Xircus  is the world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO  p  latform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT market 


I think each of us who are at least a little familiar with cryptocurrencies already know what an NFT, or non-exchangeable token is, it is designed to protect your digital assets or art using blockchain technology and capabilities.

NFT tokens can be used in different ways, if NFT is rare and valuable then you can keep it, but at any time you can decide and place your NFT on the trading platform.

Thanks to this, both parties benefit, i.e. the content creator and the other party who may wish to purchase these NFT tokens in a secure way, all this gives us a blockchain structure.

But this article will focus on something else, which I will talk about later.

The entire process of this NFT structure was closely monitored by the Xircus project, which decided to create its own flavor for all of this.

Thanks to Xircus, the world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform appeared, a bit of information is difficult to understand, but now let’s find out in simple words.

This technology from Xircus allows anyone to create their own NFT marketplace in just a few clicks, hassle free and free!

All of this allows every artist, content creator and more to create their own marketplace where they can showcase your work and sell it!


About the project

Let’s take a look at this project again with a detailed example.

You are the one who is currently dealing with NFT tokens and using them for your own purposes, namely to protect them and use them for trading.

Selling on any site, you notice that your NFT is in demand and people are actively buying it, you start thinking of creating your own marketplace to put NFT there, but the problem is that you don’t have the right skills to create an NFT marketplace.

The Xircus project came to the rescue, who saw a solution to this problem and created new solutions and opportunities!

Now every user and you will have the opportunity to easily and efficiently organize their own NFT marketplace.

Anyone, whether it’s an artist, singer, artist, influencer or casual user, can now host their own NFT marketplace in a few steps.

Xircus provides the impetus to expand new opportunities for users who want to try to create an NFT market.

Benefits If you join xircus

  • ALIVE Good
    events ensure gatherings and bring people together. We can also do this at digital live events. The technical possibilities of the xircus ensure a lively connection between the audience and the actors.
    We focus on people and their exchange with each other, also in the digital world. All participants are also contributors. For example, speakers have the opportunity to bring interested parties from the audience onto the digital stage and speak to them.
    Xircus is intuitive to use and very easy. It works without instructions and without waiting.
    Every event requires financial and human resource costs. Xircus uses the right tools and formats required for each event and makes the event 100 percent reliable for the organizers.
    The bigger the digital event, the more confusing it gets. Xircus provides orientation and, with the help of intelligent matchmaking, leads each participant to the content and people they are interested in.
  • FREE
    At xircus, all visitors can move freely through the platform and decide for themselves which content they want to see.
About Project


Its peculiarities include the fact that previously you could use various NFT platforms with your own rules and commissions, in which you could also lose part of your earnings.

By creating your own NFT marketplace, you can avoid this problem and manage what is rightfully yours.

Xircus is a project that allows you to deploy your own marketplace without even having programming skills, you don’t even need to learn any special code.


Xirus Achievements

This is what it took to make Xircus what it is today:-

Smart contract ️

Wallet integration ️

DeFi Features ️

Integrated stablecoins ️

DAO governance ️

Decentralized marketplace ️

Functional prototype ️

Q2 2021

Xircus DeFi tokens ️

XMT token for market ️

Cross-chain integration ️

Market developer ️

Stats spreader ️

ERC721 & ERC1155 collection spreader ️

Subdomain terms via xircusnft.com ️

Core platform complete ️

Testnet launch ️


Transparency in particular is a trait that Xircus values ​​very much, which is why no one doesn’t know it, as the team at Xircus are constantly updating the community with what’s mostly going to happen next. In the third quarter of 2021, Xircus will largely upgrade its BSC. They will also actually roll out the Music feature for the music-related market and some related features for influencers.

That’s when Xircus specifically will start an Initial Dex Offering (IDO). They then plan to collect 500 ringmasters and dApps. Xircus also plans to create expandable Music UI and Sport UI Marketplace themes, so users can easily personalize them to their liking, which is quite significant. In their fourth quarter, referred to as Phase 2.0, Xircus plans to bring 2500 ringmasters onboarding. They also plan to mostly promote cross market and they will also mostly create more market themes

Layer-3 blockchain solutions power

NFT market dapp in no time


Xircus in particular kind of main goal is to generally build a secure and decentralized participation and earnings ecosystem for content creators, influencers, musicians and many more individuals, so don’t lose ownership of their content as well as monetize it. It has ambitions to truly create a benchmark platform for the purchase/sale and collection of non-equal tokens (NFT), truly to facilitate and reward the participation of both stakeholders through decentralization and highly intelligent contracts that allow them to claim ownership of a work , and finally, for the most part, making the platform fully community driven, so that it can basically be integrated into decision making.

This platform will empower everyone, whether a person, brand, expert, startup (blockchain), or celebrity/influencer, by democratizing access to tokenization and NFT trading.

Xircus also allows users (content creators, musicians, etc.) to buy and sell directly to their followers and fans with any distractions from third-party NFT marketplaces, as they may also lose a good percentage of the amount of third-party marketplaces.

Xircus has simplified the registration process. It has created an Authentication API, which allows users to login anonymously using a unique nonce that has been encrypted by the wallet.

Users can also choose from a variety of accessible user interfaces, then personalize and manage the look and feel of your community’s NFT marketplace.

This process and features make the software easy to use for those new to the crypto world. Overall, this treatment is safe, without the client’s risk of relapse. It offers innumerable advantages and mostly puts the consumer at ease about their investment. This initiative will, for the most part, be quite creative in the cryptocurrency field in general.

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Facebook :   https://facebook.com/xircusnft
Twitter :   https://twitter.com/xircusnft
Telegram :   https://t.me/xircusnft
Instagram :   https://www.instagram.com/xircusnft
Youtube :   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljy1Y7cl748M2fc2bUiFMg

by ; LordUdin

link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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