New forks by Ethereum that are designed to create innovative space for the launch of IEO

What is 2Ether? 2Ether is a new digital coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike ERC20 tokens, this is a fully independent cryptocurrency – with its own blockchain, mining incentives, and so on. It fully supports smart contracts written in Solidity and is compatible with Ethereum dApps. 2Ether is a new fork by Ethereum that is designed to create an innovative space for the launch of IEO, decentralized trade, smart contract design, and crowdfunding startups. 

Our mission

We want to select and bring to life the best community ideas to create a framework in which to develop the most promising miners, developers and developers of infrastructure projects. 

What is so special about 2Ether?

Using new data analysis algorithms, we gather the best insights, suggestions and startups. Thanks to 2Ether, you can start IEO and finance your ideas in just two days. 

Challenges and solutions

2 Nobody promises unnecessary or instant transmission speeds to prove ownership and other technologies that don’t yet exist. Instead, we provide solutions to actual network problems and use cases that are easy to implement.


• Block Prizes for miners continue to decline • IEO fundraising is too expensive and unreliable • Examination services available are low value for money • Most of the resources are spent on listings, not development


• Dynamic and specific rewards for missions • Automatic IEO platform with directory registration • Free crowdsourcing audit for Smart and AI contracts • Standard decentralized exchanges without registration fees 

Innovative features

2Ether North, a practical and cost-effective startup launchpad that rewards all users who benefit from the network. Real, for use in the real world The key to 2Ether’s market strategy is building partnerships with global and regional crypto payment gateways and online businesses – e-commerce stores, platform games, crowdfunding sites, etc. Free inspection of smart contracts For IEO-approved projects, smart contract monitoring is an important step. Send potential audit investors to their secure funds. Unfortunately, blockchain agencies incur huge costs for contra audits – and don’t always provide reliable results. Full IEO automation ICO As a further way to collect contributions. Unfortunately, it quickly became an industry. Exchanges of large fees for launching IEO – and do not offer Support for Success. 2 other DEX We have developed 2EtherDEX to offer the best of both worlds. This will be an automatic execution or approval in the chain and bulletproof protection against hacker attacks. 

Details about ET2 tokens 

  • Symbol: ET2
  • Blockchain: 2Ether (originally from Ethereum)
  • Decimal number: 18
  • Mining algorithm: proof of work with incentives for CPU / GPU miners
  • Average blocking time: 60 sec 

Project Deadline

We don’t promise anything we can’t fulfill. Our short road map only presents features that are easy to create and will benefit the entire community. 2019 Q2 2019 Team formation & ideas Q3 2019 Planning & coding forks Q4 2019 Launch network & Prize campaign 2020 Q1 2020 Launch of decentralization exchange Q2 2020 2Ether Wallet 2.0 release & gateway integration Q3 2020 Crowdsourced introduction smart contract audit Q4 2020 Implementation of The first IEO and IEO platforms 2021 Q1 2021 AI algorithm for audit contracts ready Q2 2021 Audit of contracts based on AI and IEO evaluation

For more information, please visit the project’s official link below:


link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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