ARB Betting Platform For Cryptogeneration.

About Albetrage (ATE)

Albetrage (ATE), is a cryptocurrency built around Soccer to make it easy for all football lovers around the world to bet lucrative games. It is specially designed for soccer and all football lovers around the world. The Albetrage team aspires to modernize the operating system in the global football space and its related activities. Its main goal is to become a benchmark for Cryptocurrency in the global football space. The Albetrage Ecosystem (ATE) consists of several features which will be discussed extensively in this article. To facilitate football-related transactions, the platform has developed Albetrage (ATE) with many attractive features and a user-friendly interface. The Albetrage Ecosystem (ATE) has a rich variety of features that will attract many users around the world. The Albetrage Ecosystem focuses on building a strong digital economy in its App where the wealth of the community will be shared among the bettors. The Albetrage site will allow users to Sports-book, Stake, and earn revenue through Albetrage Odds revenue in the form (ATE) Coin which is the native token of the ecosystem.

 SPORTS BETTING   is a form of gambling that involves placing a bet, also known as betting, on the outcome of a sports event. it will all extend to non-athletic events, such as reality show contests and political elections. this is actually an ancient form of entertainment. It is thought that the first bet appeared at the same time as the first sporting discipline. Then people quickly came up with the idea that you could bet on certain events and even make money while having fun.

everyone loves sports betting, it enhances our social skills, serves as a form of leisure and
good entertainment. Sports betting aids in learning a new sport, creating opportunities and the potential to win big money is perhaps the biggest reason why people choose to bet. The Gambling Industry today is a large and growing company that is valued at over $ 449.3 billion and has created millions of jobs worldwide. still with all the countless benefits that come with sports betting, bettors today face a big problem when it comes to winning. The betting industry today is not only damaged, but exploitative as well. they operate on the promise of making bettors rich, but use every trick in their book to confuse and manipulate customers, costing them more than they earn.

Albetrage Benefits

Currently none of the platforms do what we do. Investing in Albetrage now Like investing in BTC when it first came out or in UNI or ETH, etc., this is an innovative project. As I said before, If you notice, since the first defi came out, everyone has done the same thing, which is why investors are no longer making much profit, but we are different, I know that soon, many projects will try to copy us but we the first will always be ahead. ATE will experience massive growth due to the problem that Albetrage is solving. We also have a betting application on the Albetrage platform that returns up to 16% interest on the wagered amount. Hundreds of millions of people around the world bet depending on luck, imagine what will happen when they hear about Albetrage where they can bet without losing. ATE is sure to witness a growth of over 4000%. thank you

What is Albetrage (ATE)?

 There are millions of bettors out there interested in following the live scores of various games, but there are billions of bettors following different clubs and players. This crowd of people is also interested in the social aspect of the club, and instead of just following live scores like other bettors, they even follow these clubs and players on social media like Facebook. The love of football has been directed to social media, but no app has yet been created solely for the purpose of football and their betting.

Albetrage is an anonymous arbitrage betting platform for Arbers that allows you to win whenever you place a bet and therefore, no need for kyc. It offers punters and individuals a blockchain-based platform where they can bet on sports without fear of losing.
It turns betting into a form of investment where returns are guaranteed.
Albetrage (ATE) is currently listed on the Vindax exchange, more exchanges are coming soon.
Albetrage is an anonymous sports betting platform for arbers. It uses the ATE Token, which is a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that is supported by a decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain to allow global access to its markets.

To win consistently, Bettors tries all kinds of tricks to beat the bookies, but we all know that Unfortunately, for one reason or another, most bettors end up losing their money. One of the reasons is that Most of the bettors place bets with emotion, bookmakers understand this fact. Even though the bookie cannot control the outcome of sports matches, they can control what most bettors do. They have mastered the art of using odds to confuse and manipulate bettors, indirectly making bettors choose what (bookies) they want to choose.

in the financial world, Arbing (Arbitrage), is the process of buying something (mostly an asset or product) and then immediately selling it on another market at a higher price to get an unbalanced price advantage. These are trades that take advantage of identical price differences. In sports, arbitrage is very similar to the world of finance, bettors take advantage of arbitrage bets by making use of the odd differences across multiple bookies for the same event. The essence of arbitrage betting is to cover all possible outcomes of a sporting event to guarantee a return, regardless of how the
event ends.



ALBETRAGE is committed to providing maximum value for its users. The moment we
intend to try to make this vision a reality, depends on quite a number of factors and carries considerable risk. This white paper is for informational purposes only.

TOKEN ATE TOKEN is the fuel of the Albetrage platform, it is a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that
is supported by the decentralized TRC-20 smart contract on the Tron blockchain to maintain the connection between the blockchain and its stakes. Token Ate will help Albetrage to break down the location barrier. The Ate token has become a major hindrance for many bettors around the world. it can be transferred peer to peer and easily traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. it tends to disrupt the way the gambling industry operates due to the many advantages it has over fiat, some of which include

Token Details

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  • 5% Airdrop and Bounty
  • 5% Legal
  • 10% Team and Advisors
  • 30% Marketing and Adoption
  • 50% Foundation


Follow us as we continue to implement our strategic plan to make Albetrage a success

June 2019 – Completed

  • Concept Ideas
  • More team members
  • Consultation.

December 2019 – End

  • The Albetrage Foundation was formed
  • White paper
  • More consultations

May 2020-End

  • Platform and Website Development
  • Chatbettor Partnership
  • More consultations

October 2020 – End

  • The meal token is made
  • Website Launching
  • Social media presence

In Progress – In Progress

  • Airdrops and gifts
  • Translation campaign
  • Social media campaigns

Coming soon – Coming soon

  • Platform Gamification (dice, casino, lottery, etc.)
  • More airdrops

Soon – Hold on

  • Eat personal sales
  • Register on an exchange
  • Betting campaign
  • Launch of the Albetrage Platform

Soon – Hold on

  • Advertising marketing
  • Organic SEO Search Engines and paid marketing
  • More exchange lists

Soon – Hold on

  • Migrating to the Albetrage blockchain
  • Team expansion
  • Full decentralization

Soon – Hold on

  • Mobile and desktop wallets
  • More partnerships
  • Venture capital funds
  • More idea implementation

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