of the consumed products that are discarded every day, for this they will receive a monthly Bonus which will be credited to each wallet.


on the other hand, we want you to tell your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues about our working model, and join together to integrate a growing database, the Bonus program will be part of an incentive measure to increase consumers who are also actively working. .Utility Tokens (WIF)
Our tokens have fundamental uses as a means of connecting the circuits in which they are produced and where information goes. Internally, the team believes that the tokens are never as useful as ours, and this is due to the fact that many crypto projects are looking to use their tokens without owning them, and somehow get investors to tell which ones are useful. . symbolic. Our token (WIF) operates in different ways: it is the means of payment for information producers, the means of payment we receive from companies that receive this information, the way investors trust us and store it, and as such we shall see. that our market cap will grow strongly in the near future.A method designed to generate information
Some old projects used a manual registration system for different classifications of waste at home, then this form was sent using a special model developed by the information requester, which involved very complex, time-consuming, inaccurate and late work. . Then, with the new technologies we combine, we add precision, speed, precision, security and a lot of utility to a classification and processing platform. Finally, we strive for new quality, information and accuracy, replacing old surveys that are unreliable and not useful information. Our international barcode scanning system, transmission network from 4G 5G mobile phones to our AI platform, and instant processing to be sent electronically to our customers make us the leader


Token distribution is something that the team specifically evaluates very carefully to achieve the best possible equation for investors and the Project. Prioritizing that projects have sustainability, balance and solvency to generate income that will later benefit cryptographic investors in a much safer way, which we define as “partners” and as simple investors.


WIF – The WasteInfonet platform is an ERC-20 token,The price of the WIF Token will be set on Ethereum.The total issued WIF Tokens are 100,000,000.Total Hardcap will be determined.Total Softcap will be determined.


WIF – TOKEN ISSUED100,000,000.-


Along with lower fees and faster transaction times, Ethereum has become the chain of choice for centralized and decentralized stablecoins. The token used is ERC-20 from the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Total Uniswap Listing & Token sales (seed sales / personal sales or main sales) 60%

Team: 15%Marketing & Bounty: 15%Estimated cost of Protocol: 10%

The use of the funds raised after the token sale will have the following purposes:

60%: will be used to provide liquidity at Uniswap15%: will build WasteInfonet Platform and Connectivity, including salary, software programming, hardware.10%: will be used for marketing campaigns, including salaries, promotions and expenses.10%: will be used to pay for Legal Advisors, Taxes and Business Consultants.The remaining 5%: will be used to pay fees and registration in various cities.


Q1 2020:  Some Research in many countries and cities, developing our business model.K2 2020:  Countries were selected to launch phase one, regional and qualitative research.Q3 2020:  Contacts with different fonts to make up our ecosystem.Q4 2020:  Legal and Marketing Analysis for project launching.Q1 2021:  Token Sale, Stock Listing, Beta version for selected country groups using our app, android and platform.Q2 2021:  Launched Mainnet including more countries, new partnerships.OSH 2021:  More countries are added to our business, reinvesting our cash income streams).Q4 2021:  Special bonus program for investors and strives to increase income at any time, adding new branches in the business to optimize waste collection.K1 2022:  New businesses add IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors capable of detecting the fill ratio and weight of each tray; optimization of garbage collection, optimized truck routes based on the weight and level of container filling and traffic, including control in waste delivery.


The most valuable thing from our people, our team that we have formed many years ago, and one day everyone’s dreams come true and is the creation of WasteInfonet, the first information-generating network through the use of data from the garbage of every house in every city and every country in the world.Federico Fornicoia –  CEO & Co-FounderNeygrimar Corniel –  Co – Founder – Team ManagerSilvia Eric Sztryk –  Operations Director – COOYanibeth García – Chief Content Officer – CCOAdriana Bravo – Chief Operating Financial Officer – COFOAdeel Ahmed –  Director of Technology – CTOMarta Alaniz –  Translator

More information about Wasteinfonet:

● Website:● Twitter:● Telegram:● Whitepaper:● Media:● Telegram: ; LordUdinlink:;u=2579436


Community Business Token (CBT)

The advancement of Blockchain technology has increased rapidly and many parties, especially local  and   private companies, are taking part in the blockchain industry. Blockchain technology is a technology for the future, even most people believe that blockchain technology will be needed in the future. satoshi has created advanced technologies, such as secure payments, improvements in e-commerce, and all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, etc. One of the factors that plays an important role in the development of any platform is online transactions that are safe, reliable, easily accessible. , and also transparent. Additional costs affect all industrial economies but now all this is possible because of blockchain solutions. The presence of   Community Business Tokens  can give you a huge advantage in the crypto market, with a promising concept, quality products, and an experienced team needed in the role of developing blockchain projects.

What is a Community Business Token (CBT)

CBT provides a transparent and stable trading platform for the benefit of service providers and products as well as their customers. DigitalFlyer, together with CBT, is more than just a business or market listing: It is funded, updated and maintained by our business community and members of our business. It is estimated that every single-person business, small to medium sized businesses, and startups will use DigitalFlyer and its digital business trading and services platform, powered by CBT.

Why CBT?

CBT’s vision and focus is to enable all types of community businesses to enter the digital age of doing business, while funding community projects for skills upgrading and upgrading.

