Yearn.Global (YG)  is an autonomous multichain DeFi venture

Yearn.Global (YG)  is an autonomous multichain DeFi venture. Once sent will maintain Swap, Staking and Farming, DEX in one stage. The pool is adjusted to generate high rewards and APY.

MultiChain technology is a stage that encourages clients to set up certain private Blockchains that can be used by associations for budget exchange. The basic API and order line interface are what MultiChain provides us with. This helps protect and organize the chain. Perceptions of the Blockchain must be consistently stored effectively within the elected members to avoid disputes to ensure the security and power over which exchanges exist. The way to mining should be made possible more safely with the help of job verification such as the fees associated with it. This Blockchain model only executes approved records for members of this chain.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a development that uses decentralized organizations to turn old money-related items into trustless, direct conventions that run without intermediaries.

Yearn.Global (YG)  is an autonomous multichain DeFi venture. Once sent will maintain Swap, Staking and Farming, DEX in one stage. The pool is adjusted to generate high rewards and APY.

YG Token, a local badge of Yearn.Global Defi’s venture is centered around cultivating the produce and further enhancing the biological system for Yearn. Global as a trade, your YG Token, will be the local token of the trade. Our users will have the option to stake digital currencies such as ETH, USDT, YFI, YFII, DAI, and YG, to get YG tokens as a reward depending on the financing fee and the amount marked. The swimming pool is specially installed so that it will generate high rewards and APY for our clients.
Yearn.Global founded on four pillars: 
. Interoperability 
. Decentralization 
. Privacy 
. Security

The highlights of Yearn.Global 
1.  Staking  and Yield Farming  . 
Three unique Pools will be created for our clients to grow and earn rewards. The various pools that can be accessed are: 
– YG Pool 
YG is the local badge of our efforts. Investors can deposit YG in this pool and earn attractive awards for their properties. The group will own 20% of the remuneration distribution. 
– YG / ETH Liquidity Pool 
is for YG liquidity supplier. The complete remuneration distribution for this group is 15%. 
– YG DeFi pool. 
Pool, where holders can store major DeFi tokens such as YFI, YFII, Comp, Cream and so on. All part of the remuneration for this pool is 15%.
2.  SWAP 
Multichain Swap Stage. ERC and TRC Blockchain will be accessible at Launch Time. Different blockchain to include later. 
3.  DEX 
Multichain DEX to help Decentralized exchange for various blockchains. Deliveries are expected within 2 months of pre-sale delivery. 
4.  Vault 
Win high borrowing costs to deposit tokens to our Vault in the form of stored tokens and extra rewards in the form of YG / xYG tokens. 
5. Loan / Loan users  
can get selected tokens with attractive and low interest rates. More smoothness after delivery administration.

Soon our task will be to present YG Tokens with local money. YG tokens will allow our clients to get compensated by cultivating through our pool which has been specially created to give our clients extraordinary rewards.

There will be ERC20, TRC20 and BEP20 tokens that can be accessed to be saved to get high rewards and APY. An absolute designation of half of the remuneration in the form of YG tokens will be awarded even if an APY is produced. This allows the clients to earn Interest in their local stable coin token along with a 10% share of the YG token.

YG Token & xYG Token 

YG Token

● Name: Yearn Glob al Token 

● Symbol: YG 

● Token Type: ERC20 Defi Token (Already created) 

TRC20, BEP-20 to be developed after applying Masterchef Contract on ERC20 chain. ● Total Supply: 50,000 YG 

● Current Supply: 25,000 YG

Token Distribution:

  • Team: 1500 YG (Locked for 2 years with Finance Team)
  • Pool Liquidity: 10,000 YG (Locked for 6 Months with Financial Team)
  • Private Sales: 3600 YG (No Key Period)
  • Public Presale: 7875 YG
  • Marketing: 2025 YG (Including Airdrop and Bounties Tokens)
  • Uniswap List: 5000 YG
  • Agricultural Yield: 20,000 YG

xYG Token Token 

● Name: xYG Token 

● Symbol: xYG 

● Token Type: Multiple Blockchain Tokens. ● Total Supply: To be determined later 

● Current Supply: 0 xYG (Just printed as Agricultural Product Rewards, Stakes & Vault. ● Price: Pegged to YG Token. Tariff will be decided later.

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by ; LordUdin


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