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In recent years global finance has made remarkable progress. One of the latest and significant advances in the world of technology is Cryptocurrency. Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is a rapidly growing sector of the cryptocurrency industry. Defi gives you the opportunity to grow your investments using Defi’s complex features like Staking & Farming However, these Decentralized finance operations are complex and require a very efficient brain to understand and perform. Many investors are frustrated in crypto when they can’t get the same profit as friends, colleagues, because of your inability to understand all these DeFi requirements.

PolkaParty is made for you, as this platform allows users to get access to all DeFi features (swapping, liquidity provisioning, yield farming, NFT, etc) just by joining one party.

What is Polka Party?
The solution was to create a platform that would allow anyone to create or join a party with friends, family and most importantly DeFi veterans, navigating a landscape of endless profits from smart decisions.

You will no longer be frustrated with DeFiety (DeFi-Anxiety), or FOMO being a bad move for not knowing what to do, because you will be able to research, chat and vote with your colleagues

PolkaParty aims to create a profitable DIY DAO (Party) service designed as a convenient path for all participating party members to raise their funds for various financial activities and features.

PolkaParty provides a never-before-seen platform to join your friends and make real waves in the market. Not only will you compete for sweet profits, but we aim to create a competitive environment that rewards the most loyal and passionate parties.

Why Polka Party?
PolkaParty aims to expand the capital barriers that are set indiscriminately for active communities. The idea is that individual retail investors will no longer suffer the consequences of a drastic drop in the price of public token sales, but instead can participate in seed & private sales by having the right capital to devote to early stage projects.

The ultimate goal of the entire PolkaParty experience is to allow all users to be easily integrated into the entire DeFi ecosystem, without having to understand a lot of the technicalities of decentralized finance. Our belief is to create an easy-to-understand user journey, as individuals will have the opportunity to chat, research and immerse themselves in their respective groups with more experienced personalities, who understand the formalities of the more profitable methods in crypto.

Polkaparty Features
Yield Farming — A dedicated party for produce farming will be available on PolkaParty where a regulated wallet will supply liquidity. This allows users to share a greater reward when farming together than if they farmed alone.
Loans — PolkaParty will allow users to borrow funds from parties without withdrawing their investment. Users will have access to funds without affecting their credit scores, with more flexible payment options, as well as instant approval for secured loans.
Crowdfunding — Crowdfunding on PolkaParty will be available to allow users to connect with each other through tokens and projects with similar interests. This feature will be beneficial to engage with the community and share a greater return on investment.
ICO Launchpad — PolkaParty will showcase upcoming ICO projects and allow them to create parties to join and help increase liquidity to fund them, as it becomes a popular choice for new projects to raise capital through crypto launches.
Property Investment Pools — Investment pools are a great way to bring real investment into the crypto world reducing barriers to entry into the property market. It will also allow people around the world to invest in property in countries they may have never had access to before.
How Does PolkaParty Work?
Parties will consist of members, whose personal wallets are integrated into the party wallet.
Depending on the criteria set by the party, the parties will consist of voting and non-voting members.
Wallet addresses with voting power will eventually be able to provide party guidance with voting actions
HouseKeys are generated for all users creating parties (Public or Private), through which users can join parties seamlessly on the main dashboard within the PolkaParties Portal.
HouseKey is required to sign a smart contract, so your wallet will be integrated into the party wallet.
PolkaParty has built a time-interval based model that allows created parties to allow Partygoers to withdraw funds within a set timeframe.
From such party’s action, the user will be given a Daily, Monthly or Yearly + Withdrawal Time Sequence, to withdraw the profits back to the personal wallet.
Penalty for early withdrawal of funds before the distribution interval for party members.
Polkaparty Governance fund action in 4 models.
Democracy — Democratic parties are used to equalize and manage a group regardless of who, where, and how many. Democratic parties are straightforward, everyone gets the same vote. Democrats use multisign wallets as a form of governance where every registered, active address is entitled to a transaction confirmation sent to EVM. This is one of the most technically basic forms of party government.
Weighted Democracy — The Weighted Democracy Model aims to provide an alternative solution to funding governance. In this model, the user has a vested interest in a party and can track their Party Power percentage. Simply put, the higher the proportion of parties a partygoer has, the more power he has over the governing vote. Technically, party weights can be compared to LP pools. The more pools you have, the higher the percentage of your payouts, prizes and party benefits.
Monarchy — Monarchy is the simplest and most risky type of party. Here at PolkaParty, believe in decentralization and equality, with this in mind, allow a Party to be created which gives all Party governments to give to one wallet, the Monarchy.
Republic — The Republic changes the game not only because of its ability to manage funds in an untrustworthy manner, but because it is the most efficient way to validate transactions or decisions of individuals within a small group (such as a board of directors) representing a larger entity. This is the most efficient model because it only requires the full attention of some parties. This governance model is the pinnacle of PolkaParty’s innovation as it allows a representative body to create and manage their own funds. PolkaParty is very focused on creating a universal experience in allocating funds appropriately and adequately for large investments.
Kickback PolkaParty
Kickback is an IDO event held every three months for early-stage projects launched on the PolkaParty platform. This early-stage project will soon receive verified parties on PolkaParty, get priority promotions on the platform for short-term token launches, as well as for long-term product features.