> CBT Funding Community Projects
have been largely characterized for a variety of community projects including children’s schools, community support, community health and entrepreneurial skills. Stay connected to learn more.

> The CBT Business and Marketing Platform is
not just something that will be done in the future but is an extension of the existing and growing business platform. CBT is not a concept that is planned for the future, but a living and developing community infrastructure.

> Give back from said GO  CBT
referral bonus structure is a money back guarantee option. Our CBT creators have the option to earn even before the CBT closes. Make sure you read our Whitepaper and learn about CBT bonuses and cashback package options.

How does it work?

Grow your business by getting relevant and verified leads

1. For Users

This local directory is the smartest way to find the best products and services for all your needs.

  • Quickly find what you are looking for in your area
  • Call businesses directly from the app
  • Have complete control over what you want to be notified about, who you want to be notified about, who you want to see, – geo-setting for results, etc.
  • Create a Favorites list from your regular shopping places and follow all the new offers, products or services they promote
  • Get accurate directions to the business
  • And a lot to follow

2. For Business Members

Grow your business online and create more leads for your business!

  • Potential customers can easily find your product or service
  • DigitalFlyer’s wide variety of marketing strategies, saving you thousands of Rands per month on marketing exposure
  • There are features and functionality we haven’t been able to add to this list but you can be sure that this will increase the marketing exposure of your own business and even more your customers’ accessibility to your products.

Detail Token
Ticker: CBT

Total supply: 7 billion

Token Distribution

20000000000 For teams and members who participate and prize circulation

50000000000 for public sales and bonus payments

Accepted Currency


My Contribution



Company Details

Registered Company Name

Community Business Tokens

Registered Country

south Africa

Company Founded

28 Feb 2020

Bonus Structure

Sold 3

01 Sep – 30 Nov 2020

7.5% Bonus

Bronze Package: $ 50


Bonus Coins:


Total Coins:


Silver Package: $ 100


Bonus Coins:


Total Coins:


Gold Package: $ 200


Bonus Coins:


Total Coins:


VIP Package: $ 500


Bonus Coins:


Total Coins:


Elite Plan: $ 1000


Bonus Coins:


Total Coins:


additional details

MVP / Prototype: Yes 

Platform: ERC20

Category: Platform

Ikhtisar DigitalFlyer:

First, it is important to understand DigitalFlyer’s business offering to appreciate its value as the vehicle of choice for the Early Community Business Coin Offering. Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing platform in the history of our planet. We have access to around 3.5 billion users via smart devices, letting you sell anything to anyone. The trick is for you and your customers to find each other. The digital marketing base allows you to start or improve your business more easily than ever before.

DigitalFlyer is a business-to-customer (B2C), as well as business-to-business (B2B) platform focused on serving small to medium-sized businesses, connecting customers to service providers or products of their choice. DigitalFlyer is an established and growing business and marketing services platform.

You start your business to make more money. You want to do what you love and profit from it. To do that, you need the time available to you to generate more business and more profits, not to spend most of your time and most of your budget on administration, invoicing, marketing, social media, and websites. We’ve created, grown and developed, a toolkit that does all of that for just R600.00 ($ 40) a year. By joining our network and community, we have multiplied your R600.00 ($ 40) value many times. DigitalFlyer is not an intermediary, but an enabler and connector.

We give you the tools to take your time so you can focus on your health, wealth and happiness. Our platform achieves this by reducing administrative and marketing burdens at an affordable price by opening up channels of communication between those who seek the service and those who provide it. You and your customers target each other which makes landing new businesses a pleasure. The platform adapts to your industry to upgrade, train and empower you at any experience level or stage of business you are in by providing a one-stop, customizable business marketing and, constantly evolving, administration platform. Our modules will streamline any business so you can focus on not only doing business, but creating wealth as well.

DigitalFlyer charges an annual business membership fee of R600.00 ($ 40) for the following services we call business modules:

Business and Marketing Platform

Your business profile can be found through web searches on our web and application platforms.

Other modules that will be available as a separate add-on list that keeps growing to your directory are:

Recruitment made easy on our Job Seekers and Employers platform

An outsourcing platform for certain contractors, such as developers

Used car sales department

Real estate section

Complete eCommerce Module

We give you the option to integrate with one or all of the online payment merchant accounts below. This allows you to get paid without the commission DigitalFlyer charges for each sale. All commissions will be charged according to the contract with the respective payment merchants. We will always research the most suitable payment gateway and continue to add more options.

Sage Pay (Enabled) – DigitalFlyer is the only platform that allows Sage Pay multi account integration, which means each of our business members can integrate their own Sage Pay account into their DigitalFlyer profile, and get paid instantly.

Chips Money Manager (Under review)

K-Merchant (Under review)

PayFast (Under review)

PayPal (Under review)

Event Management Module

Any business member or user can use the Event List module to list upcoming events for free. Business members can use the complete event management system to sell tickets, add merchandise, and manage event ticket sales.

Appointment Booking Module

All business members can use the booking system to manage their appointments. This plug-in is designed for service-based businesses, such as hairdressers, massage therapists, real estate agents looking around homes, or other services that reserve specific time slots for customers. Customers can book their preferred time slot and even pay a deposit if needed. Both customers and business members will be able to track and modify their appointments.

Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

All business members will be able to manage their customer relationships and track the status of their sales and prospects via the CRM module.

Marketing Emails

Email channels – Business members have the option of creating multiple channel letters and running the channel at their leisure. The platform will activate the POPI Act, and each member will have the ability to create their own e-mail list.

Social Media Module

All business members will be able to integrate major social media platforms into their marketing strategy and publish articles, messages, services or products from a centralized dashboard to all social media platforms of their choice. This module will also be able to track the success of marketing campaigns, enabling our business members to customize their marketing campaigns to maximize customer reach.

Accounting Module

All business members will be able to access basic accounting functionality in our system. This will include the ability to act and quickly record the following information:



Purchase order

Slip Management

VAT Management


Bank Reconciliation

Stock Management Module

All business members will be able to manage their stock right from their dashboard. Stock levels can be adjusted with automatic ordering settings and an early warning system when stock levels are low. This plug-in will be fully integrated into the eCommerce module.

Human Resources Module

Business members will be able to manage all employee records from their dashboard, advertise available positions and publish basic job requirements.

Legal Contracts and Administration Manager Module

Business members will have a fully integrated legal file system to store, secure and manage all contracts and legal advice.

Public users i.e. customers will benefit from the following for free:

A personalized dashboard that offers functionality such as:

Favorite list

List of transactions

Appointment calendar

Personal and family shopping lists (shared and accessible from multiple devices)

Vacation planning chart

Personalized communication preferences, such as special notifications or location

Reward point tracking and management plug-in

The DigitalFlyer platform is adaptable and continues to evolve as we receive feedback from business members and their customers. It is with this production and exchange community that we have decided to grow the platform’s capabilities to create wealth and opportunity for our members and their customers. We invite you to continue reading as we introduce you to our Community Business Coin.

Technical Info Technical
Overview DigitalFlyer and CBC

User Interface and Communication

DigitalFlyer business members will manage and organize their tasks via a web interface available in all major web browsers. Basic tasks and communication will be carried out via the application interface.

Public user functionality will be available via the web and application interfaces. The application interface has been built into React Native for the fastest operation and mobile OS integration. This app is available on the iOS and Android stores.

All communication will be done digitally, utilizing blog posts, through the member’s back office which will keep business members and users up to date with our latest news. Our own integrated chat module will provide a real-time support platform where we can quickly respond to requests from business members and users. The social media platforms will be used to communicate news and public updates. The goal of all of our communication channels is to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for our business model. The ongoing acquisition of concerns will add further market value growth to DigitalFlyer, resulting in an increase in the value of CBC, which is linked as a tradable coin between DigitalFlyer’s business members and clients.

DigitalFlyer is a market leader in digital marketing and business support. The team strives to provide high quality service to businesses and their clients by streamlining the process of linking business to client and client to business. DigitalFlyer sources and provides the best business support partners, accounting systems and support services. We can offer this at an affordable price because we already have an active and operational platform, providing quality and focus on quantity.

Now, DigitalFlyer has gone a step further by introducing our Community Business Coin and Initial Coin Offering. We create a space where our business members and their customers can generate wealth by participating and trading with CBC on our existing platform. We invite you to take part in our CBC ICO during our 12 month cycle and reap the potential benefits of an estimated 3000% growth on your initial purchase or the value of your CBC at the end of the ICO. Also, you can’t just increase your CBC share by referring customers, business partners and friends. Our common goal is more business, more profit and increase in ultimate wealth, transforming individual and one-person businesses to show a prosperous and self-reliant community.

Roadmap for Community Business Token
Exhibition Business Community

Regular exhibitions were held but due to covid-19, were postponed until further notice 

Platform HelpLift

The HelpLift platform was developed as part of a community drive and can be found at 

• DigitalFlyer and Community Business Token (CBT) •

You can trade on DigitalFlyer using FIAT (Government Currency) and Crypto DigitalFlyer bridging the gap between small to medium businesses and the crypto world by introducing its own digital coins which can be used to do business using CBT through the DigitalFlyer platform. Our CBT Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the beginning of a community-based cryptocurrency. The CBT has been structured and designed to not only attach itself to any currency in which business is conducted within the DigitalFlyer business platform, but will also be tradable on the more popular crypto exchanges. CBT will be available as a tradeble coin for goods and services on the DigitalFlyer network.

 Token Details •

  • Token Name: CBT
  • Total supply: 7 billion

• Token distribution •

  • 20000000000 For teams and members who participate and prize circulation
  • 50000000000 for public sales and bonus payments

• Additional details •

  • MVP / Prototype: Yes
  • Platform: ERC20
  • Category: Platform

Community Business Token Roadmap

Community Business Token Team

Follow CBT progress and latest updates via our Social Media channels and members Blog / News updates section:

by ; LordUdin link:;u=2579436



 Magic DeFi Platform for Deflation Governance and Lots of prizes For # 1 active User

What is Deflation?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which are known to have a fixed supply by default experience deflation. This provides some unique insights into the dynamics of inflation versus deflation.

Cryptocurrencies with a steadily decreasing supply on its blockchain are called deflationary cryptocurrencies. Deflation can be achieved by burning a certain percentage of minted coins, buying back and burning, buying back and holding, and much more.

