Project Dhabi Coin & Its Integration With Binance Smart Chain Technology

Cryptocurrency since its introduction in 2009 has brought many changes to the global financial system. With cryptocurrencies, it allows people to be able to conduct transactions more securely, anonymously, quickly and without parties through a decentralized network secured by smart contracts. Cryptocurrencies have changed the way people transact and invest. It is now easier for people to transact in different countries around the world or want to maximize their profits because the cryptocurrency market offers a high return on investment.Seeing the development of the cryptocurrency market, Dhabicoin is present as a cryptocurrency that will revolutionize the global market. Dhabicoin will provide cryptocurrency users who have the best solution, connect everyone around the world, and make cryptocurrency their daily payment. With Dhabicoin, it is hoped that users can get access to a friendly and secure digital currency service.538c5292fbc98edc2b320cf201e8ed2594d2b3574830b2028faeda62115e3824.png

Dhabicoin Revolutionizes Global Market

Now it is not too difficult to send money to other countries, by using cryptocurrency we can send money in just a few minutes. But not only that, there are other advantages of cryptocurrency adoption. Therefore, it is not surprising that today many people are starting to use cryptocurrencies for various purposes, such as transactions or investments. Seeing this, Dhabicoin intends to become a cryptocurrency that will support the UAE economy and even revolutionize the global market. Dhabicoin focuses on providing digital payment services that prioritize transparency, innovation, appreciation and security, which will be user-oriented.Dhabicoin will be an ecosystem that brings together social networking platforms, smart contracts, payments and cryptocurrency universities. Because Dhabicoin realizes that today’s users need a platform that can accommodate their crypto needs, and Dhabicoin can be the solution for that. With various existing features and a professional team, Dhabicoin believes it can provide reliable and profitable digital currency services, not only for crypto users, but also for non-crypto users who still don’t really understand the ins and outs of cyberspace. crypto currency market.0395c3ef8b9d5104849f0ceea0959ede0321b4f249742871681bbb846c75d7b8.png


The main benefit of electronic forms of money, such as DhabiCoin, is that they allow for fast trades, taking only ten minutes. This is the amount of time it takes to agree a deal. There is no need for agents or banks to intervene in cryptographic cash trading. Cryptographic forms of money, accordingly, are very helpful for both organizations and clients, as they eliminate some of the bank fees that are reflected in the last expense. Binance DEX, the top decentralized exchange, supports a growing digital asset ecosystem:Low transaction fees of only one pennyHigh performance, with a network that can generate blocks every three seconds.A DeFi method that works across the chain to improve DeFi interoperabilityThe Binance ecosystem supports several DeFi initiatives by funding and bootstrapping them.Binance.com and Binance DEX have a thriving ecosystem of millions of users.BSC is already collaborating with a network of significant crypto initiatives.

Features of dhabicoin

Dhabicoin is a digital asset that will support the UAE economy and even revolutionize the global market with its various features. Dhabicoin will synergize various platforms into one digital ecosystem that allows users to interact, learn, make payments, and various other things. With a focus not only on products but also on users who are members of the Dhabicoin ecosystem. But not only that, there are several other features of dhabicoin.Support: Dhabicoin will support users in using the service, for example when users buy/sell, they will get guidance from start to finish.KYC/AML: Dhabicoin will adopt a KYC/AML mechanism to ensure services remain compliant with rules and regulations.Social Networking: Dhabicoin provides a social media platform that allows users to interact with other users.Smart Contracts: Dhabicoin designed their smart contracts based on the Binance BEP-20 which will ensure that the network is fully secure and transparent.Infrastructure: Dhabicoin is designed using the most up-to-date technology and by a professional and experienced team to produce a sound and reliable platform.Security: Dhabicoin has a security mechanism that users can rely on.Transparency: Dhabicoin is determined to provide transparent services for users, from the ICO process to team payments, Dhabicoin will report it to users.206f5d3c55d18022504f438b5d09f54f847ed046ee1e67bafe9e4f84d6ce250e.png

