KeyFund – Decentralized Finance Platform in Ecosystem

Time is of the essence for everyone in this era of globalization. Today, digital currencies are used to reduce transaction times. Cryptocurrency was originally identified as a payment method that allows users to make transactions in a fast, secure, and anonymous manner without the intervention of third parties. As the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem has grown and developed, several investment alternatives have emerged, proving to be more efficient and profitable investment vehicles than traditional financial returns. Bitcoin has the potential to be the most valuable digital asset for investment. because it is easy to use, secure and allows the elimination of high transaction fees This is the most significant thing in the financial sector,

The secret sauce on KeyFund is auto LP. Meet the best Autonomous Yield Token, which is ready to develop and wants to push the boundaries of the crypto market with its unique deflation mechanism. The most stocked token, perpetual liquidity lock and transaction-based burning.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)
The secret sauce on KeyFund is auto LP. We have a function here that gives the holder a two-way useful implementation. To start, the contract collects tokens from sellers and buyers and adds them to the LP, thereby setting a stable base price.

Second, penalties act as an arbitrage-resistance mechanism, ensuring KeyFund volume as an incentive for holders. In theory, additional LP provides stability to provided LP by adding tax to the overall liquidity of the token, increasing the total LP of the token and maintaining the base price. This is in contrast to other reflection token burn functions, which are only useful in the short term due to a decrease in supply.

Mission & Vision
Its mission is to develop a peer-to-peer pure digital currency and store of value that will be recognized as a cryptocurrency leader in terms of adoption, use and value of the KeyFund project. Create a new digital currency that is in the top 10 cryptocurrencies and is backed by real-world use not only as a store of value but also as a medium of exchange. The KeyFund project is an open-source Blockchain project built on the Binance Smart Chain, KEYFUND Token is dedicated to connecting talented professionals and members of their target community.

KeyFund Token Features
Hyper- Deflation : Hyper deflationary supply to increase price upward momentum.) The initial burn rate of 1% of the total coin pool of 110,000,000 coins reduces the coin supply, resulting in upward price momentum.
Reward Holders : Controlled burning does not penalize buyers/sellers through taxes and encourages trading and liquidity while still rewarding holders.
Encourage Trading : Drive liquidity by rewarding early adopters and returning a minimum of 50% to the liquidity pool. There are no taxes on trades to encourage liquidity, and coin rewards to holders give you the best of both worlds.
Low Entry Price : Supply of 110,000,000 KeyFun Coins is meant to provide low entry prices and reward holders with unlimited upside potential.
Low transaction fees : The current $1,000,000 KeyFund token transfer fee is $0.02 (at time of writing). In comparison, the cost of doing the same on a Binance smart chain could be 1000x higher, or more, depending on the congestion on the network.
High-speed block generation: In a recent test while distributing KeyFund tokens to our investors, we found that sending a large number of KeyFunds did not take more than 8 seconds to reach buyers.


Circulating supply: 110,000,000
Token Sale : 77,000,000
SoftCap: 22,000,000
Start Time : August 6
End Time : August 8
Investment minutes: $10

5% advisor
Marketing: 5%
Founder 20%
70% Sales
Token Distribution

KEYFUND is programmed to reward holders while increasing liquidity and value. This is done by applying a 5% tax on transactions.

1% : Goes to the holder (directly at no cost)
2% : Locked into liquidity forever (allows trading)
1% : Spending outreach to make us grow
1% : Directly burned to a dead address

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