With   Bitcoin  , for example, flexible mining difficulties and partial events warrant a deflationary characteristic to its network. For example, if you buy an item today with an amount of BTC “X”, in the future, you will buy the same item at a lower price because of the way the deflationary model works.

Advantages of Deflation Cryptocurrency

1.   This allows the company to avoid the circulation of unsold coins to the market

2.   Maximizing profits

3.   To improve the coin rating

4.   To avoid circulation of coins created through errors made in their issuance at the address of the smart contract

What is the Magic Balancer Protocol?

Magic Balancer is a deflationary governance DEFI token that rewards active users via the Smart Contract protocol, while seamlessly combining transactional rewards with liquidity rebalancing features.

Every Magic Balancer protocol is built to be 100% untrustworthy and requires no human interaction to keep it running. This ensures that all Magic Balancer protocols can run forever and are never shut down by the results of human intervention. It also means that as a token holder you don’t have to put your trust in any human for any reason.

What is an MGB Token?

MGB tokens are designed to be sustainable and maximize their value by actually deflating and encouraging users to be active by offering amazing rewards. Each reward distributed by MGB tokens never hurts the overall supply, this means that the growth of MGB tokens will never be hindered in any way.

MGB Token feature

  • The unique feature of MGB smart contracts allows certain addresses such as Uniswap pools or exchange wallets to be blocked from being charged.
  • In essence, MGB charges a 1% transaction fee and redistributes the fee to existing MGB holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction.
  • There is no team or central party to charge fees. There is no interface for claiming fees. You don’t need to take any action other than to store MGB in the wallet you control.

The MGB KEY mechanic ensures that uniswap prices continue to increase in value (Assuming neutral Market pressure). This is done by temporarily removing a portion of the liquidity from the MGB / ETH pair, buying the market MGB with ETH, then burning the entire remaining MGB. Basically rebalancing the Uniswap MGB / ETH pair and increasing the MGB value in relation to ETH.

The MGB token is very simple and has only two functions.

Function A

1% is added to liquidity on sales, purchases, and transactions. This allows us to continue to have liquidity to carry out Function B.

LP Prize

  1. Each time a function is called, all MGB of function one is distributed to the LP provider
  2. All you need to do to get this reward is provide liquidity.

Function B

  1. Buy and Burn Liquidity
  2. The function is available once an hour and can be called by anyone.
  3. Callers of the function will receive 5% of MGB as an incentive to spend Gas. (% 1 for BSC)

When the function is called:

  1. 2% of liquidity is removed
  2. liquidity is then broken down into ETH and MGB
  3. ETH market buys MGB
  4. 95% of the MGB was then burned
  5. 5% of MGB is sent to function callers (to incentivize the user’s exhaust gas, for BSC% 1)

To call the required Function the caller has a minimum of 200 MGB


If 150ETH @ $ 1500.00 is raised at the presale

  • $ 157,500 ~ 70% Liquidity On Listing
  • 2% LP Removed ~ $ 3,150
  • Split Into ~ $ 1,575 ETH & $ 1,575 MGB
  • 5% Of MGB Sent To Callers ~ $ 78.75
  • Convert ETH To MGB ~ $ 1,575
  • 90% Of MGB Burnt ~ $ 2,835

Value added

  • 1,575 Buy Market Eth
  • 2,835 MGB Burned
  • 3,150 Total Capital Rebalanced

These are the statistics of just one buyback, repurchases can occur up to 24 times per day. (With a minimum of 200 MGB tokens).

Why Binance Smart Chain Magic Balance?

Transaction fees are very low when compared to the same transaction fees on ethereum, a BSC transaction can be as low as 5 cents. Magic Balancer wants to give all MGB holders the opportunity to build a usable 2nd ecosystem despite the bottlenecks and costs that sometimes suffer when using the Ethereum blockchain.

BSC to ETH bridge on Magic Balancer:

Magic Balancer plans to launch its own MGB token bridge which will allow you to swap your BEP20 MGB for ERC20 MGB and vice versa. However, until this is done, you won’t be able to trade the entire chain.

Magic Balancer Swap Features:

  • Zero Swap Fee
  • 2% amount of slippage required
  • Internal 90 days LP lockout, read “getUserLock” function then enter MGB contract address and click query for LP unlock time.
  • Flashloan and Flashswap are protected, designed for user interaction only
  • No liquidity required for functionality.

Token $ MGBThe KEY $ MGB mechanic ensures that uniswap prices continue to increase in value (Assuming neutral Market pressure). This is done by temporarily removing a portion of the liquidity from the $ MGB / ETH pair, buying the $ MGB market with ETH, then burning the entire remaining $ MGB. Essentially rebalancing Uniswap’s $ MGB / ETH pair and increasing the $ MGB value in relation to ETH.This token is specifically designed to be integrated into the Necromancer ecosystem.The $ MGB token is very simple and has only two functions. Function A1% added to liquidity when selling, buying and txn ~ This allows us to continue to have liquidity to carry out Function B.LP Prize~ Every time function two is called, all $ MGB from function one is distributed to the LP provider.~ All you need to do to get this reward is to provide liquidity.After MagicSwap was releasedAll taxes go to the address to then be added to $ MGB / rETH on MagicSwapFunction BBuy and Burn LiquidityThe function is available once an hour and can be called by anyone.Callers of the function will receive 5% of $ MGB in incentives to spend Gas. (% 1 for BSC)

