DIFX – World’s First Fully Insured Asset Trading Platform 

Since the emergence of blockchain technology and its disruptive effects hit nearly every world, including global finance, there has been a need to end a very vague and ugly trend in money transfer and cryptocurrency exchange niches in the industry. This reality arises from the fact that the world is developing with new and developing technologies. Since financial transactions and remittances shouldn’t be left to wallow in, he is still trapped.

High transaction fees, slow remittances, inefficiency of cross-border payments, loss of value in money translation, and many others are some of the many issues affecting cryptocurrency exchanges today. This requires an urgent and immediate solution that will ensure the seamless P2P exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiats by taking advantage of the countless opportunities offered by blockchain technology and ending countless years of misery that has tainted the industry. 

DIFX’s Mission & Vision
DIFX’s mission is to create a hybrid working model of centralized and decentralized exchange that combines atomic exchanges with the power of Blockchain technology.

We aim to provide a platform for both beginner and advanced traders, investors and institutions with a user-friendly interface that combines the best practices of Decentralized and Centralized trading.

We want to create a new financial order, in which Digital Currency is used for direct settlement between the Payer and the Recipient. Our platform will further help millions of unbanked individuals to use digital currency due to its simplicity of use.

We will leverage blockchain technology to make money transfer services accessible, and to add value to more consumers for profitable use of Digital assets.

Reduced turnaround time and efficiency when exchanging together with unaltered ledger records, and a security-rich transaction network will be our top priority 

Benefits of DIFX Over Conventional Crypto Exchanges Only
Decentralized Exchange Custom Matching engine like those used in Centralized Exchanges. The matching engine will also have an access level for the Blockchain to change the state of the coins / tokens to their respective tokens to be stored for transactions. The matching engine will also have access to change the status from Net Exposure to Trading. 

Wallet Integration All transactions in the Exchange will be directly carried out in the user’s wallet and updated as blockchain transactions. This will ensure that the exchange is fully decentralized, and all cryptocurrencies will always be with the user. Each user’s public and secret key will be required for the exchange to be decentralized. All tokens / coins in the centralized wallet will be transferred to the user’s wallet. All Future transactions for the user will take place from their wallet to the wallet of the other users participating in the transaction.

DIFX Features:
1. Encrypt tracks using the latest tools such as VPN, SSH, and 256-bit AES encryption.

2. Individual verification of important details to avoid identity theft and other forms of fraud.

3. AES encryption prevention: Advanced encryption algorithm that decrypts encrypted confidential data.

4.Anti-CSRF Token: CSRF is a Cross Site Request Forgery, which is a type of attack in which a malicious actor performs unwanted actions on a trusted site.

5. Email ID Encryption: Prevent hackers from decrypting / editing our email addresses using our database.

6. Device based tracking (IP Address, MAC Address / Mobile Device ID, User) and IP based admin panel login.

7. Implementation of hidden mail system for exchange to find out current login credentials for admin panel, if hackers change them internally or externally.

8. The database maintains a log of admin login patterns and incorrect login attempts.

9. Auto logout and re-login for admin to protect against attempted hacks on ongoing sessions.

The DIFX Digital asset ecosystem offers a variety of solutions to problems that exist in the Cryptocurrency industry. The DIFX platform is not only limited to crypto trading and wallet provider services but will also offer investment and betting services. Trades will be carried out from wallet to wallet on the platform. Because there is an integrated wallet for every platform user. The need to move your assets from an exchange wallet to a personal wallet is removed. Users can trade directly from wallet to wallet, thus removing transaction changes and ensuring confidence. Unlike some self-recognized decentralized exchange platforms which operate a semi-decentralized system which has an internal wallet where users have to transfer their assets before exchanging them,


Currently DIFX is an erc20 compatible token created on the Etheruem blockchain. It serves several utility functions in the DIFX Ecosystem. This will serve as fuel for the DIFX Blockchain when the platform has been fully developed with its own blockchain. This will empower future DIFX products and services and will serve as a settlement for payments.


  •   DIFX
  •   550,000,000
  •   $ 13., 200.000 USD
  •   $ 50.940.000 USD
  •   BTC, ETH, USDT


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