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But before going any further, I want to tell you first about Cryptoqurrency or Blockchain Technology. So, Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to be able to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. Satoshi who is the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is prone to manipulation and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects are consistently emerging in the crypto industry with high return investments and continuous trends,  such as TFStoken is one of the projects that will attract a large market investment. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity. 

What are TFS tokens?
 Before going any further, I will explain first about the TFS Token and also what its purpose is. So, what is meant by TFStoken is a type of digital currency that has unique characteristics and interesting features. The main function of the FTS token is as an alternative payment method on the Fairspin platform, replacing our current loyalty program and is safe to use. on the other hand every User has the right to transfer, withdraw or exchange TFS for fiat at any time.

Key Points of TFS tokens
 TFS is an ERC20 token.
TFS is a deflationary token with limited supply, meaning it offers a limited total token supply and regular monthly buybacks where a certain percentage of tokens are withdrawn from circulation.

Truemining tokens are allowed. TFS tokens will be credited to all players at the end of the playing day as a reward for playing.

TrueStaking tokens will be available via the TruePlay widget on the platform dashboard.

The token issuance is governed by a smart contract which will generate a number of TFS tokens based on the current exchange price and daily GGR. What is Fairspin?
 We have always seen blockchain as the next step in our evolution towards openness and security as a platform. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to partner with TruePlay to help us mark our loyalty program and introduce our own token that will circulate within the platform.

TruePlay is a secure business tokenization platform that will give us access to its ecosystem and open up new possibilities for us and players by releasing TFS tokens.

Business Features and

Playing Opportunities
Mine TFS tokens to
keep playing at Fairspin

Use the trueStake option
for TFS multiply

Securities tokens
withdraw, buy or sell

Benefits of TFS Token


Players can get TFS Tokens just by playing FAIRSPIN and holders can also add TFS Tokens by risking Games which is very stable for players and investors. Only by staking your TFS Tokens you are entitled to double all your tokens. and as a reward for players and investors who can bet more than 37.5%/year, for me this is a very fair and profitable bet,. and for prizes your TFS Tokens will be directly credited to your account after you place or bet. You can exchange the results on Uniswap.



Token Allocation

Token allocation is divided into 4 stages:


Stage 1

Distribution of TFS will begin with 3 rounds of Private Sale, Pre-Sale and Dutch Auction with a limited supply of 15 million tokens listed for sale.

Token price on each round will be set at:

0.1$ on Personal Spin

0.15$ on Pre-Sale Round

At Dutch Auction prices start from 1$ with 0.2$ as reserve price.

Stage 2

After the token sale is completed, the pool of 10–20% of tokens sold at auction will be transferred to Uniswap with the final auction price increasing by 50–100%.

Stage 3

The token staking program is opened via the FairSpin dashboard where you can store your tokens for profit

Betting options

1 day — 1% prize pool from FairSpin GGR

3 days — 3% prize pool from FairSpin GGR

7 days — 8% prize pool from FairSpin GGR

Stage 4:


The token distribution program will be announced with limited emissions up to 20% instantly and 2% weekly, which users can claim at any time.



TFS is a digital currency that will serve as an alternative payment method within the platform and will open up new opportunities to reward players for actively playing and using TFS tokens within and beyond the boundaries of the platform. Our partnership with TruePlay has helped us mark our loyalty program as well as introduce new features to the platform that will attract new users globally. We are excited to invite you all on this journey with us and lead the way towards the future of Fairspin crypto. I also believe that this project can achieve great success in the future.


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