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good night cryptocurrency friends. On this occasion I would like to provide information about a very extraordinary company, because this company is a global trading business platform that will provide passive income for all of us. And in fact, currently doing business or becoming an entrepreneur is very difficult to make friends, and one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs is having to have a reliable platform to transact business. Due to the incessant cases of fraud, hacking and identity theft, people are doing business with trepidation on multiple platforms. This has a negative impact on business.

Now, to deal with all the problems like the above, don’t worry, buddy, because this amazing company will solve the above problems, friend and the company is AURIX,

And the Aurix company will present a solution that will give online merchants and business owners the ability to trade with peace of mind and at the same time enjoy fast transactions, besides Aurix comes with very advanced features designed to give you security, convenience, and comfort. And for more details you can contact 

About Aurix Exchange

The Aurix exchange is a world class exchange where crypto enthusiasts can buy high quality cryptocurrency and digital chips. Aurix was founded by Majed Mohsen (CEO). This platform is designed to ensure safe, secure and autonomous transactions.

With our advanced technology, you can make online business transactions while keeping your identity secret. Your funds are safe and protected from the reach of hackers and crypto thieves.

Aurix allows users to buy and sell as many cryptocurrencies as they want in seconds. The exchange maintains the highest level of security to ensure that your funds are safe. And it’s convenient for users, allowing them to trade using the app and desktop – all without hassle. Merchants paying in the AUR enjoy additional discounts on the platform.

Aurix Exchange privileges:

1. Safe transactions:

Aurix has unbeatable execution speed which makes all transactions fast and efficient. In addition, the data on the platform conforms to the PCI DSS standard, and the platform is safe from DDoS attacks.

2. Quick and easy:

Transactions are fast, and at the same time, the site is user friendly. Transaction fees are very competitive, compared to other related platforms.

3. Can be trusted:

Aurix is ​​highly trusted around the world for its continuous pursuit of innovation, and inventive features that are capable of changing the management of goods and services globally.


Our mission

  • To achieve this goal, we provide people with easy access to crypto funds, exchange options and many more convenient technology solutions.
  • In this way, we are contributing to the global transition to cryptocurrency and increasing the replacement of traditional banking systems with decentralized finance.

Our Vision

To make this vision a reality, we are doing our best to redefine how crypto money is moved, spent and invested. We develop high-tech solutions that allow people and organizations to use cryptocurrency as easily as they use fiat. Therefore, we hope to attract more newcomers and encourage them to switch to simpler and more useful crypto financial services.


We are proud to say that the Aurix ecosystem was built to solve it all:

  • Low liquidity and transaction speed
  • High or hidden commissions
  • Inherent complexity
  • Insecurity and distrust


  1. Aurix Exchange offers the highest liquidity with fast transaction execution, so users can buy and sell as many coins as they want in less than a second.
  2. All Aurix products have a pre-set commission, so there are no hidden fees
  3. We build our solutions based on customer development research, so they all have an intuitive design with a user-friendly interface
  4. Lastly, Aurix is ​​built with adherence to high safety standards. Aurix is ​​blockchain-based, which keeps transactions safe, secure and autonomous.

Aurix Exchange products:

The best platform with the most advanced technology but built with love for users

1. Aurix Exchange


The Aurix exchange provides an easy way to invest in the most traded cryptocurrencies in a simple way both on the desktop and via the app. Hence, we do our best to provide an uninterrupted trading experience for our users.

2. Cellular Applications


Trade, payments, transfers, and more. Everything is at your fingertips.

3. Cards


Aurix offers a debit card that is supported by the Visa / Mastercard payment network linked to the user’s wallet. This allows our customers to get cashback on all their purchases and other everyday transactions.


  • The cost and benefit structure greatly motivates the staking and use of Aurix Tokens. Staking Aurix Tokens increases the user level on the platform, according to the number of Aurix tokens staked.
  • Each higher level will be generously rewarded by a trading fee discount, an increase in available leverage, and a wide variety of other prizes, depending on the number of tokens

Why You Choose Us
Aurix settings will offer you unique adaptations between well-known speculation procedures

  • Trustworthy
    Located in a reliable area of ​​the United States of America
  • Safe
    Made by network security experts to ensure your testing
  • 24 × 7 support
    Enforced throughout the day, checking news information daily and trendingView outlining instruments
  • Cloud Security
    includes a pool for cloud equipment and security
  • Trading
    All computerized resources have a fluid exchange device
  • Responsive Design
    Imaginative resource board on PC and Mobile

We have our own Aurix coin token, however, it is not the client’s only option. Aurix Tokens offer our customers some additional benefits, for example, lower exchange fees but not having to own them. We really value clients who choose to stake Aurix tokens, and furthermore, uphold the usability of our blockchain network. As a result, the guaranteed size of the AUR to approve blockchain tasks characterizes the comprehensive advantages that clients can appreciate in our biological system: from fee exchange limits to cashback to advanced expansion.


At Aurix, everyone has the voice and capacity to pitch projects directly to the organization. Anything you can do from showcasing to progressing that helps Aurix grow and improve can be paid for. This means Aurix supports its own development and acceptance, deals are ensured, and everyone is accountable to the organization.


Aurix makes the most Transparent, Safe and Trusted Hybrid exchange so crypto sellers can trade smoothly while we get the job done. We’ve carefully organized all of your trading needs and provided you with the most reformist trading experience in the most intuitive way. We don’t want to limit ourselves to just exchanges, with your help we need to add to this climate, maintain a development-supported ICO, maintain a blockchain business visionary, and put together actions that solve future economic progress. We admit, this can happen if we join hands and work closely with public positions to concoct authentic assignments. We will remain comfortable with the rules and regulations of public position in the countries in which we work. Very good platform and I believe in the future it will be the best in class exchange. Happy Trading!

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