Prosperity Project Re-Use Recycled Plastic Financing

Plastic waste is a big problem and cannot be solved alone. It is important to bring together industry, government and intergovernmental agencies and non-governmental organizations to develop and invest in projects that leverage their collective resources and technical expertise. Community participation is also needed to care about plastic waste and take concrete actions, such as not using single-use plastic.Currently, plastic waste is a global problem that has received more attention from many countries, especially Indonesia. Plastic is made from materials that take a long time to decompose, plastic products will continue to exist and accumulate in the world for a long time.The amount of plastic waste in the world today has reached 300 million tons in a year. In Indonesia alone, everyone uses at least 700 plastic bags per year or two plastic bags a day.

Serving scavengers who are underserved by the banking system.

Former bankers, former capital market players, plastic recycling entrepreneurs and prominent programmers from Bandung, Medan and Surabaya in Indonesia have joined forces to build a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) based application offering plastic milling exchangers, plastic loans & savings banks, and plastic coin indexes. stable based on recycling. We know that efforts to clean up plastic waste in the 2nd most plastic polluted country, using digital mobile applications and digital payments have started from the last 4 years.

New Chapter, New Beginning

After 6 months of intensive planning and working behind the scenes, We are finally ready to share our vision of a circular economy with the world. Plastic Finance, a visionary circular economy token created to recycle, green and socially empower through DeFI and Dapps which are directly implemented in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) framework.

Our mission

1. We promote a circular economy by improving the recycling systemPlastic Finance focuses on recycling plastic by increasing the productivity of scavengers. We do not disrupt the waste value chain; instead, we add value to the value chain to benefit all parties. In addition, we support a tree replanting program to remove carbon from CO2 pollution, further strengthening our commitment to a circular economy.2. We empower the waste community so that they have a higher social status in societyPlastic Finance aims to empower the waste community. We focus on activities that will increase their self-esteem, which increases their productivity and well-being.3. We democratize access to ESG investmentsOur efforts to enrich the recycling system and empower the waste community can be sustained and expanded with the help of the investment community. With DApps and DeFi, we are democratizing access for everyone to take part in the global mission of recycling and empowering

Our destination

PLAS Exchange List

After the private sale, we will ensure that the $PLAS tokens are available for purchase by the general public through the Pre-Sale. And we will continue to be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.In the last 2 weeks We have been approached by some of the leading exchanges, glad that listing the public sale will not be as difficult as we had hoped, and rest assured, we will put a great focus on providing a liquid market for PLAS tokens from day one. In fact, we have provided 5% of the total supply of PLAS as a condition of the liquidity pool.The private sale was just the beginning of our journey, after that, we had to dive deep into the real action of cleaning up Indonesia, uplifting underserved communities; waste scavengers, through DeFi and CO2 emission reductions.How the Platform WorksPlastic Finance  works in two ways: empowering the waste community (such as scavengers, scavengers, etc.) and rewarding those involved in the network. Scavengers will be rewarded for their contributions, where they have the option to earn money in tokens or fiat (real) money. If they prefer crypto tokens, they can actually take part in the platform. They can use this platform to gain access to finance, and this is rare because the trash community is usually the unbanked. Well, with this platform, these unbanked people can finally enjoy financial access


Whitelist Extended

Due to the crypto market situation, we don’t want to rush the whitelisting schedule. We will extend the whitelist schedule according to the requests of several communities who are interested in becoming whitelist investors in this project. And we need to inform you that there may be a delay in the general sales schedule because our audit is also delayed by the auditors.


Ticker: PLASToken Type : BEP-20 MainNetToken Address :   0xCe34caAEe0b691F8e4098DC31CC8818A1dCcF06AToken Sale Address :   0x1800C25a3Ed60B41766B8EE94f40CE05A84407aBTotal Token Supply : 23,900,000 PLAS

Token Creation Event



Blockchain technology and stable coins can play a big role in incentivizing households and MRFs to streamline the funding of the plastic recycling industry. Using smart contracts, we can tokenize every type of plastic regrind and pellet, create an internal exchanger, so that people and industry can have easy access to monetize plastic waste. In addition, we can create DeFi Dapps so that these wastes can be pledged as assets

TEAM ; LordUdinlink:;u=2579436

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