Blockchain Advantages in DhabiCoin

Chain Accuracy
In blockchain networks, transactions are approved by a good network with a large number of
computers. This virtually eliminates individual participation in
the verification  process  , resulting in less human error and more precise data records.Cost Reduction
Often, the customer pays the bank to confirm the transaction, the notary to sign the letter, or the
priest to marry them. Blockchain eliminates the need for third-party 
verification  and the costs that come with it. Businesses pay a small fee when they accept
credit card payments.Decentralization
Some data on the blockchain will not be stored in one location. In most cases, the
blockchain is duplicated and spread across computer networks. When each
new block is added to the blockchain, each computer updates its blockchain to reflect the
transition.Secure Transactions
Once a transaction is recorded, the blockchain network must check its
legitimacy. Thousands of blockchain computer systems secure to ensure that the order’sthe data is correct. After the engine validates the contract, it is added to
the blockchain block 

DBC Token

Dhabicoin is launching a native token called DBC token which will act as a utility token. Dhabicoin launched a DBC token based on Binance BEP-20 with a supply of 3,000,000,000 DBC. By owning DBC tokens, users will get several benefits such as accessing various features on the platform, payments, increasing token value, etc. Users can earn DBC tokens through the token sale program organized by Dhabicoin.261a2372c8a904a5c996329a013400501346a4f3156b904f8328aee112da62f5.png

To conclude

The cryptocurrency market is predicted to expand in the next few years and there will be many people around the world using cryptocurrency in their daily lives. And Dhabicoin does not want to be left behind and intends to present a cryptocurrency that has the best solution for users around the world. Dhabicoin will be an ecosystem for various platforms such as social networking platforms, smart contracts, payments and cryptocurrency universities, enabling users to get the best crypto services. It is hoped that with the presence of Dhabicoin, mass adoption of cryptocurrencies can be realized soon.

Pre-Sale of DhabiCoin Dhabi

The DhabiCoin token will be released based on Binance and platform. It’s token compatibility with third party service web3 wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.From PRE-SALE: 10 Mar 2021Number of tokens sold: 300000000 DBCAcceptable currencies: BNB, ETH, BTC, LTC, BTC, XRP, XLM, USDT, othersWorldwide accepted Fiat currency: Paypal Bank TransferEND OF PRE-SALE: 01 July 2021

Token Designation

Token Name: DhabicoinAddress : 0x220e6A613F00c79025d5611B73639E045B186fF8Total supply: 3,000,000,000 DBCDistribution of dhabiCoin tokens Use of proceeds•



Dhabicoin will be a natural framework that combines the usual correspondence stages, insightful arrangements, shares and cryptographic money schools. Because Dhabicoin understands that today’s customers need a phase that can fulfill their crypto needs, and Dhabicoin can be the answer to that. With the existing feature set and a group of specialists, Dhabicoin believes it can provide a powerful and useful advanced money organization, for crypto customers, but also for non-crypto customers who really don’t really understand the intricacies of the many facets of advanced technology. . money market.

For More Information DHABICOIN project:

Website :  https://dhabicoin.ae/Whitepaper :  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hP9VhhWtPuI1ON3Iw-8GJLJzRo0wVy_C/viewReddit:  https://www.reddit.com/user/dhabicoin/Github :  https://github.com/dhabicoinInstagram :  https://www.instagram.com/p/CMXPxfqLNQj/?igshid=5xynk3yo7m2gLinkedin :  http://linkedin.com/in/dhabi-coin-3221a920bMedia :   https://dhabicoin.medium.com/Twitter :  https://twitter.com/DhabicoinUaeFacebook :  https://www.facebook.com/Dhabi-Coin-102749701875238/Telegram :  https://t.me/joinchat/94HGhsK4sDNlN2Jkby ; LordUdinlink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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