Platform to Return Money Owners with Reasonable Benefits of Their Savings

Cefi & Defi

Centralized Finance (CeFi) is a service created in such a way that all orders are controlled by a central exchange and no other competitors. CeFi only aims to make fair trade, allow more transactions and improve the sales process.

Simply put, CeFi is a specialized financial service and is built in such a way that all orders (whether buying or selling) are routed through a central exchange. Prices announced by the Central Exchange are the only prices available to traders. With CeFi, users have complete trust in professionals and legal entities to manage professional and legal funds and implement services provided by businesses.

Decentralized finance (DeFi), on the other hand, consists of financial programs that operate primarily via a decentralized blockchain. This is a shortcut. This effectively bypasses the intermediary that many financial applications and platforms are using today. DeFi aims to expand the securities, such as loans, stocks (bonds and other negotiable assets), asset reserves, and insurance that cryptocurrency has brought to the financial sector over the past few years. Undoubtedly, DeFi is upgrading a centralized infrastructure right now.

Swan Finance acts as a bridge between the centralized and decentralized world of finance. It provides the best of both worlds. SwanFinance offers an easy-to-use interface for earning interest, while swanCredit provides a decentralized platform for peer to peer lending. While crypto deposits are securely locked on the SwanFinance platform to earn interest, users can use their crypto deposits as collateral and lend to others to earn additional interest on the SwanCredit platform via Automatic Credit Swap. Between CeFi and DeFi Platforms.

With SWAN Staking, You Can Earn  


16% APY Term 1 month 20% APY Term 3 months
BTC 8  % APY Term   1 month 12% APY Term 3 months 
ETH 8% APY Tenure 1 month 12% APY Term 3 months
USDT 8% APY  Term 1 month 12% APY Term 3 months  XLM 8% APY Term 1 month 12% APY Term  
3 months

Airdrop Form     https://forms.gle/AZbWg2ck4pVQ2NNs8

BTC, ETH, XLM, USDT, and many more cryptocurrencies and stablecoins will be available in the near future.

* Without risking SWAN tokens, the interest rate is 4% lower.

Get a $ 50 Referral Bonus

By referring other people who are registered users, you receive a $ 50 bonus paid in SWAN tokens for each referral.

Swan’s safety

Your cryptocurrency and stablecoins are safe with us. We designed the platform architecture to provide as much protection as possible. We store most cryptocurrencies in cold wallets until they are needed for transfer or withdrawal.

We protect your wallet and cryptocurrency in various ways to verify your identity from login to withdrawal. Our platform is as secure as the online account you use for your bank.

Goose Ecosystem

We started with SwanFinance. But this is just the beginning of the Swan Ecosystem which will include: SwanCredit, SwanInvestments, SwanPay, Swan.Exchange, SwanTrade and SwanWallet. There will be more ways to receive benefits and discounts for staking and using SWAN tokens.

Swan Exchange    Credit    will enable peer to peer  lending and 
Swan Exchange   crypto lending   will become a fully functional crypto exchange with margin trading. Angsa Investments  will allow users to invest in startups using crowdfunding. Swan wallet    will be a secure way to store cryptocurrency. 
It will connect to the SwanFinance platform, so users can earn interest while keeping their cryptocurrency safe and secure.

Project teamThe Swan Finance project consists of a team that is experienced in areas related to project ideas and objectives, which of course is one of the strengths of this project. The following are the main characters:Official Resources:•   Website link   :   https://www.swanfinance.io/•    Telegram Official Channel     :    https://t.me/aiodexofficial•     Telegram channel:     https://t.me/swanfinancechannel• Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/swanfinance.io•   Linkedin:   https://www.linkedin.com/company/swanfinance•    Email address    :    hello@swanfinance.ioby ; LordUdinlink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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