Harvest farm party
Yield farming with joint funds can be more beneficial than farming alone. In short, yield farming protocols incentivize liquidity providers (LPs) to stake or lock their crypto assets in smart contract-based liquidity pools. Many liquidity-related pools take into account factors such as time and amount staked. Therefore, it might be a good idea to find a LP provider instead of lending it yourself. Polkaparty provides a mutually beneficial relationship for this farming platform as a larger amount of liquidity will be provided.

Social Council
This Social Council will outline the competitive ranking of each party, as well as the party’s categorical growth in funds, members, activities. The platform will begin to grow organically in volume, users and overall activity, as well as competitive associations with each party. It is important to take advantage of this competitive spirit of Partygoers, as members will take great pride in their personal relationships with popular and well-liked parties. This distinct quality is the reason for Social Council, the exclusive dashboard for Partygoers to have fully accessible data based on the ranking, funding and growth of the most important parties on the platform.

PolkaParty Gifts & Gifts

After the collection of the daily distribution fee, the total amount that has been collected will be paid back to the user, up to 50% of the total daily distribution fee collected on the platform, which stakes the POLP on the platform. If the volume & number of trades increases on each side, the bonus/payment of holding the POLP will also increase.

What are Polkaparty POLP tokens?
POLP is PolkaParty’s governance token and the main catalyst behind most of the platform’s products and features. All protocol management decisions are made by the POLP holder: from new products to asset rebalancing, strategy and integration. POLP allows its holders to take control of their financial future.

token POLP
This token will serve as a common token for the entire PolkaParty ecosystem. Tokens can be used for governance and will be the main catalyst for most of the platform’s products and functions.

In addition, you can make protocol management decisions, from new product decisions to integrations.



PolkaParty Street Map
project team

project team
In conclusion, I will say that this project should undoubtedly be one of the keys to connecting your friends and relatives to communicate, contact, compete and make money together. You will have the opportunity to create a shared family wallet, where you will be able to customize the management for each member.

You will be part of a team, each of you will be able to give your own decision on common issues, for example, what coins to invest, or when to buy or sell, for example. In addition, a competitive environment will be created, in which the most active will win.

In general, only you can make the decision, but I advise everyone to familiarize themselves with the project and visit the links to their resources below.

Useful links:
Website – https://www.polkaparty.io/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Polka_Party
Medium – https://polkaparty.medium.com/
Telegram – https://t.me/PolkaParty

by ; LordUdin
link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579436

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