Traditional investments are well underway  
2019 has been a tough year for developers of real countries where many projects are out of date. However, the situation could worsen in 2020.  
Real estate, along with other traditional investments, is no longer profitable in this unprecedented period. Trade, especially decentralized ones, is becoming a new form of profit taking. The decentralized market uses a variety of digital tools to transmit and display bid / ask prices in real time. Thus, buyers, sellers and dealers do not have to be in one place to carry securities. Lack of intermediaries can result in lower foreign exchange costs than in a controlled business network.
Decentralized trading is becoming increasingly popular 
In a decentralized market, technology allows investors to control one another and does not work on a centralized exchange. A virtual market that uses a decentralized currency or crypto currency is an example of a decentralized market.

Some believe that a decentralized market can significantly reduce the number of hackers, because they do not have a single source of information that can be implemented successfully. 
A decentralized market can pay attention to transparency between the parties, especially with the use of technology that guarantees mutually agreed upon information and data. 
Many customers of the virtual decentralized market see a lack of administrative control or the freedom of third party developers. 

CFD-the best trading method 
Forex, commercial options, cryptocurrencies and CFDs are the main trading methods between traders and investors. 
Among them, CFDs (contracts for difference) are usually the new markets of all the products listed above, and they only have a history of 20 years. However, since 2003, they really started to make their market and are now gradually becoming famous among traders of all levels.

The TradeToken solution for Blockchain  
technology continues to grow and the potential it brings is frankly unlimited. Our main goal is to become a factory for producing Defi products for daily use for businesses, governments and individuals with a safe ecosystem with us. Tradetoken is used as the main currency for all transactions. 
TradeToken Whitelabel Exchange  
This is our flagship blockchain product. It is a powerful whitelabel exchange where you can trade / exchange / exchange more than 150 standard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Eth, Xrp, Doge, Zec, Dash etc. It is fast, secure and decentralized. No kyc is required to make any transactions here. 
Tradetoken Market
Tradetoken Market is a high octane blockchain platform that brings together investors, buyers and sellers, enabling seamless and safe transactions. In the Tradetoken Market, users can enjoy lots of useful blockchain products and services to help them carry out daily transactions. Tradetoken as an official token of the Tradetoken Market will be used as the official currency to empower all products and services in the Ecosystem.

  • Reliable service
  • Low cost
  • Good security
  • Amazing Defi Application
  • Fast Speed ​​Transaction
  • First class support

Blockwire application
This is the first of its kind on the crypto market. It has all the regular features of most wallets like: storage, quick-swap, staking, and P2P, but there is one other major feature that makes it stand out from the rest. We call it TCS which stands for TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION SYSTEM. A transaction confirmation system is a system that helps confirm or approve crypto transactions. This is how TCS works; For example if Mr X sends crypto from his wallet to Mr Y’s wallet, the system will send a prompt to Mr Y first reminding him to accept the sent crypto then also another prompt to Mr X to approve or cancel the transaction. So with this system if you send crypto accidentally, you can easily cancel such a transaction, no need to be afraid of losing crypto by mistake anymore. This is an innovation that does not exist in the crypto world.


K2- 2020

Token Development

K3 – 2020

Private Sales, Pre-IEO Launches & Exchanges

K4 – 2020

Second Level Exchange & IEO List

K1 – 2021

Coinmarketcap & Top Level Exchange List

K2 – 2021

Launch of Blockwire Application

K3 – 2021

Launch of the Private Chain Mainnet

K4 – 2021

TTWakka, TTSports, Tradetoken Debitcard & TTSusu Mega Launch


Rowland Aneke – Blockchain CEO & Leader

Vivian Okwedy – Sales and Marketing Leader

Ajayi Eniola – Community Manager

Sunday Okon – Chief Advisor

Annamalai V – Blog & Content Author

Muhammad Ammar – WordPress Web Developer

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by ; LordUdin

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