Magic Balancing Roadmap:

K1 2021Tokomic development and functionsContract development, front site and dAPP.Writing white paperPre-saltLaunch of MGB at Uniswap and Pankeswap.Start an impactful marketing campaignCommunity Development and Partnership Generosity CampaignK2 2021
ETH ~ BSC BridgeReliable project partnershipsK3 2021
Launch of MagicSwapCreating MGB DAO for ManagementTransfer of ownership based on management agreementK4 2021

Prepare a road map for 2022

When the function is called:2% of liquidity is removedLiquidity is then divided into ETH and $ MGBETH market buys $ MGB95% of the MGB was then burned5% of MGB is sent to function callers (to incentivize the user’s exhaust gas, for BSC% 1)

Tokenomics for ETH Chain300,000 MGB – Total Supply 150,000 MGB – Pre -Sale85,000 MGB – Initial Liquidity35,000 MGB – Marketing, Promotion and Community Engagement.30,000 MGB – Team TokensPresale – 1 ETH = 999 $ MGB ($ 1.9)Presale Max Buy = 3 ETH ($ 5,700)Initial Listing – 1 ETH = 799 $ MGB ($ 2.38) ~ 25% higher than pre-salePresale Hardcap = 30 ETH ($ 57,000)70% ETH (21 ETH – $ 39,900) is reserved for liquidity.20% ETH (6 ETH – $ 11,400) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex lists and expansion teams.10% ETH (3 ETH – $ 5,700 *) pre-sale referral reward.

Tokenomics for BSC300,000 MGB – Total Supply 150,000 MGB – Pre -Sale85,000 MGB – Initial Liquidity35,000 MGB – Marketing, Promotion and Community Engagement.30,000 MGB – Team TokensPresale – 1 BNB = 99 $ MGB ($ 2,5)Presale Max Buy = 30 BNB ($ 7,500) ~ No minInitial Listing – 1 BNB = 79 $ MGB ($ 3.16) ~ 25% higher than presalePresale Hardcap = 300 BNB ($ 75.000)70% BNB (210BNB – $ 52,500) is reserved for liquidity.20% BNB (60 BNB – $ 15,000) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex lists and expansion teams.10% BNB (30 BNB – $ 7,500 *) pre-sale referral reward.Magic Balancing CommunityOfficial Site:
by ; LordUdin link:;u=2579436



Knitted Financial Ecosystems To Define Using Synthetic and Cross-link Bridges

KnitFinance is a unique decentralized protocol that combines synthetics across multiple chains, Bridges and real-world markets with yield, lending, trading and margin services via smart contracts.

Knit.Finance is a large company that can be used both on a mobile phone and via an Internet Browser. Thanks to this Knit, you can assess your digital assets quickly and reliably. Knit’s mobile and internet interface aims to be one of the fastest. In this way, users will never miss an opportunity and can transact quickly and easily. Knit’s engineering infrastructure is so strong that millions of transactions can be executed precisely every second. It’s the only Knit on the stock market with advanced features and that’s what makes it so special. 


Knit.Finance bridges several non-Ethereum chains with wrapped tokens. Any asset can be leveraged on the Ethereum DeFi and implemented into led and liquid trading.

The Protocol You Deserve

Are you a non-ERC-20 token holder? How many times have you felt the need to convert your holdings into ERC-20 tokens to participate in DeFi? Being crypto enthusiasts and traders ourselves, that is one of the main obstacles we face. We believe in embracing multiple cryptos from multiple chains and not just one. We also believe in DeFi. But the two ideals never seemed meant for each other. So, we came up with a unique decentralized protocol that helped us and the crypto community to enter DeFi without ever leaving our holdings – the multi-chain bridge to DeFi.

Why Choose KNIT Finance?

Lend, Trade and Yield Farm with Any Asset

Knit.Finance creates tremendous opportunities for altcoin and Ethereum DeFi. The protocol feeds new assets into the highly liquid Ethereum network and allows them to be linked to opportunities to produce existing results.

Ethereum DeFi is growing and altcoins are generating new utilities.

Cross-Chain Bridges for Maximum Interoperability

Knit.Finance has created a proprietary bridge for transferring altcoins to the Ethereum network. This wrapped token is a unique form of synthetic asset that is supported 1: 1 by the altcoin represented.

Take advantage of the physical world with digital assets

Knit.Finance provides synthetic assets for exposure to physical world assets, providing new opportunities for portfolio diversification within Ethereum DeFi. Knit supports commodities, equities and fiat.


One Solution for All

Cross Chain

Knit.Finance stands at the forefront of interoperability by allowing altcoins to be transferred to Ethereum DeFi in a single UI.

Synthetic Assets

Knit.Finance makes equities, commodities and fiat accessible within Ethereum DeFi, allowing greater asset exposure to the crypto community.

Token Economy and token usage


Knit.Finance stands at the forefront of interoperability by allowing altcoins to be transferred to Ethereum DeFi in a single UI.

