Eternalcoin (EIS)

Eternalcoin (EIS)

Ethereum platform that meets all modern standards

Eternalcoin (EIS) is an ERC20 based token to be used in connection with the Eternal Inc Network. EIS works both for trading cards and participating in tournaments. With the introduction of EIS on the existing Eternal Wars platform, we intend to offer virtual goods on the Blockchain, reduce fraud and high costs and create an innovative gaming experience with real value. With EIS, we will have access to the following:

Market ProblemsLicense IssuesGamers don’t have cards, only licenses to use them. Virtual goods are basically only licensed to gamers, and these items are often only available for use on proprietary platforms. In fact, they can even be manipulated, lost, or returned with a little help for the user.The problem of fraud
The card’s authenticity is unknown. Based on estimates, for every legitimate virtual purchase made, around 7.5% of virtual items are lost due to fraud. It is common knowledge that assets stored and managed online are often subject to manipulation or chargebacks. This means that traders have to deal with additional burdens, and scammers damage the reputation of the game.Liquidity Card Problems cannot be easily sold or traded with little or no assistance to users. Issues of Constant Expenditures, High Costs, and Slow Transactions Spending on new expansion. Developing platforms to manage virtual goods is often time-consuming and expensive. The developer pays 30% to the platform. Game publishers and communities rely on third-party platforms for processing virtual goods transactions. Gamers often experience unclear cash flows, delays, and high transaction costs7
.The Problem of Centralization
Economic benefits do not lead to players. Virtual goods and digital currencies are usually locked for one game, and are not transferable. Also, if a player is banned, they can easily lose all their goods and currencies.Abadi Solution EOwnership
We give players the opportunity to own their assets on the Blockchain. This means that players can get and have cards by holding EIS.Immortality
The nature of the Blockchain makes records easily identifiable without any form of manipulation.
Card ExchangeWe create a user-friendly market; where users with EIS can buy and sell
decentralized cards. As a Blockchain based system, centralization will be eradicated.ABOUT EXTERNAL WAR
The first game of Eternal Inc. was called Eternal Wars. The idea of ​​Saul Syed, a diligent gamer, Eternal Wars is based on the popular Japanese Gacha theme. The original idea for the game was made in 2012. However, it took several years before the game produced results. This is due to the fact of finding the right team, through outsourcing and freelancers, to create that idea
proved difficult. In 2015 Saul decided to bring all work at home. First, hire staff in South Africa to create the initial assets needed and then source the programmer to bring everything together in the UK. This allows him to monitor every aspect of the game, from the algorithm to the functionality of each action and event. Eternal Wars is a fully functional cross-platform card game, released in March 2017 with currently more than 10,000 downloads on iOS and Android. Eternal Wars is a trading card game (TCG) in a mystical fantasy world that features live multiplayer online faction battles (PvP). This multi-player TCG game will allow you to manage and build your deck, fight with your deck, play online games, participate in the PvP Arena and more. This game is a free game to play where players can buy cards through in-app purchases. Players can freely exchange the cards they have in the game through our trading market. But because of the nature of the game, players don’t have their cards. This is what Eternal Inc. hopes to solve by introducing EIS. This token will allow users to print their cards in return for an EIS, which will give them real-world value. 75,000,000 EIS will be circulated in the Eternal Wars game. Players will also be encouraged to buy and sell tokens from the exchange where our tokens are registered. We will be looking to introduce special cards that can only be purchased with EIS. The number of these special cards will be limited, which in turn will increase in value over time. An example of this is something similar to Cryptokitties.The main objective of selling tokens is to increase capital for the development of the Blockchain architecture, web pages, related digital wallets to store tokens and future games. EIS can be spent on games, in-app purchases, card purchases, or tournaments. Tournament prizes are paid at EIS.


Starting: May 20, 2019Number of tokens sold: 195,000,000 EIS (65%)End: June 10, 2019Min Number of transactions: 1 ETH / 1 BTC / 1 LTCAccepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTCMax Number of transactions: N / AToken exchange rate: 1 ETH = 6000 EISMax Amount collected: 30,000 ETH


65% The main phase of the sales token25% Bonus Fund4% Project team4% Partners & consultants2% prize


30% game development30% Art and animation25% PR and marketing10% technical development5% other costs


July 2013The initial idea for Eternal WarsAugust 2015In-house development team created. Initial funds are collected through the personal savings of the founder, friends and familyMarch, 2017The global launch of Eternal Wars on the Appstore and PlaystoreQ3, 2019Start the development of the EIS economy into the Eternal War List on the exchangeQ1, 2020Work synchronizes data from the game server to the web wallet Start working on World of IseliaQ3, 2020Alfa releases World of Iselia – Create SDK on unity for pursesQ1, 2021Global launch of World of Iselia Development of Eternalcoin wallet Apply Eternalcoin to Iselia WorldQ3, 2022Launches the World of Iselia Begin esports working on Chaos Drive Sync Eternal Wars, World of Iselia and the Chaos Drive ecosystemTeam

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