SAFU Network

 SAFU Network is a decentralized recording project with the Charity program

Advanced forms of monetary use ‘decentralized controls’, implying that they are not required by a single individual or government. This varies for ‘concentrated’ electronic money and commercial banks. The control of any computerized cash works via scattered records or trade summaries shared by everyone, usually the blockchain, which serves as a collection of trading information regarding public money. Bitcoin, first introduced as open source programming in 2009, is sometimes referred to as fundamental decentralized cryptographic cash.

The decentralized notes universe revolves around the fusion of standard bank organizations with blockchain development. After the storm in August 2018, the business has garnered strong results and a value of over $ 67.65 billion. Nearly 30 of the 100 best cryptocurrencies currently located by market capitalization have a similar feature in the DeFi project overview. This number is likely to continue to increase as more monetary benefactors fill the market. If you are nervous about entering a market, or sinking your ties further into it now is the perfect opportunity.

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SAFU NETWORK is a decentralized finance project with an integrated Charity program that allows users to access transparent loans, insurance contracts, joint investments, and more for financial freedom that allows not only to convert inefficient money into efficient money, but to do it in a safe way. Safu Network Charity Program will help fight back poverty and help vulnerable groups of people to survive, with this program, we aim to allocate 2% of Safu Network profits to charity programs. That’s why SAFU is here for you.

The SAFU network has the world’s safest cryptocurrency & a Fiat Compatible wallet, a multi-functional wallet containing high yield farms and static betting pools that help you to Store, send, receive, buy, sell, exchange and stake for passive income quickly and secure all the advantages of other wallets and centralized / decentralized exchanges, but you keep full control of your funds in your SAFUWALLET by Saving your seed phrase, you have control over your funds and with Secure Network, Funds are SAFU.

Why choose us

At Safunetwork, we are separating a feature where customer theory will return a profit, by trading like in a customer base some merchants will use our Token as a serving means once our Safuwallet is active and we will have an elective SafuPay where you really need to use # Your SAFU, about everything. Our pool of experts has been set up to manage, plan, advance, develop the task of ensuring that customer assets and adventures pay off and are Guaranteed, not for the short term but for stable profits on protracted premises.

At SAFU Network we intend to continue to show you some of the Miracles in what we do, we also plan to develop phenomenal endeavors that every one of you will love and call his family to join as soon as possible, we will send you our strong live structure 1.0 from the Site our website with fundamental yet powerful features ahead, don’t let us go because we agree to give you what you need, it’s because we understand that good things are not done quickly but require critical speculation.

The SAFU network has the world’s most secure computerized money Fiat Compatible Wallet, a multi-working wallet that contains growing amazing results and static check pools that help you Store, send, get, Buy, sell, exchange and stake for robot income fast and safe with all the potential advantages of alternative wallets and unified / decentralized exchanges, however you are in full control of your resources within your SAFUWALLET by Saving your Seed articulations, you have control over your resources and with the Secure Network, the Fund is SAFU.

SAFU NETWORK believes that you will respect our goods and we intend to keep your treasure growing, we will similarly send our Presale to collect resources for each of those developments, remembering without you we are nothing, but together- as much as we can, we need to gather resources to develop a task that everyone wants to be important, we do our best to use our own savings. After all, it is an ideal opportunity to be assisted by our financial backers,

1. 1.0 delivery site structure,

2. Bargain

3. Post at every CEX 3–4 chance after the Presale, you can’t really tell that this stays on to check out and see magic.

4. Continued promotion and massive progress to ensure our business is known worldwide

5. To help a class of helpless people around the world by assigning 2% of the Safu network’s profits to this reasoning program

6. To develop our work to the ultimate level, we hope and guarantee that your assets will not confuse anyone but produce what you expect from us.

7. We will continue to make the forecast to meet you.

Upcoming Features

  • SafuWallet & SafuPay
  • Dex
  • Swap
  • Liquidity
  • Pool
  • Charity
  • Dice game

Token Information:

DESIMAL rank: 18
PENAWARAN Maximum: 15.000
adresse Kontak ranks DI BINANCE SMART Chai (BSC): 0x3b529e373fa083a6e4f8d199a002ac4f7074f586


More information: Website:
Medium:   http: / /
Reddit: / safunetwork
Ann Thread:

by ; LordUdin


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