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The PayAccept project is set up to overcome the problem of interaction between Blockchain Tech, traditional Finance and large people, thus creating a Digital Wallet for easy use and high security protocols. This will help the majority in un-banking more than thousands of people thus giving them alternative and decentralized fund management methods.Blockchain is a decentralized ledger. This is a computer network that has an identical copy of the database and changes its status (notes) into a collective agreement based on pure mathematics. All this means that there is no need for a central server or any entity that we trust (eg central bank, notary public, bank, Paypal, etc.). Blockchain is a technology base 

PayAccept brings the digital wallet management experience to the masses.


Individuals usually join the Blockchain economy through the use of cryptocurrency trading platforms and cryptocurrency wallets. However, someone must have access to a password, that is, a private key that allows one to engage in transactions in a digital infrastructure. The private key is a complex combination of characters that are difficult to memorize and act as an integral aspect of cryptocurrency ownership and management.Basically, the cryptocurrency wallet is an economic element of Blockchain and its basic digital infrastructure is designed for the sole purpose of allowing individuals to easily access, manage and transact in cryptoassets while remaining in full containment of funds without having to become a full node on the Blockchain network or relying on intermediaries to Key storage and personal assets.There are various types of wallets and various types of wallet functions. For example, there are paper wallets where the private key is written on a piece of paper and a hardware wallet where the private key is encoded. In fact, this type of wallet and tool is designed to be used by single individuals who manage their own funds. What if the funds belong to several individuals or business entities? What happens when the funds belonging to a legal entity change over time? How do we ensure that funds can be managed by related parties and remain protected and can be used if necessary?Multisignature smart contracts have been designed to overcome the above. This smart contract allows many people to manage crypto assets in their wallets in a safe way. A standard wallet only requires one private key to send funds vs.. several keys needed (for transactions above a certain threshold) with multisig contracts and smart wallets.There are various iterations and implementations of multisig technology. For example, there is Gnosis, an open source multisignature wallet that has been used to hold more than $ 2 billion in cryptocurrency without being broken. This is one of the most popular multisignature wallets and PayAccept can easily interact with it.Custodian services also exist for crypto currency management. Most cryptocurrency trading platforms act as custodians by providing their wallets to users to store and trade cryptoassets, although, management and access to private keys are maintained by the platform.Nonetheless, we at PayAccept believe that companies and individuals must maintain sole management of their funds and not place responsibility for managing private keys to third parties. This is due to the fact that if a third party fails or uses rogue mode, all funds can be lost. In addition, this contradicts the decentralized nature of Blockchain.In fact, on the other hand, basically becoming a self-owned bank or managing crypto assets in various wallets and digital currency exchange platforms requires a lot of responsibilities and difficulties. Basic mistakes can cause big losses.  all cryptocurrency, both Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.An important part of the blockchain is a smart contract, a piece of code stored on the blockchain network (in each participant’s database). This basically defines the conditions under which all parties use contractual agreements. Therefore, if the necessary requirements are met, certain actions are carried out. Because smart contracts are stored on all computers on the network, everyone must run them and get the same results. In this way the user can be sure that the results are correct.


Blockchain and Smart Contracts open many doors for new decentralized businesses and eliminate the need for expensive third parties. Many new companies are now working on this technology, and large companies are testing it in closed networks to collaborate directly with each other without the need for intermediaries.For this reason, there are many projects that have begun to use this new technology. However, not all of them are feasible. We have to read well for each project, what the whitepaper, qualified advisor, etc. As I said, blockchain technology has gained popularity because of the hype about cryptocurrency that has shaken many startups to launch their own cryptocurrency even without convincing fundamentals. This trend arises because newcomers are more agile in adopting emerging technologies compared to old players who are hampered by legacy systems. However, this competitiveness and profit enjoyed by new players may be short-lived, because no economies of scale are taken into account.Moving on to the topic, the project that I will present to you is   PayAccept   (  ), a single integrated platform for crypto and fiat assets. presentation


In more detail,  PayAccept   is a holistic blockchain platform that offers users a simple and integrated banking and encryption experience. This application handles the technical side so users can concentrate on their assets. PayAccept aims to modernize the way global citizens interact with traditional blockchain and financial technology by bringing digital portfolio management to the masses.

How it works

PayAccept provides a holistic blockchain platform that puts an end to the complexities of buying, selling, and using assets held through multiple accounts. The PayAccept network allows clients to exchange assets freely without worrying about the denomination. Payers and recipients of any transaction can choose their chosen assets, so clients can pay in Bitcoin to friends who ask for Euros. In addition, PayAccept uses the latest digital portfolio management standards, providing an intuitive design, powerful and fast features, and maximum security of funds.

Our mission

Instantly access all assets with security using the
PayAccept blockchain providing a holistic blockchain platform that provides users with encryption, and a simple and integrated banking experience. Our technical support allows you to focus on your assets.