Pay the fee

Knit.Finance makes equities, commodities and fiat accessible within Ethereum DeFi, allowing greater asset exposure to the crypto community.

Protocol governance

Knit.Finance makes equities, commodities and fiat accessible within Ethereum DeFi, allowing greater asset exposure to the crypto community.

For more information and resources on Knit Finance, visit:





Linkedin :


Bounty Link: ; LordUdin link:;u=2579436



ARB Betting Platform For Cryptogeneration.

About Albetrage (ATE)

Albetrage (ATE), is a cryptocurrency built around Soccer to make it easy for all football lovers around the world to bet lucrative games. It is specially designed for soccer and all football lovers around the world. The Albetrage team aspires to modernize the operating system in the global football space and its related activities. Its main goal is to become a benchmark for Cryptocurrency in the global football space. The Albetrage Ecosystem (ATE) consists of several features which will be discussed extensively in this article. To facilitate football-related transactions, the platform has developed Albetrage (ATE) with many attractive features and a user-friendly interface. The Albetrage Ecosystem (ATE) has a rich variety of features that will attract many users around the world. The Albetrage Ecosystem focuses on building a strong digital economy in its App where the wealth of the community will be shared among the bettors. The Albetrage site will allow users to Sports-book, Stake, and earn revenue through Albetrage Odds revenue in the form (ATE) Coin which is the native token of the ecosystem.

 SPORTS BETTING   is a form of gambling that involves placing a bet, also known as betting, on the outcome of a sports event. it will all extend to non-athletic events, such as reality show contests and political elections. this is actually an ancient form of entertainment. It is thought that the first bet appeared at the same time as the first sporting discipline. Then people quickly came up with the idea that you could bet on certain events and even make money while having fun.

everyone loves sports betting, it enhances our social skills, serves as a form of leisure and
good entertainment. Sports betting aids in learning a new sport, creating opportunities and the potential to win big money is perhaps the biggest reason why people choose to bet. The Gambling Industry today is a large and growing company that is valued at over $ 449.3 billion and has created millions of jobs worldwide. still with all the countless benefits that come with sports betting, bettors today face a big problem when it comes to winning. The betting industry today is not only damaged, but exploitative as well. they operate on the promise of making bettors rich, but use every trick in their book to confuse and manipulate customers, costing them more than they earn.

Albetrage Benefits

Currently none of the platforms do what we do. Investing in Albetrage now Like investing in BTC when it first came out or in UNI or ETH, etc., this is an innovative project. As I said before, If you notice, since the first defi came out, everyone has done the same thing, which is why investors are no longer making much profit, but we are different, I know that soon, many projects will try to copy us but we the first will always be ahead. ATE will experience massive growth due to the problem that Albetrage is solving. We also have a betting application on the Albetrage platform that returns up to 16% interest on the wagered amount. Hundreds of millions of people around the world bet depending on luck, imagine what will happen when they hear about Albetrage where they can bet without losing. ATE is sure to witness a growth of over 4000%. thank you

What is Albetrage (ATE)?

 There are millions of bettors out there interested in following the live scores of various games, but there are billions of bettors following different clubs and players. This crowd of people is also interested in the social aspect of the club, and instead of just following live scores like other bettors, they even follow these clubs and players on social media like Facebook. The love of football has been directed to social media, but no app has yet been created solely for the purpose of football and their betting.

Albetrage is an anonymous arbitrage betting platform for Arbers that allows you to win whenever you place a bet and therefore, no need for kyc. It offers punters and individuals a blockchain-based platform where they can bet on sports without fear of losing.
It turns betting into a form of investment where returns are guaranteed.
Albetrage (ATE) is currently listed on the Vindax exchange, more exchanges are coming soon.
Albetrage is an anonymous sports betting platform for arbers. It uses the ATE Token, which is a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that is supported by a decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain to allow global access to its markets.

To win consistently, Bettors tries all kinds of tricks to beat the bookies, but we all know that Unfortunately, for one reason or another, most bettors end up losing their money. One of the reasons is that Most of the bettors place bets with emotion, bookmakers understand this fact. Even though the bookie cannot control the outcome of sports matches, they can control what most bettors do. They have mastered the art of using odds to confuse and manipulate bettors, indirectly making bettors choose what (bookies) they want to choose.

in the financial world, Arbing (Arbitrage), is the process of buying something (mostly an asset or product) and then immediately selling it on another market at a higher price to get an unbalanced price advantage. These are trades that take advantage of identical price differences. In sports, arbitrage is very similar to the world of finance, bettors take advantage of arbitrage bets by making use of the odd differences across multiple bookies for the same event. The essence of arbitrage betting is to cover all possible outcomes of a sporting event to guarantee a return, regardless of how the
event ends.



ALBETRAGE is committed to providing maximum value for its users. The moment we
intend to try to make this vision a reality, depends on quite a number of factors and carries considerable risk. This white paper is for informational purposes only.

TOKEN ATE TOKEN is the fuel of the Albetrage platform, it is a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that
is supported by the decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain to maintain the connection between the blockchain and its stakes. Token Ate will help Albetrage to break down the location barrier. The Ate token has become a major hindrance for many bettors around the world. it can be transferred peer to peer and easily traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. it tends to disrupt the way the gambling industry operates due to the many advantages it has over fiat, some of which include

Token Details

There is no alternative text for this image


  • 5% Airdrop and Bounty
  • 5% Legal
  • 10% Team and Advisors
  • 30% Marketing and Adoption
  • 50% Foundation


Follow us as we continue to implement our strategic plan to make Albetrage a success

June 2019 – Completed

  • Concept Ideas
  • More team members
  • Consultation.

