The first social trading platform developed by Professional Traders

Hello everyone, viewers of this new publication that I want to present about a very interesting and good project called Tycoon, and for more details, we can simply go to the following discussion: About Tycoon 
Tycoon: the first social trading platform developed by professional traders. If you are reading this, you might be looking for a social trading platform that focuses on Crypto. And you might have tried a number of solutions that didn’t satisfy you. That’s where Tycoon came from.As a professional trader, the founder of this project has evaluated all social trading platforms that are available for personal use, but cannot find a solution developed by considering traders. Most existing solutions do not meet the needs of professional traders. As a result, there is weak adoption and limited use for retail traders. Our goal is to completely change this game.

If you have less than 2 years experience in this market and are not familiar with historical price analysis, market dynamics, macro trend analysis, risk management (to name a few), there is a high degree of possibility that you don’t have instant success. Get profit through trading in this market. The most likely scenario is that after the first year of operation you will lose, even though you allocate a large part of your day to understand market dynamics and make better decisions to move forward.

Therefore, this is also the reason why there is an increasing demand in this market for trading platforms that allows you to reduce the risk of following a successful trader. Traders who are not interested in sharing strategies on the basis of the following, but do not mind being transparent about their exchanges so followers can copy their exchanges and intensify their play in the process.• How does it work?Trading in Cryptocurrency is far more profitable than traditional stock trading with currencies, because trading on Cryptocurrency can be done by anyone and does not require experienced traders. In addition, trading on Cryptocurrency is much easier to generate profits. Only by using mobile phones and computers, you can already do this trade. Therefore, due to the large public interest in trading on Cryptocurrency, a trading platform is needed that allows you to reduce risk and follow in the footsteps of successful traders. Because based on some research, successful traders have special rights and are professionally trained.

How does Tycoon ensure adoption?

Because each operator has his own style and set of tools, we want to do more than just project our own needs on the platform. Before starting to develop the platform in 2018, we talked with hundreds of traders and created a profile of functions based on their contributions. The result is the most complete solution proven when looking at comparison charts. Tycoon is the only solution with default margin trading that is very important for Pro Traders. But this is where it starts.

Why Tycoon?

Manage your own investment in selected exchanges. API connections are secured in real time. This platform was developed with the highest security standards. 
Investment is never saved on the platform. Investment has never been saved at Tycoon. Followers can freely allocate a portion of their volume to each chosen trader and arrange for individual loss cessation. Selection of several operators allows investment diversification to optimize the management of your portfolio. To ensure that all users have a safe experience, this platform was developed with the highest security standards and under continuous evaluation through individual algorithms.

Tycoon Platform

Explore a growing array of cryptocurrency and automatically copy the underlying assets of the professional traders in our community.

Create your portfolio and enjoy the safety and benefits of the biggest exchanges in one place. 
Explore a growing array of cryptocurrency and automatically copy the underlying assets of the professional traders in our community. Create your portfolio and enjoy the safety and benefits of the biggest exchanges in one place.

copy Followers can copy investment strategies from professional traders without trusting their investments to unknown third-party institutions.

Trader’s secrets Traders are classified based on a number of characteristics and can be ordered by followers in any way they wish.

Confidentiality of followers
Followers also have the option to operate on the platform anonymously.

Profitable Followers
Successful traders benefit from their followers adding investment without having to manage it themselves.

Without additional effort
Traders benefit from returning their followers in proportional investment, without much additional effort.

Privacy protection
All users have the option to work with aliases to protect their privacy.

Protection and security
Safety is our top priority. Some security algorithms ensure that attempts at intentional manipulation or misuse of the market are avoided before they emerge. KYC, 2FA, email verification, professional back-end security, outsourcing of confidential user data, security algorithms and the use of existing exchanges make trading with Tycoon safe.•Vision and missionBy ascertaining the needs of traders, Tycoon began developing the Platform in 2018. And after experimenting based on the available timeframe, both the shorter timeframe and the higher timeframe, the conclusion was found on the problem, namely by selling news and information about the intended trade make money. Because by using the Tycoon Platform, a trader can easily copy and follow trading methods carried out by professional traders. Namely by copying trade transactions conducted by professional traders with just a few clicks, then you already understand how to trade with professionals through a list of transactions. Because Tycoon is a trading platform designed by traders and for the benefit of traders.• Token DetailsName: TycoonSYMBOL: TYCBlockchain: ERC-20Max supply: 140 millionICO price: $ 0.10• Token Distribution

• Token Allocation

• Feature:

  • Optimal Support in Choosing TradersTycoon is very concerned about the future of the traders. Because by regulating trades, and data records prepared by Tycoon are available to potential followers. Because by implementing a transparent system, Tycoon also uses methods that are public and can be seen by other traders about the statistics applied, and how the work is done by professional traders, so that new traders can view data through social media platforms.
  • Flexibility in FollowingFor traders who have registered on the Tycoon Platform, have the right to get the same service and have the right to decide what steps to take later in trading. Here Tycoon is free to make decisions about what the trader wants to do, whether he wants to continue trading and he can follow other traders with one click. However, if the merchant is not satisfied, but does not stop to subscribe, then the subscription will be extended for one month. And if followers are not satisfied with the results obtained during the subscription, followers are free to cancel the following. All this is done to give traders a sense of transparency for the purpose of providing mutually beneficial results of course.
  • Stop-LossUsing the Algorithm system, where the stop-loss function is to decide whether the initial capital will be exchanged back to the base currency. So this aims to avoid losses among traders. Because if the open market price experiences offspring, the capital allocated by traders can still be maintained. Because stop-loss can be adjusted by each trader individually, and stop-loss represents a security aspect that includes the initial capital spent by traders.

• RoadMap

• Founder

• Team

• Advisors

More info immediately join their community through several linksWebsite:  https://tycoon.io/Whitepaper:  https://www.tycoon.io/whitepaper.pdfFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Tycoonio-1082428378632504/Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tycoon.io/Twitter:  https://twitter.com/tycoonTelegram:  https://t.me/Tycoon_OfficialLinkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/tycoonio/about/Github:  https://github.com/tycoonAnnThread:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165235/by ; LordUdin
link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436
Ethereum address: 0xA46f84799AE03bfe807145631fA818507D2d5664#Tycoonio #Tycoon #Social #trading #blockchain #crypto #cryptotrading

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