new digital assets that provide a safe and comfortable transaction experience

About the project  CODEO was built using highly reliable, decentralized P2P technology. The platform token is the CODEO Token. With the help of Codeo Tokens, all transactions in the ecosystem are carried out. Also, this token is the main product and thanks to that, an enormous contribution was made to all of CODEO’s work. CODEO Tokens are developed using special, unique, and high-tech tools. This is the main difference from other tokens on the market. Therefore, CODEO Token creates a reliable and convenient digital ecosystem, which not only provides high security, but also protects the value for the token holder business. CODEO Token This will be used not only in the cryptocurrency world, but also in various other industries.
Code tokens can be obtained through IEO on CATEX (now), BINANCE, COINEAL, ARCHIDAX and others. and after IEO, you can also trade on the exchange, where our goal for the first year is 25 exchanges.

Codeo is a secure digital asset because it is based on decentralized and secure technology Ethereum ERC 20. Codeo continues to develop security technology by creating its own Blockchain network, which will be released at the end of August 2020.

Are there additional advantages to using the code?
acquiring Codeo, you get an additional profit in the form of an annual percentage of 2%, which accumulates from the guarantee amount of 1 dollar. and multiply by the number of tokens you have. and you will receive these benefits every June 7 and will be sent to your Codeo wallet

In addition to security, Codeo also has advantages such as a guaranteed minimum cost of $ 1, when when market conditions deteriorate, you get a guaranteed price of $ 1 and you can sell it at Archidax. that is, the company will be redeemed through archidax. on condition that the price of the token is less than 1 dollar

Codeo Tokens represent innovations and solutions from participants in the digital and blockchain markets, enabling transactions using valuable and guaranteed digital assets at cost and price. because codeo is designed for payment instruments and transactions for the present and future

CODEO Token feature1. Cryptoactive digital.  CODEO Tokens are digital crypto assets, can be stored like any other paper.2. Payment methods.  CODEO Tokens will be a reliable payment tool in the blockchain industry. Because of this, CODEO Tokens can be used anywhere in our world.3. Investment.  CODEO Tokens will be displayed in many famous crypto exchanges. Therefore, you can invest in it to get good profits in the future, and you can trade it at any time.4. Prices are stable  . The advantage of getting a CODEO Token is that if you suddenly buy a token for $ 1 and in the market the price somehow drops below $ 1, then you don’t need to panic, because you can sell it later at the same price, for what they bought, that is, for 1 dollar on the ARCHIDAX exchange.5. Additional fees of 2% per year.  CODEO token holders will receive an additional income of 2% per year each year. An amount of 2% will be automatically sent to your CODEO cryptocurrency wallet on the ARCHIDAX exchange.6. Availability of   CODEO Tokens  .  Because CODEO Tokens will be presented at many famous cryptoexchange, they can be easily traded. The team claims that only obtains CODEO Tokens 
About ARCHIDAXARCHIDAX exchanges cryptocurrency for trading crypto assets. This exchange is very simple and easy, and solves many of the different problems that traders and investors face when depositing and withdrawing into bank accounts.Benefits of ARCHIDAX1. Minimum commission.2. Reliable, transparent and safe.3. Supports around 7 currencies.4. Instant deposit and withdrawal of your funds.5. Large list of crypto assets.6. Possible IEO.7. Possible voting.8. Digital stocks.



InformationWebsite:   http://www.codeotoken.comTwitter: Link:  support @  /  busdev @ codeotoken.comlink:;u=2579436

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