December 2019 – End

  • The Albetrage Foundation was formed
  • White paper
  • More consultations

May 2020-End

  • Platform and Website Development
  • Chatbettor Partnership
  • More consultations

October 2020 – End

  • The meal token is made
  • Website Launching
  • Social media presence

In Progress – In Progress

  • Airdrops and gifts
  • Translation campaign
  • Social media campaigns

Coming soon – Coming soon

  • Platform Gamification (dice, casino, lottery, etc.)
  • More airdrops

Soon – Hold on

  • Eat personal sales
  • Register on an exchange
  • Betting campaign
  • Launch of the Albetrage Platform

Soon – Hold on

  • Advertising marketing
  • Organic SEO Search Engines and paid marketing
  • More exchange lists

Soon – Hold on

  • Migrating to the Albetrage blockchain
  • Team expansion
  • Full decentralization

Soon – Hold on

  • Mobile and desktop wallets
  • More partnerships
  • Venture capital funds
  • More idea implementation

Learn again:

● Website:

● Website:

● Whitepaper:

● Twitter:

● Facebook:

● Telegram:

● Youtube:

by ; LordUdin




Review BucksCake is a DeFi protocol that aims to provide maximal recoil of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Hello all. On this occasion I will explain a very extraordinary project and this project will provide a solution for all of us. And in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, friends, not all business sectors have been affected by friends, but some are increasingly showing an increase in terms of income. One of them is the DeFi project. This project was developed in 2019.

This can be done by DeFi because the smart contract technology behind it allows developers to build functionality that is much more sophisticated than simply sending or receiving digital currency. DeFi can be a global alternative to any financial service in use today. For example, savings, loans, trade, insurance and others can be accessed by anyone in the world only by using a smartphone and an internet connection.

What is BucksCake?

BKC is a DeFi protocol that aims to provide maximum weaknesses to the Ethereum ecosystem for everyone with access to the internet. BKC is unique in that it provides a completely secure and transparent experience as evidenced by its smart contracts and strong token system. BKC offers a wide range of services, from betting and agricultural produce, which are accessible to users on the unified BucksCake platform.

BucksCake privilege

  • ULTRA – LIQUID:  Users are interested in placing their tokens with Uniswap liquidity provider. Commissions from these tokens are processed. This commission percentage is distributed according to an autonomous strategy, such as the liquidity of LP tokens, and is converted into a buyback (ETH-BKC) (increasing the price). Every BKC token purchased will be sent to the staker / farmer.
  • INFLATION RESISTANCE:  BKC has a strong impact on every token. Every time BKC tokens are transferred, a small commission is charged directly by the farmers. This mechanism of action promotes maintenance and agriculture. The maximum number of BKC tokens is 450,000 units. And there will never be more of them.
  • COMMUNITY CONTROLLED:  BKC holders will be able to vote on various proposals as long as they stake liquidity in the pool. The community will decide everything from developer fees and site design to access to certain farming options.

Agricultural product

Yield Farming, or as some call it Liquidity Mining, is a major pillar of DeFi’s progress in the blockchain space. Yield Farming is a way to collect income from invested funds. BKC Farming allows you to get rewarded for providing liquidity across multiple liquidity pools. Users will be given a guarantee of payment of Uniswap commissions. The amount of the prize depends on the number of tokens provided for pool liquidity. The more members who join the base, the less each member will receive in the long run. When you add liquidity to the pool, you receive UNIv2 tokens (BKC-ETH) for the wallet you use to add liquidity. This token is your access to the current farm pool on the BKC platform.


The BKC staking protocol allows users to stake ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, WBTC, BNB (ERC20) and of course BKC using a special Staking DApp. With a lockout period of 72 hours, users can immediately control their own tokens. The BKC Staking DApp can be found at: ssilka Unlike other platforms, BKC offers a fixed% return on their staked assets rather than offering an introductory high APR, which usually decreases over a period of time. Our cuts ensure long-term stability with the current state of the token structure and a limited amount of 450,000 BKC as there are no printing requirements in our token contracts.

Staking on our platform is designed to be as fast and easy as possible. With one lockout period of 72 hours, users can enjoy the benefits of staking on our platform. Users can withdraw their funds at any time after the lockout period has ended. Prizes earned can be collected without any commission, excluding current gas prices. The token staked on our platform will reduce the available circulating supply, which will have a positive impact on the BKC price.

Vault Returns

Part A user: (UNI-V2 is kept by you, I am contracting the total balance of UNI-V2) For example if there are 9,000 UNI-V2 (BKC / ETH) tokens collected in this Vault, and the user deposits 1000 UNI-V2. The total balance of token contracts collected by UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) is 10,000. And User A’s current share is: 1000 / 10,000 = 10% If user “B” deposits another 10,000 UNI-V2 (BKC-ETH) Tokens collected into this vault, the total balance of the UNI-V2 Token (BKC-ETH) contract is collected to 20,000. User A’s new share becomes: 1000 / 20,000 = 5% If 200 BETH2 tokens are distributed to this vault per month, User A’s earnings will be 200 x his share in% In 5% share, his earnings will be 200 x 5% = 10 BETH2.


