DACX  the next generation of exchanges that seek to improve its competitors in the Exchange arena in the areas of security, compliance, and speed. 


DACX  is  the next generation of exchanges that seeks to increase its competition in the Exchange arena in the areas of security, compliance, and speed. Not only that, but he will make a list of STOs and the fractionation and labeling of traditional goods such as real estate and precious metals.


Digital assets and exchange of goods use artificial intelligence and high-performance computing technology that is optimized to provide an efficient, secure and compatible market for product solutions for institutional and retail customers. Our emphasis is on the fractionation of all forms of assets and goods through tokenization. To provide more opportunities to include all types of investors, which in turn adds extra liquidity to this traditional market.

DACX, a London-based fintech / blockchain startup located in a well-known technology accelerator known as LEVEL39. The DACX project was prepared during Q3 2018, with a vision to enable the exchange of the next generation of digital assets, which uses machine learning and DLT to provide a safe and compatible market. Dacx’s goal is to provide a platform for primary and secondary markets beyond traditional cryptocurrency, entering the world of securities and tokenized goods.DACX bridges the gap between physical goods and digital assets by encouraging the reuse of scarce resources to manage the global cycle economy. With advanced security features, DACX implements real time machine monitoring for market surveillance to prevent suspicious activity and security threats and uses KYC / AML on-boarding for its customers.Since the creation of DACX, there has been a long way to go, our MVP was launched in January 2019, as a result the team decided not to seek external funding for the project at an early stage. This proved to be influential in driving.

  • An independent environment that provides clearer strategy and development;
  • Creativity and innovation must be accelerated and risky;
  • More attention to our customers.

This enables organizations to stay focused and relevant in relation to the changing regulatory landscape and investor tastes for ICO.
Global Regulatory Exchange PlatformDigital Asset & Commodity Exchange utilizes artificial intelligence and high-performance computing technology to optimize, secure and present markets in accordance with product solutions for institutional and retail customers. We focus on the classification of all forms of assets and goods through tokenization. Liquidity is added to this traditional market to provide more opportunities for investors of all types.DACX bridges the gap between physical goods and digital assets, facilitating the reuse of limited resources, which leads to a global economic circle. By hosting advanced security features, DACX implements machine learning for real-time market surveillance, prevents suspicious activity and security threats, and improves KYC / AML orientation for clients.Financial ExclusionsFinancial exclusion is the process by which people struggle to access or use financial services and products in key markets that suit their needs and enable them to lead a normal social life in their community.Bad customer supportCustomer service is the heart of every business, and companies that consistently provide poor customer service can stop your business. Today’s customers have many choices and will depend on their competitors if their service experience is poor. Whatever your business type, your customers always want to hear and be treated.


This alliance consists mainly of leaders of more than 70 industrial organizations. As DACX CEO, Chaudhary shared his thoughts on joining:Based on diverse backgrounds from risk analysis, quantum financing, machine learning, commercial real estate, and also recently, as the founder of DACX, I gained first-hand experience through loops and loops regulation. As such, given all this wealth of experience and information, this can add value to current and future STA members. In addition, there is always an opportunity to explore mutual paths and grow together among members.This contribution will prove to be very valuable for other members and will increase mutual business enrichment.We will launch the platforms in the following order:

  1. Spot trading for Exchange coins & Utility tokens
  2. Primary and secondary market offerings for Security Tokens
  3. Crypto Currency Margin Trading
  4. Margat Currency Trading
  5. DEFI


  1. We will provide cross-platform trading clients to:
  2. Web based trading client
  3. Native Android client
  4. Native iOS client
  6. Web Socket


Some of DACX’s main features are, but are not limited to:

  • 2FA
  • Crypto to Fiat
  • Rail & Settlement Banking
  • Anti DDOS
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Casting
  • MultiSignature Wallet
  • Universal Wallet-Remit Cross border payments
  • Virtual Debit Card

SECURITYAs mentioned in the introduction, the breach of exchange and hacking security is a constant problem, despite the biggest exchange efforts in the crypto space. Becoming a new DACX exchange will certainly be the goal. I cannot discuss the full scope of security measures and the DACX protocol here, because they are not disclosed by the exchange for obvious reasons.However, DACX will use a variety of wallets, ranging from hot wallets to store a small number of frequent transactions, semi-cold wallets that are stored off-site and which have access restrictions imposed by hardware security machines, and finally, cold wallets. which is stored offline and is only available for stand-alone computers, which can only be accessed by senior managers.Access to the internal system is only possible through certain terminals, and smart cards will be part of this access process.


Foundry is an IEO platform for certain creative and innovative projects that will benefit from a kickstart funding campaign. In addition, after licensing and the appropriate technical infrastructure is created, the foundry will integrate the initial tokenized effect (STO) problem.The first offer on the IEO Foundry platform will be the original dacx utility token, which will be available during October in a direct queue after completing a satisfactory complete KYC. This fund will be used by DACX to expand its offerings, improve infrastructure, capital reserves, license fees to work in regulatory jurisdictions, improve cross-border payment networks and pay to maintain stock insurance funds.DACX Road MapSeptember 2019-Pre-RegistrationOctober 2019 – Pre-Launch of IEOQ4 2019-Exchange LaunchQ4 2019-Fiat Gateways Q1 2020-Extending Operational Jurisdiction to EU & AsiaQ1 2020 – Cross-border PaymentsQ1 2020-STO Integration Q1 2020-Virtual Debit CardQ1 2020-Bridge Remit & ExchangeQ2 2020-Margin TradingQ2 2020-DEFI – Loans Q2 2020-Extending Operational Jurisdiction to NA
DACX Team1. CHEUDHRY ZEESHAN: Founder | CEO2. FRANS KLERKS: Head of Marketing3. LISA LI: Regional Marketing & Communications4. TARIMA ISMAIL: Cyber ​​Security & Blockchain Engineer5. CURTIS PAVLIK: Regional Sales & Operations6. JAMES WACKETT: Regional Business Development7. FRASS MASROOR: Full Stack Developer8. UMAIR JAWAID: DevOps & Platform Engineer9. PETER MACDONALD: Strategy & Business Partnership Strategy Division
Advisory1. RICHARD GARDNER: CEO Modulus Global2. LAURENCE KIRK: CEO Extropy.IO
link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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