Platform and single integrated blockchain interface.
Separate legal assets and crypto assets,
real-time asset exchange, and Fraud prevention access
using a comprehensive blockchain

Trade fiat and crypto in one interface

The PayAccept network gives customers the freedom to exchange assets without worrying about their denominations. Payers and recipients of any transaction can choose their chosen assets so that customers can pay in Euros to a friend who asks for euros.

Virtual Fiat is moved from A to B on the exchange. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain and automatically reflected in the corresponding customer’s limited currency bank account.
Transactions are recorded on the blockchain and automatically reflected in the corresponding customer’s limited currency bank account.

Use of capital

Control the European Union banks and improve the system.
Develop our crypto exchange with blockchain payments and PayAccept payment platforms.
Secure strategic investments in financial services, blockchain companies, and communities.

About PayAccept

PayAccept  Complete Solution For Banking, Fiat, Crypto, High Security Messenger, Defend Cellphones And Much More. PayAccept Follows Open Community Solutions And Has Issued A Quiet API For Developers Who Can Introduce Their Work To The Community And Get Approval For Participation In PayAccept.

Basic Token Information

Token NamePayAccept
Token SymbolPAY
Social MediaFacebook , Twitter , Telegram
Softcap$ 15,000
Hardcap$ 30,000
Token Price1 ETH = 1000 (+500) PAY


 Crowdsale Address 0x1Fe72034dA777ef22533eaa6Dd7cBE1D80bE50Fa
Symbol Token  PAY or PAYTPre-ICO:  12 June 2020 – 1 July 2020 (50% bonus)
ICO:  1 July 2020 – 1 September 2020. Period  can be extended!
Token Price (in ETH):  1 ETH = 1000 PAYAllocation of public sales: Can be  purchased above current inventory
Public vesting period:  Not applicable, immediately available after purchaseSoft- or Hard-stamp:  Soft stamp is PAY 1M, hard cap at  100M 
distribution Token:  InstantIEO  To be announced, we communicate with exchanges.

Token supply

Total supply,  Max 120M
Circulating Supply  Available after IEO


The 20M Team, Marketing, Development, Partners, Advisors, and the 5M Reserve Funds
Gifts, Promotions, and AirdropsPersonal sales vesting period:20% will be released after 6 months
50% after 12 months
100% after 24 months

Budget & Expenditures

30% Market Team and Management30% Development25% Marketing & Awareness15% Reserve

PAY Utility Token

Lower fees:  Enjoy discounts for all transaction feesPay ECOsystem:  Priority access to new features and informationGlobal VIP Invitation:  Participate in PAY forums and influence PayAccept strategiesPAYnode:  Use PAY to use PAYnode (more information will be provided)Crypto Supported Loans:  Use PAY to unlock savings & loansAirdrop:  Receive free airdrops for registered coins and tokensDiscounts:  Deploy services on the PAY network with discountsThe PAY token utility will continue to be expanded as PayAccept grows.After receiving an EMI license, PAY will convert this token into a share in the company.Roadmap

Achievement milestone achieved

April 14, 2020 Establishment of PayAccept and PayAccept StichtingApril 22, 2020 Launched the PAY token (ERC20) on the Ethereum blockchainMay 2, 2020 Launch of the PayAccept website  https://www.payaccept.net5 June 2020 PayAccept is officially accepted as an EU brand name12 June 2020 Starting from the pre-ICO tokensale


Please remember that if a soft cap is not achieved, we will not become an EMI, but only provide digital wallet services, without fiat gateways, and other financial instruments.July 2020  ICO / IEO tokensale (extendable)August 2020  Prepare EMI license with legal advisor (softcap only)August 2020  Purchase of an existing bank (hardcap only)September 2020  The official launch of the wallet on the PayAccept websiteSeptember 2020  Pre-registration for PayAccept Card (Visa / Mastercard)September 2020  Connect with third party exchanges for asset tradingSeptember 2020  Start integration with other financial institutions and banksOctober 2020  Launch of mobile wallet on iOS and AndroidOctober 2020  Launch your own digital asset network with PayNodesOctober 2020  Deploys the first terminal and payment card for end usersOctober 2020  PayAccept Integration with big tradersOctober 2020  Expanding with a minimum of 20 financial and digital assets (softcap)November 2020  Series A seed investment roundDecember 2020  Launch of Loans and DeFi LoansDecember 2020  Further expansion worldwide and services such as InsuranceNote: The above months may change, because for some services a license is required, and this can take longer than expected. However, this is an estimated global time that will be used to take the next step.

Teams, partners and advisors

Christiaan van Steenbergen | Founder & CEOEntrepreneurs Series from 2003 in the telecommunications, fintech, software development, and investment industries. More than 15 companies were founded and one of the founders of and the main developer of NEXT blockchain.Gleb Jout | Co-Founder & CSOEntrepreneurs with strong business backgrounds and a proven track record in management, communication, strategy and leading diverse teams. Co-founder of

For more information please click the link below:

Website: Telegram:
by ; LordUdin


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