The initial BKC will be distributed during the pre-sale event, where a portion of the ETH received will be exchanged with the BKC that shipped its first “price pump” project. After the pre-sale ends, unsold BKCs will be distributed among users as a one-time subsidy. As indicated earlier, the BKC has no mining capability, the BKC limit (450,000) is fixed forever. There’s no way to release more BKCs. The part of the unsold BKC will be used to add liquidity to other DEX platforms such as SushiSwap, and some of this will be distributed as an Airdrop to the first investors and media partners and some will be burned.

Token BKC

BKC is an ERC20 token and is used in every service available at BucksCake. The maximum supply is 450,000 BKC tokens. Tokens are deflational and the burning mechanism will destroy tokens that are being cultivated and staked after a while, leaving the final token amount (450,000-90,000) tokens. In total, up to 90,000 tokens will be removed from the ecosystem and reports will be published in our community.

Token Distribution

Initial BKCs will be distributed during a pre-sale event, during which a part of the received ETH will be swapped for BKC giving the project its first “price pump”. After the pre-sale ends, Unsold BKCs will be distributed between users as a one-time subsidy. As marked earlier, BKC doesn’t have mining capability, the BKC cap (450,000) is fixed forever. There is no way to release more BKC. Part of unsold BKCs will be used to add liquidity to other DEX platforms such as SushiSwap, and some of them will be handed out as Airdrop to first investors and media partners and some will be burned.

Token Staking

The BKC staking protocol allows users to stake ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, WBTC, BNB(ERC20) and of course BKC using a specialized Staking DApp. By a locking period of 72 hours, users can directly control their own tokens. The BKC Staking DApp can be found at: ssilka Unlike other platforms, BKC offers a fixed % return on their staked assets rather than offering an introductory high APR, which usually diminishes over a while. Our deductions guarantee long-term stability with the current state of the token structure and a limited amount of 450,000 BKC as there is not a mint provision in our token contract.

Staking on our platform is designed to be as fast and understandable as possible. With a single lockup period of 72 hours, users can enjoy the benefits of taking on our platform. Users can withdraw their funds with the received profit at any time after the end of the lockup period. Earned rewards can be collected without any commissions, excluding the gas price at a present time. Staked tokens on our platform will decrease the available circulating supply, which will have a positive impact on the BKC price.

Yield farming

Yield Farming, or as some call it Liquidity Mining, is the main pillar of DeFi’s advancement in the blockchain space. Yield Farming is a way to accumulate income from invested funds. BKC Farming allows you to earn rewards for providing liquidity in various liquidity pools. Users will be provided with guaranteed payouts from Uniswap commissions. The amount of the reward depends on the number of tokens provided for the liquidity of the pool. The more members join the pool, the less each member will receive in the long term. When you add liquidity to the pool, you receive a UNIv2 (BKC-ETH) token for the wallet you use to add liquidity. This token is your access to the current farming pool on the BKC platform.

Vault Returns

User A’s Share: (UNI-V2 deposited by you I contract total balance of UNI-V2) For example if there are 9000 UNI-V2 (BKC/ETH) Pooled tokens in this Vault, and a user deposits 1000 UNI-V2. The contract’s total balance of UNI-V2(BKC-ETH) Pooled tokens becomes 10,000. And User A’s share now is: 1000 / 10,000 = 10 % If user “B” deposits 10000 more UNI-V2(BKC-ETH) Pooled tokens to this vault, the contract’s total balance of UNI-V2(BKC-ETH) Pooled tokens becomes 20,000. User A’s new share becomes: 1000 / 20,000 = 5% If 200 BETH2 tokens are distributed to this vault per month, User A’s earnings would be 200 x his share in % At 5% share, the earnings would be 200 x 5% = 10 BETH2

BKC Token

BKC is an ERC20 token and is used in every service available on BucksCake. The maximum supply is 450,000 BKC tokens. The token is deflationary and the burning mechanism will destroy the tokens that are on farming and staking after a while, leaving the final number of tokens (450,000–90,000) tokens. In total, up to 90,000 tokens will be removed from the ecosystem and a report on this will be published in our communities.

BKC Token Allocation

Pre-sale: 94,500 BKC – 21%
Community: 135,000 BKC – 30%
Staking: 90,000 BKC – 20%
Liquidity Lock: 90,000 BKC – 20%
Marketing: 9,000 BKC – 2%
Team: 22,500 BKC – 5%
Reserve: 9,000 BKC – 2%

Stable Profit Cloud Mining

For the last year, miner’s earnings have grown significantly. Our platform allows you to get profit from mining without additional equipment.

Buckscake Road MapQ1
Pre-sale of BKC creations
Launch of Staking and Farming Pool
Key of
ListingLiquidity Marketingon Exchange
Cloud Mining LaunchQ2 Marketing  AuditETH 2.0BKC Burn & BuybackBet 

Audit of the
Electronic TradePartnershipfor
Agricultural ExpansionQ4
Partners / Marketing
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