help make the crypto world simpler.

Asla is a decentralized trading platform based on blockchain and smart contracts. Population token is ASLA Token (Main Token) while Agha token is minor. 
ALSA tokens are cryptocurrencies or currencies that do not have a physical appearance, such as cryptocurrency (followed by cryptocurrency) and work on blockchain technology.

There are countless revolutionary projects popping up on the market every day with a huge number of possibilities and aspects to go with them. In 2009 the first time Bitcoin was not well known to many people, but the possibility and prospect of non-regulatory time continues to grow on the lips and the limit of revenue collection is profitable for buyers and I don’t think it’s over yet. because basically blockchain has another initiative with a greater chance of generating massive revenue without stress and this project is none other than Asla.

Asla is a decentralized stage that helps make the crypto world simpler. And the world of digital money has expanded exponentially and replaced cryptographic money, so that everything will soon be found in computerized money. In this way, another down payment will be sent to ASLS. Asla is a decentralized exchange platform that relies on blockchain and smart agreements.

ASLA Tokens are Main Tokens and Agha Tokens are minor tokens. There will be many options for faster delivery than later, but attention will be on the gameplay of Asla and the introduction of Asla. The digital currency on this planet has changed. We should be ready to use computerized money, but this, you will use it, but you will use a courier. There are so many different types of call or message logs that use different stage structures, but taking advantage of these free messengers is a great way to get the symbols you need. It is for the reason that the exclusive primary effort refers to the subsequent attempt. We accept that Alsa’s business is growing and because of the persistence and business strength of the group, it will attract more clients. Apart from that, it is also equipped with a flashy hazard reduction technique.

ASLA also features a functional decentralized environment for investment and profits that has been built on blockchain and smart contracts, where the main currency is the ASLA token. ASLAtoken can pay daily dividends from platform turnover and can be a priority for ASLAgame tokens.

ASLAtrade products

The ASLA platform will be equipped with two very basic and open crypto tools, making it the perfect open door for beginners and non-beginners alike. However, it also encourages exchange functions which are also associated with specialist exchanges. A parent company with exceptional agreements, ASLAtrade also offers first-class information guarantees.

The Asla project also has excellent hazard reduction techniques. all clients have to do when trading on ASLAtrade is place a bet – high or low, then hold on for the payoff.

ASLAgames  . Blockchain is the most popular pattern in the computer game room today. it is pleasant, safe, and useful. ASLAproject ASLAgames sports stage is very easy to use. You just have to join and play various games that can be accessed. once you play on the network, ASLAgames gives you a valuable advantage. ASLAgames will also include games like billiards, chess, solitaire, durak, lotto, and many more.

ASLAdex  . Will be the decentralized stage of computerized money exchange. ASLAdex will offer the best and fast security, but generously cancel the exchange procedure through an easy to use interface. Apart from that, ASLAdex is also very good for hoarding computer resources.

At the same time Asla has completed organizations with unmistakable names in the crypto space including TRON, TRXplorer, Wist Company, and PoliniDex. And also Recently, Asla Platform has signed an association agreement with an internet shop called Boxgadget. With this, every client will have the option of buying from Boxgadget using TRX and ASLA coins. And most of them would agree that this organization could even be a tremendous advance in driving mainstream crypto acceptance.

We are currently completing the leading-edge phase of the stage progress and may begin to expand their use.

Download and install it on your mobile device

How do I connect the Tron wallet?

Please download and introduce one of the TRON wallets we recommend TronWallet or Tronlink to use the connection below. Currently, portable renditions of the TronLink and TronWallet wallets are accessible, while the TronWallet and TronLink augmentation are somewhat extensive for the Google Chrome internet browser.

How do I work with the platform?

There are two tabs at the top: just click on Trading and Airdrops. In the first part, you will set the price and choose a normal title from the pattern, rising or falling. In the Trade box segment, enter the TRX size you wish to spend on this offer. The Pay On Win column shows the TRX size you will get if your bid is effective. You will freeze the tokens earned by swapping and considering the measurement of the divergence which can be accessed by going to the “Airdrops” tab.

How do I mine ASLA tokens?

By exchanging on this platform, you will get ASLA tokens. In the “Airdrops” tab, you will also find data on the TRX number you issued thanks to an offer to request 1 ASLA token. The complexity of mining is growing by the day, so early players have the prospect of pushing ASLS progressively.


But in order to do so to date, it was necessary to collect a large number of tasks in parallel, which is pulling all this infrastructure back.

Of course, these tasks, on behalf, represent various unresolved problems, one in a row

  • with excessive market volatility;
  • by strict market manipulation by big “whales”;
  • with the scarcity of investor relations that they can rely on and buy in ICOs;
  • with high cyber crime;
  • and also with long delays of various transaction operations; *
  • and at a high cost.

Each of these items is a matter of proximity for almost every market participant. A person loses money due to the powerful manipulative leaps caused by the enormous “whale”. Cybercriminals are constantly attacking weak and under-protected exchange users and wallets. A person loses the sale of coins purchased during the ICO. It can also easily link to poor customer service on many exchanges and catch them in the absence of multilingual support, when every word spoken is so important to the user.

So, we’re going to take a look at what proportion of the cryptocurrency environment is rudimentary and the number of tasks left. To solve this problem, we offer an excellent team of executives who are participants as well as the cryptocurrency space, as well as other professional fields related to Finance and other project management for one year.





Trading platform for various crypto currency pairs

APRIL 2020 ASLAgame Token

Release of blockchain games (Chess, Billiards, Solitaire, Durak, Lotto)


APRIL 2021 

JUNE 2021 


Taking all of the above into account, in the end I just wanted to add one thing. The ASLA platform is a very interesting embodiment of many non-standard ideas, applications that are poised to revolutionize the entire crypto space. And qualitative revolution, improve many distinctive functions, and are familiar with all tools. And while broadcasting, a new look at an established approach.

But to be as they say, on an incredible wave of progress and ideas, you need to know the ASLA project in greater detail.

To do this, I have specially prepared all the necessary official and social resources of the project. You will find a lot of useful information, which unfortunately I didn’t even get to mention.

Official information about ASLA can be found under this article.

Twitter:   https: //
YouTube:   https: / / 
Ann Thread:

by ; LordUdin


TRON (TRX) address:  TQZshsrxJ9VxngHpmbS8GXJcMfxNSfaU55

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