Adon is an anonymous, open source, decentralized, resilient, transcendent and robust general purpose cryptocurrency for daily use and is powered by CryptoNote Technology and integrated as a major asset to the AdonPay ecosystem. The AdonPay Payment System is an innovative technology that supports transactions of crypto assets and values ​​between parties, for everyday use cases, an alternative payment system to conventional payment systems with a focus on crypto assets for real, people, e-commerce and business cases.


To provide a simple, fast, innovative, sophisticated, yet powerful crypto exchange, escrow & payment platform. Most crypto startups and small traders suffer from high registration fees and trading fees. The Adonx platform aims to list all eligible projects at very low listing fees and provide traders with a near zero trading fee experience. 


The Adonx platform supports the following user level security by default

● Strong password

● 2 Factor authentication

● PIN based authorization

OTP based authorization (via E-Mail, SMS & 2FA ​​applications)

Most endpoints are protected by second-level authorizations. Option available for their account settings page feature. All layers of security will be monitored, analyzed and audited regularly, patches and updates will be as needed.

Multi Crypto Wallet

Different blockchains have different wallets, each user will be facilitated with a unique wallet address per blockchain, some of which are rotatable (i.e., the user will get a new address each time they receive a deposit, this option may or may not be available depending on other features. users or enable blockchain type) options available on their settings page.

Crypto Wallet Address

A crypto wallet address that contains alphanumeric characters, these addresses are generated on the blockchain using a set of private and public cryptographic keys. Address lengths can vary based on the underlying blockchain technology and are difficult to remember due to randomness and length. An example of a bitcoin address as illustrated below 19WLgARaJpbzceJptrDQTfYSS6uQSKRxcs

In some cases, users may want to personalize their addresses so that their wallets are unique and identifiable.

Pretty address 

Vanity address is a personalized crypto wallet address on the blockchain, this type of address may be useful for business users in B2B, B2C business types, examples of vanity bitcoin addresses as illustrated below 19EmmaCoffeepbzceJptrDQTuQSKRxcs

Account Alias

The Adonx platform provides a unique aliasing system to make it easier for users to deposit from anywhere at any time without logging into the real user account. Users will have the option to set an alias for their account, this alias will provide access to their deposit addresses for different wallets. A regular account alias should look something like below

Atom Switch

Atomic exchange is the process of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another without much work involved. Usually, coin / token owners perform this task when the existing blockchain / code / protocol is deprecated, and they want to introduce a new blockchain or a new protocol. It will be a big job for them to collect all the unused coins / tokens from their users and send new coins / tokens in return.


Airdrop is the distribution of crypto coins / tokens to large wallet addresses, usually free. Airdrops are used to get new attention and followers to increase the user base. The Adonx platform supports the airdrop feature. Coin / token owners, fans and promoters can do this kind of complex airdrop without any additional hassle.

Exchange Service

With its highly scalable matching engine, it can withstand high loads and can process millions of orders per minute.

Market Order vs Boundary Order

To better satisfy your needs, you can use market orders to buy or sell coins / tokens at available prices to ensure they are executed immediately. Or you can use a limit order which allows you to set the price at which you want to buy or sell the coin / token you want so that it will only be filled when the price exceeds the specified price value.

Escrow Service

Escrow is an agreement in which a third party controls the payment between two transacting parties and only releases the funds involved when all the terms of the contract are fulfilled.

Multilingual Support

The platform & all its clients will be available in multiple languages; The initial release will only be available in English. Support for Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and other languages ​​will be provided during the release of future software updates, depending on the features scheduled and priorities.

Exchange Pair

Adonx will initially support the following trading pairs, which include but are not limited to ● BTC




ADONX (Adonx Token)


New pairs will be added whenever possible depending on eligibility.

Register Coins / Tokens & Fees

There are 3 types of lists available. All list types provide at least 3 trading pairs by default. All projects that will be registered on the Adonx platform must meet certain minimum requirements criteria, which will be criteria in the Terms of Service and the section that meets the criteria of registration registration. 


A project with an innovative idea and a viable community will be listed for free.


Coin / Token owners need to pay a fee to place them on the Adonx platform. Coin / Token owners will contact Adonx the sign-up form at where they need to fill in various details about their project.


A project with a good idea & a decent number of community members can request permission for their project to be listed by voting. Project community members will select a list of projects. Several coins / tokens can be available in the contest and the project with the most votes will be listed.

Software & Scope

The Adonx client software will be cross-platform compatible and will be available for the following devices / platforms.

● Web based client for browser (mobile friendly)

● Desktop clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS

● Android mobile device as a native application

● iOS mobile devices as native applications

● Consumption Break API for developers & partners 

API developer

The Adonx platform is stable, the consumable REST API will be available for developers and partners to extend, implement their own functionality, features and applications based on the Adonx platform. A well-documented and formatted guide will be available on using this API. API developers protected by an API Key, developers & partners are required to build before using this endpoint. This will virtually make available unlimited options for customizing and implementing applications and their own uses. 


ADONX is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, to be precise 21 million tokens will be printed, more than 80% of the unsold tokens from the sale will be burned at each stage. The remaining tokens will be used for airdrops & bounties. The ADONX token will be used as a payment method for various services available on the Adonx eco system, or wherever applicable.

Tokens Info

Smart Contract Address:


All interested parties in Adonx Pre-Sale must have their own ETH wallet, exchange wallets or custodial wallets (such as  ,  ) are invalid.

You must have a wallet where you have access to the respective private key or mnemonic word, as this is the only way you can access the purchased Adonx tokens.

Early investors on the ADONX Token Pre-Sale can send ETH to 0x52E253BE66dfCA8A3036697d8881135fCB702F42 starting from February 20. The price is 1 ETH = 5000 ADONX (including 50% bonus) and for this stage there are 550000 ADONX tokens allocated.

How to buy ADONX tokens:

Open the website  

Follow the instructions on the website to connect your wallet and complete the transaction

** Use the Token calculator to find out the total number of tokens you will get.

Preferred Wallet:

● Myetherwallet

● Metamask

● Trustwallet

Please note- When you use myetherwallet, metamask or trustwallet please use the following instructions:

● From the address # Your linked wallet account address (automatically)

● Go to Address # 0x52E253BE66dfCA8A3036697d8881135fCB702F42

● Amount # Value you want in ETH (Minimum 0.1ETH)

● Gas Price # Average speed value

● Gas Limit # 200 000

Your wallet (from which you send ETH) will get ADONX of the desired transaction amount.

To view tokens purchased in a wallet such as metamask, you must add a special token to the token list with the token address- # 0x1aa11f0feafb5db797764916f0d67a4fe8132985 [No Send ETH to This Address will be lost forever]

when you enter the address above, it will automatically resolve the values ​​below:

● Token Symbol: ADONX

● Decimal Precision: 18

Follow further instructions on your wallet to view tokens.

● Media:

Even more

● Read:


● Metamask:

● Trustwallet:

● Come

● Come

● Come

● Come

● Bounties ANN :

● Airdrop:









by ; LordUdin


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